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A year ago I purchased 4 Michelin tires (60, 000 miles warranty) at NTB along with their Road Hazard Warranty at a car mileage of 108109. Recently, one of the tires got damaged on the road and required a replacement. The technician told me that there was 6/32 tire depth left on the tire, and that the new tire is at 10/32 and it is considered worn out at 3/32. So, going by these numbers, the tire is still at 3/7th of its useful life, or 43%. If we go by the mileage, I got the new tires at 108109 miles, and came to replace the tire 120604 miles, so it only went for 12, 495 miles, or 21% of its 60, 000 miles warranty, which leaves it with 79% of its warranty life left.

However, I was given credit $35.14 for the tire with the original price of $122.99, or 29%. It seems to be that I should have been credited 79% or 43% and not 29%. However, this is how their program calculated the credit, which makes me think that this is a systematic problem with their Road Hazard Warranty product.


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      Aug 11, 2019

    I just purchased this "road hazard warranty" and a policy contract was included with my invoice. In the past, I had refused this hazard because after doing the math, it was not worth the cost (I can easily repair my own nail-in-tire problem), which is the case 90% of the time. The policy indicated that NTB would prorate it up to 2/32 of an inch tire depth. In other words, the 3/32 of an inch you indicated is still within the warranty. Also, the policy fails to provide a calculation method to determine the prorate amount per each 1/32 the tire is worn, so anyone can come up with a calculation. I purchased tires for my daughter's vehicle at Kauffman Tires and the back of their invoice explains how the prorated discount works on road hazard warranty, so you can do the math yourself and help determine what you will receive for your tread depth tire replacement. There are other issues I've discovered when I went over my NTB invoice in detail, but that is another story.

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