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inspection chaos

Terrible customer service!

I would never go back or recommend this to anyone.

I went for an inspection and they told me that I needed brakes and roders that would cost over $600 for an 04 olds alero. Then we went to look at the roders and the technician, leslie, said he would forget about getting new roders if we got our brakes here. This would cost us around $400. We said no, we would buy our own parts and then bring it back within ten days to get the car inspected without an additional cost.

The day after I took my car there I got into an accident. We called ntb and explained what happened. They said as soon as the car is out of the shop, do the work, bring the car back with the receipt of payment for the inspection and they would inspect it without having to pay twice. We got the car back and did the brakes and roder in one day. We called and leslie said they would honor it to bring it in. Brought the car in today and leslie informed us that they were audited last night and could not do the inspection.

I called to get ahold of who was in charge. Leslie said there were two of them in and they were both in charge. I asked for the manager and he said it is lenny who was supposed to be in at 10 am but was not there yet. (It was 10:30 am) so leslie lied to us and said he was in charge.

It has been an awful experience.

Ntb could help me by honoring their agreement and inspecting my car.

bad brake service

I have taken my car, Honda Accord, into NTB for brake service six different times over the past last year and...

company not good to work for

I use to work for this company it suck. They don't care about their workers all they care about is making...

store manager

The store manager(John) ripped me off on an airconditioning service. Initially the mechanics told me that the...

do not trust this store

I have gone to ntb in san antonio several times in the past and have been pleased with the results and service. I always felt that I was being treated fairly and was getting a fair deal.

I recently had to deal with an ntb in autsin, however, and have come away with just the opposite feeling. My son's car had some problems and he took it in. The quote he received on the repairs for it cost twice as much as we paid for the car over a year ago. My son didn't have that much money or that high of a credit limit as he is still a student. He called me and I was put in touch with the store in austin [protected]). Even though we said we wanted this to be as inexpensive as possible, they kept pushing more expensive tires and other items on us (The lower priced tire was "not recommended" by the salesman — why are you selling it if you wouldn't recommend it???). After I called to give my credit card number I received a call back stating the quote we had received was incorrect — I was told a "computer error" had been made and it would cost more than orignally quoted — this seems suspicious. I okay'd this and soon got another call about other things. The price kept going up. I came away feeling like we are being taken advantage of and we were not getting the full story. I simply don't trust this store.

no response to my email

Dear Sirs/Madam: I have had a terrible experience at Highway 6 Houston store address is 6755 High way six...

brake job caused accident

After Hurricane Ike hit in Texas, National Tire and Battery advertised free check-ups for single moms to see...

fraudulant conduct on tire rotation

I brought my PT cruiser in for a punctured tire this morning. The tire in question is the Right rear tire. I...

ntb credit card

I bought four tires from an NTB store and applied for their credit card. I got approved for the card and used it because it was no interst for 12 months. I sent out a payment at the end of december for my january payment and they didn't process it til febuary and then i sent a payment the last week of febuary for march and they took it out before march.oh yeah and they seem to have gotten my febuary payment on time out of all this ###. so i basically paid them 3 times in one month for their screwup. well what they did was they sent a thing to my credit report saying i was 30 days late and drilled my credit score because of their laziness. i called them up and asked questions and they said its not their fault. i am writing this to warn all you people out there about there ###. this has also happened to a friend of mine as well and he was told the same thing so needless to say i got it with a late fee and interst. PLEASE BEWARE. NTB is great service i always do my business there but i will never use the card again for anything at all.

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    wayne lapp Dec 22, 2015

    Thanks ntb, just got 4 tires on my truck, but could not put them on my ntb card because, denied" because lack of activity"...So now that i paid cash, my little ones will not be getting what they wanted for christmas...Thanks wish i would have know that before they installed them on my truck!...You guys will see a lot more lack of activity from me in the future, so take me out of you system, don't send me anymore e-mails and have a really #&*$%@* merry christmas!!!

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ruined my car!

Yesterday morning I brought my car to NTB (National Tire & Battery) on 114 in Danvers. I went in and had...

messed up oil change/ check engine light on after leaving this joint!

This place sucks! I took my expedition here to get an oil change only because I was being too cheap to take...

damaged air filter results in expensive repairs

I am writing to file a compliant the NTB store located at 13171 Northwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77040. My husband and I own a 2006 F-150 (with relatively low mileage) that my husband regularly has serviced at the previous mentioned location. On December 15, 2008, my husband took his truck to have the oil changed and the vehicle serviced. The DAY AFTER my husband got his oil changed the check engine light came on and then went off. This happened a few times until this Saturday, January 17, 2009 when the check engine came on and then stayed on. I took my husband's truck to a Ford dealership on January 19, 2009 to run a diagnostic check on the vehicle. We found out from the service department at the dealership that the air filter inside the vehicle fell apart and damaged the air filtration system in the truck. My husband had only driven 500 miles since the oil change on December 15, 2008 so it’s unusual that the air filter fell apart so quickly after the oil change when the air filter was supposed to have been checked in during the oil change as part of NTB’s “preventative maintenance check” according to its website. NTB’s website also guarantees customer satisfaction with the products and services it provides. I do not feel that my expectations have been met at this time.

After diagnosing the problem on my husband’s F-150, the Ford dealership said that we speak with NTB about the air filter and sharing the cost of the repairs. My husband went to the above mentioned location to talk about the problem with the location manager, Lorenzo Bahena on January 20, 2008, and he found out that the guy that had completed the last oil change on his truck had been fired. He was also never told by this individual that the air filter was damaged or needed to be replaced, but we started having problems the DAY AFTER the oil change. I believe that the former employee damage this air filter during his “preventative maintenance” check. I spoke with Lorenzo Bahena after I filed a formal compliant with NTB. He told me there was nothing he could do about the damage since it was not NTB’s air filter despite the fact the truck started having problems on December 16, 2008 the day after my husband’s truck was serviced at his store location.

My husband and I paid the Ford service center $627.26 for the damage that was caused to his air filtration system. I think NTB should have to cover this cost since we did not have any problems with the truck prior to having it service at NTB.


Took my 2000 caravan in for tires and was convinced it also could use an alignment, midway thru the work I...


The NTB here in Blue Springs, MO (just outside Kansas City) just attempted to scam me. I took it in for four...

I feel scammed

On Feb.14, 2008 I purchased 4 new 20" tires along with road hazard for my 03 Dodge pickup. I also bought the...

rip-off diagnostic

I visited an ntb dealer for an oil change and watched as the tech went around the vehicle for a diagnostic evaluation. After five minutes he came back and told me I needed new brakes all around and it would cost over $300.00.
I told him to change the oil and I would come back for the brake job later.
The next day I went to sears and told them I needed brakes. After 20 minutes or so the sears mechanic asked me why I thought I needed brakes. I told him someone had checked them and told me I needed new brakes. The sears mechanic showed me the brakes and that they had over 60% pad left and that they were wearing evenly. He said I did not need new brakes.
I went back to ntb and talked to the manager who in turn got the mechanic. The mechanic told me he had calibrated the brakes and that they were in need of replacement. I told him that he couldn't have calibrated the brakes since he never even took the tires off. I told the manager I would never be back.
After e-mailing ntb and received a call back from the regional manager. He was very apologetic and asked me to be patient and that he would reimbursement ober $70.00 for my sears bill for doing a proper brake evaluation since I would have never had a brake inspection if not for ntb's mechanic. He also promised me coupons for free oil changes. I did get the coupons but never got any money back.
A few years prior to this incident, the same ntb claimed I needed a front-end alignment which I had checked by my chevy dealership. They said my front-end was fine. I only went back to ntb because I thought that after 2 years they had straightened their vineland store out. Unfortunately, I am beginning to see a pattern of false diagnostic work and fraudulent activity.
I am writing a letter to the bbb and the nj state attorney generals office.

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    B Nov 15, 2008

    The NTB here in Blue Springs, MO (just outside Kansas City) just tried a similar scam on me. I took it in for four new Michelin tires and foolishly took them up on a free alignment check. Not surprisingly, they said that my alignment was off and I needed a $100+ alignment service, or my new tires would likely not wear correctly. Oddly enough, the tires that were just removed had no unusual wear after 52, 000 miles and the car never drove with any indication of alignment problems. To top off this visit from hell, I watched as the tech "road tested" my vehicle like he was qualifying for NASCAR. Once again, there is no such thing as a good deal.

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I purchased two new tires at NTB in Houston on Westheimer Drive on 11/19/2007. I was told that these tire...

bad service

Took my car to NTB for an oil change and a tire rotation. On a side note, I've been told before by an...

they caused my accident

In May of 2008 I brought my 1999 Mazda 626 to National Tire and Battery (who is affiliated with TBC...

no warranty

Purchased 4 tires, and alignment service for one year, last time car was taken in for alignment check wa...