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pressured teenager into buying tires

I had my teenage daughter take her car (acutally my car) to have the left front tire looked at due to slow...

claimed ball joint was bad & failed inspection

I took my vehicle for a routine state inspection. They failed the inspection saying I had a bad ball joint. I...

not paid judgement

I took my car for radiator and heating problem to NTB. The service was not performed to my satisfaction. I...


I took my car in for a wheel alignment. I received a call from Nick Villareal. He told me the front wheel...

destroyed my transmission

On 7/18/2010 I went to the ntb located at 6700 schrock court in columbus ohio to get a new tire and an oil...

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ntb quality issues. read this. don't go there‎

No oil on dip stick after oil change. read on...

I took my cadillac dts 2006 for a “quick” oil change which eventually ended up taking over 3 hours. they sold me a power steering flush and replacement after showing me a dirty sample of fluid on a “special” piece of paper.

I paid and was ready to get in and drive away but the floor mat was covered with black foot prints and oil.
I pointed it out and they apologized, the assistant manager got a cleaning kit and cleaned it.

Now i thought, what else “did they do” to my car? i opened the hood and checked the dip stick.
No oil on the dip stick!!!

I pointed it out and they added 3 quarts to bring the level up.
Now the question is? did they damage the engine while they drove it with only 4.5 quarts in?
Didn’t the mechanic see the low oil level alarm when he drove it from the bay to the parking lot? the light is supposed to come on approximate 2 quarts from full.

I thought, what else didn’t they do and noticed the cover for the steering fluid was missing and fluid had spilled down the side of the engine, pulleys and belts.
I pointed it out and they spent over an hour looking for the cover.
I asked if the spilled fluid could pose a fire hazard but was ignored.

Now i thought what else could be wrong.
I took a sample from the power steering reservoir and put a drop on the “special” paper they had used to show me how dirty it was. it was darker than the original piece they first showed me.

They offered to flush the system “again” and replaced the fluid while i was watching.
The tech also informed me that the fluid is always dark in color even after they have changed it.

During the “inspection” they concluded that the drivers side front wheel bearing needed to be changed. i said that i would think about it. shortly thereafter i took the vehicle to the cadillac dealer. they checked all the wheel bearings and found nothing wrong. so ntb was trying to rip me off for a wheel bearing.

Other issues
The portable oil container they used for adding oil was dirty and covered with dust outside.
Their large storage tank with “clean” oil had several openings on the top because the plugs and covers were missing.
I pointed it out to the manager, he apologized that they had recently performed maintenance on it and not reinstall them. the openings were covered with fussy dust.

They refunded the money and told me that the “mechanic” had a bad day because of family problems.
I could have ended up with a busted engine and a long law suit.

I contacted ntb customer service on february 1st. they took notes and asked if was ok that the store manager called me. i told them no and specifically asked that i get a call from their corporate office. regardless, ed the store manager calls me late in the afternoon. i told him that i expected a call from corporate.
Stephen shelden called me a few minutes later from [protected] and informed me that he was the corporate director for ntb. this is a bit strange since ntb’s hq is in florida and mr. shelden was located in massachusetts.
I asked mr. shelden to provide me with a letter from cadillac stating that the engine will not suffer any damage if operated with only 4.5 quarts of oil. stephen stated several times that he did not think so and that i should take his word for it as he had been in the industry for a long time.
We ended the conversation with me still requesting a letter from cadillac.
Stephen promised to call back february 2, 2010 with an update.
I have never heard from mr. shelden or any other ntb employee since (it has now been over 4 months).

  • Pu
    punicrana Jan 03, 2011

    I currently work for NTB.. Which actually stands for (Not Today ###).. I hate it, I am a the Service Manager at my store, I work anywhere from 65 to 80 hrs a week. I make good sales about 40k a month on average. But I miss my kids, and this company don't care about your family, all they care about is you being at work.. Sell, sell, sell.. They call me at the store and ask me whats going on, I tell them we are slow, we are doing everything we can do, but it is never good enough. I hate it.

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  • Ou
    OuYang50 Feb 06, 2011

    I wish I had seen this complaint earlier. I had a similar experience just last month (January 2011). I had Oil and Filter Change at a Crystal Lake NTB on Route 14. It took FOUR long hours to do the oil and filter change, in addition to a diagnosis that my passenger side tie rod needs to be replaced. When this bearded, fat man explained my problem, he dared not to look at me. At the time, I was not sure which side of my tie rod was replaced just 6 months ago, and I said, it was too late, and I will decide later what to do.

    When I am back, I checked my record, and found out the same side tie rod was just replaced. I was thinking this guy might be lying to me.

    After seeing this same complaint, I am convinced that this NTB store in Crystal Lake is engaging a dishonest practice.

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  • Ma
    Markboisvert Feb 23, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree that NTB is no good. Steve Sheldon is a complete ###. I brought my Acura MDX in for a free rotate and balance. My car was scratched by the technician "if you can call the employee a technician". The Store Manager gave me a rough time and denied the damage to my MDX. Steve Sheldon got involved and told me to get three estimates. I did what he said and he has never been any help. In fact I had to call call and call to get any response for weeks. When I got to talk to him he said that the three estimates were too expensive and that an "executive decision was made to not pay for my repair needed. $900 was not excessive I thought. All there Separate estimates were with in 100 to 75 difference. Steve Sheldon then advised they could possibly meet me half way on the repairs. That is an admission of guilt. I am now pursuing small claims court because Steve Sheldon is such a douche-bag that he could not just simply put my claim into NT-B's Insurance Company. Disgusted... Mark B Methuen Massachusetts.

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  • Eg
    Eguy126 May 22, 2014

    So I went into NTB, Palatine IL, Bought 4 brand new tires to put on my rims. I informed them not to try and sell me anything or try and BS me, as I am a auto mechanic myself. I asked them politely to pay extra attention to cleaning the area in which the balance weights were applied. Well, almost not surprisingly 2 weeks later my car is shaking and rattling at speed... I check and see that my driver side front and passenger side rear have lost ALL the balance weights...

    When I called them back to inform them of their error, the man on the phone, Mark, was less than cordial. Actually implying that I must be wrong, weights don't just fly off. ###!!! After waiting 45 min to call back, I spoke with another person Chris, at first was polite and agreed, but once I reiterated that I will not be paying for the new service and gave him some specific detail on how I would like this done, he said "alright bye"... Needless to say, I will be ruining all of the employee's day. Rant over.

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I originally wanted the $69 per tire special but ended up with a $600 bill

I experienced the following today but it was the same as with every visit:

1. I brought my VW Jetta in around 8:30 am on Sunday for 4 tires because of an advertised special.
2. The advertised specials are conveniently not in stock and the next cheapest tire is $30 per tire more. I am so desperate for tires that I agree to a more expensive tire.
3. They pressure me to get an alignment even after I tell them I just had one. I tell them no.
4. I leave the car and get a call 6 hours later to tell me that they are working on the car and found that my tires are out of alignment. I tell them no again to the alignment.
5. I show up 20 minutes before closing (9 hours after dropping it off) and find that they hadn't even started work yet. I have to wait another hour for them to put the tires on.
6. I am charged almost $40 per tire for tire disposals and tire installation. I turned down the additional $15 per tire road hazard protection.
7. I originally wanted the $69 per tire special but ended up with a $600 bill.

  • Ti
    Tired_of_Stupid May 31, 2010

    1) If "every visit" is like this, why do you keep going back?
    2) Don't wait until you're so "desperate" for tires that you can't take your car back and go somewhere else.

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  • Li
    Ling Chi May 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Unless your tires are showing cords, you have no need to feel desperate. or are far cheaper, and have authorized shipping/installation centers which will not rip you off (for fear of losing their listings with tirerack or

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  • Yu
    yudithyu Mar 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had an experience somewhat similar to that. I went to NTB for the special had on TV for $79 per tire all sizes. When I got there they told me that they didn't have that special on my size, the shippest one was $25 more per tire, they also said that all my tires had to be replace that they were GONE. I initially agreed but then they wanted to charge me $32.99 per tire for tire rotation, (I thought you only rotate used tires, not brand new). Then the chrage for wheel aligment, another $79.99 plus tire disposal fee and SHOP FEES??? (what the heck is that). The estimate came up to $689.60 which at that point it was more than I wanted to expend; up to the $400 mark I was OK. But then someone recomended a small tire shop and to my surprise when I asked the guy for a price on all 4 tires, he looked at me like I was stupid and asked me if I knew how to measure the tires. Then he went outside and when he returned, he said that none of my tires needed to be replace; the back tires had a 60% life and the front had 40% life out of them. I just needed a tire rotation, and you know how much he charged me. Yeap $25 total for all 4 tires. Someone should really look into NTB business practices and false advertising. I still have my estimate on paper on a letterhead, if anyone is up for it.
    Yudith Yu email:[email protected] or 214-723-1265

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unprofessional tires

I anm the parts manager at south hills honda in mcmurray pa.That new manager at mcmurray ntb is very unprofessional I will not buy tires there again actually I caaled carmen in bethel park pa.I will buy them there.Brian is his name and beleve me the way he talked to me and our staff are you kidding ntb this guy is very uneducated and rude.And in peters twp.he wont last and neiyher will ntb the people are going to put up with his crap i will be sure to tell evryone but i am sure they will find out for theirself.

recommend work not needed

Taking my small pickup in for two new tires, they quoted me an outrageous price for the pair since I last...

lied to me and cheated me

I went into this NTB store today to have simple brake lights installed. I was told that they would be about $2 each and that there would be no charge to install them. I was floored when I was charged a whopping $37. The person at the store told me that the computer "marked up" the item and he had no control over that but he'd give me a free oil change when I come back the next time. There won't be a next time for me!!! My policy is that if you lie to me and cheat me once, why would I be stupid enough to come back for seconds. I wish that I'd gone on line to read about this NTB location sooner. The reviews are dreadful and now I know why!!! Trust me everyone, there's much better service elsewhere in Pearland, Houston and surrounding areas.

they are customer nonservice operation

I'm a FORMER customer who will not go back to NTB RT. 309 Montgomeryville Pa. I gave them every chance to get things right but they are a customer (non) service operation. Lenny the manager is a good guy and no doubt has trouble getting good employees. Leslie the "service" manager lacks customer diplomacy and cost them a good customer. A couple of the techs are good but they won't have a chance to work on my car again. Pete the technician is the sharpest blade in the pack. Make him a manager and I'll consider going back.

  • 11
    11gkids Oct 22, 2011

    I am also a FORMER customer of the NTB in Montgomeryville, PA. Next time I will go to the Toyota dealer where I don't need to remind them how my car has additional features. I never had to read my owner's manual until I went to NTB. My car has a light that will come on that says it needs maintenance at 4, 000 miles. When an oil change is being done, the technician needs to adjust that button so it doesn't come on at 4, 000 miles. I just found out that I have another button that says my tires need air, it comes on automatically when the tires are rotated. Two days ago, after my oil change and tires being rotated, I drove out and the 'tires need air' warning light came on. So I went back and they sold me a tire saying that I had a nail in the tire on the edge of the tread where by law they are not allowed to fix the tire. I should have asked to see the tire. It seemed very strange that the tire wasn't a problem BEFORE I got there. After the new tire was put on, I drove away, and the 'tires need air' warning light was still on, however being now 9pm the store was now closed for the evening. So that's when I read my manual and saw that the warning light needed to be turned off. So did I really need a new tire? I don't know. The next morning I called and asked for my tire, and that I'd be in after work at 5:30 to get my tire, so I could see for myself how the nail looked. When I arrived at 5:30 I was told the truck came an hour ago and picked up about 200 tires. They had looked through the 200 tires, looking for my old tire, but never found it. The guy on the second night said that the manager on duty the night before was a diesel mechanic in the past, and doesn't know that much about normal cars. PLEASE don't take your car to this place unless you know how to do the job yourself and can watch over them to be sure they've done their job correctly. Hmmmm... I have learned my lesson. From now on I take my car to the Toyota dealer where intelligent and talented employees 'know' car and take good care of me in a professional manner.

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  • 11
    11gkids Oct 22, 2011

    I forgot to mention, the 'tires need air' warning light is still on, even after I went back a third time so that they could turn off the light. I wasted TOO MUCH time there, and purchasedt a tire that I am not convinced that I needed that day.

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this experience made me a permanent non-customer of ntb for the rest of my life

NTB in Mill Run, Hilliard Ohio. Went in for tire balance and rotation. My daughter asked to check a wheel noise. NTB claims I needed four new McPherson Struts plus tires. NTB says the tires are "in danger of shredding" due to bad struts. I approved the $1200 job including four struts by phone (7am) and then became suspicious as I thought my Chevy Malibu had shocks, not struts.

I arrived at NTB just in time to see my car on the lift. I pointed at the rear shocks and asked why he was charging me for struts that cost hundreds of dollars more. He said the computer made a mistake and offered to give me a "buy three, get one free." I told him the deal was off but he already had the tires off the rims, so I ended up paying $125 per tire with the exact same tire at Tirerack selling for $61 each. This experience on the morning of August 10, 2009 has made me a permanent non-customer of NTB for the rest of my life.

super saver card

I went to get an oil change on my car and they told me that I needed to make an appt. I asked if they had an appt for that day and they said no but you can leave your car here for an 1 1/2 - 2 hours which is the waiting time. I said for an oil change only?? He said yes; I than said I can go somewhere else and have service done faster. He said do what you got to do. Well my son took my car to NTB to use the "Super Saver Card" which is good for any vehicle thats states on the card. Josh who works at this location said we couldn't get it done because its only for the use of one vehicle not multi vehicles. Although the card states that it can. The customer in front of my son had the same problem and Josh said that there is a law suit going on due to this cards were a rip off. By the way NTB on tracks the vehicles by phone numbers ONLY and the phone numbers that we have had in the last 3 years only changed once and Josh told my son that we have "NO RECORD" of us taking our vehicles there. After getting back in line he spoke with Josh again and mentioned that he called us and said that the card was used before on both vehicles!! Well Josh got the license plate number to my vehicle and the number that they show doesn't match our numbers at all!!! Obviously the company doesn't know what they are doing. As a consumer we paid for this "SUPER SAVER" card and all of the sudden we can't use it for both vehicles. I'm not sure who is is having this issue but I think people need to know whats going on and I advise NOT to purchase this card for NO reason at all. I will be taking my car back to the dealership for oil changes!!! Better customer service and people knowing what they are doing!!!

paid for an alignment, but only part of it was done

Paid for an alignment, but only part of it was done. They tried to cover up, saying the rest was impossible, finally admitted they didn't know how to do an alignment on my car. Promised a refund, jerked me around for 2-3 weeks, getting progressively more rude, then effectively told me to take a hike. A different NTB branch told me my rear wheel bearings were completely shot, because the wheel moved up and down. Contacted the manufacturer, was told it IS SUPPOSED to be like that.

damaged my wheels while changing tires

When I had my truck front tires changed in NTB, Pearland TX, they damaged the wheels on both sides. Be careful with them! I'll never go back to them.

  • Mb
    mbguy Jan 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will never use NTB or any of its sister companies like Tire Kingdom...etc (the same people).
    I took my car to get new tires and they damageg my wheels - all four. It took them about 4 hours to change the tires even though i had an appointment. Fortunately I noticed the damage on one of the wheels, and as I walked around the car to inspect the other wheels I noticed all of the wheels were damaged in the same manner. The technician who worked on my car was so incompetent and probably too embarrassed to ask for help. So he struggled with the wheels alone and damaged them because he couldn't figure out how to remove the wheel caps on my wire wheels. First they attempted to cover it up, then they denied it was their fault. They finally accepted it was their fault but the manager said he doesn't have the power to do anything. He referred me to his manager who has been constantly giving me the run-arounds. He never returns calls. Each time I call he puts on hold indefinitely and when he finally gets on the phone all he has to say is that he has his guys working on it. How can they be working on it when they don't have the car? It's easy to see he's been lying. It's the same story each and every time. It's been three months since they damaged my wheels and they haven't done anything to correct it.
    Don't do business this company. They'll sell you things you don't need and when they damage your car, you're on your own.

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this company is money hungry sleazebags who truly don't care about the customers safety

I had my car serviced at the plymouth ma location and the manager was very rude. they misdiagnosed my car, charging me astronomical fees and my car was still not working right. one of the parts they said they replaced was a wheel bearing, after complaining and going back to have my car looked at again the manager was very rude and refused to come out to take a look/drive my car to hear the noise. I took my car to another mechanic to have them listen to the sound and they told me that it was the wheel bearing (the same one that NTB supposedly replaced) so i brought my car back to them AGAIN and the manager was still very rude and finally put my car back on the lift and said that it wasnt my wheel bearing, that it was my transmission. I was so angry at this point because i paid money for parts and work done on my car and it came out in worse condition then it already went out in. So after they told me that the problem was my transmission, i went out to look for a new car because a transmission is outrageous! then i decided to go back to the other mechanic and he put my car up on the lift and replaced my wheel bearing (the same one that NTB "replaced") angrily, i paid for the new wheel bearing and contacted NTB in the morning after leaving a message for the manager, he never called me which resulted me in having to write a letter to the company. Finally I got in touch with the supervisor and he didnt really care to hear the story, basically just looking to get me off the phone and not tell anyone about their mistake of letting me take a dangerous car off the lot and basically (fraud) ripping me off. so he said that they would pay for the wheel bearing that got replaced, after sending him the bill they only paid for half of it which lead me to having to contact the manager again who then decided that he was "sorry" (lame apology) and declared that he would send out a check for the difference. NOT once did i get an apology from the manager or an offer for the inconveniences that they caused in my life (I missed work and school because my car was broken and i had to bring it back TONS of times) This company is money hungry sleazebags who truly don't care about the customers safety as well as satisfaction! absolutely HORRIBLE customer service!

hundred dollar holiday rebate

On Dec, 2-2009 I purchase a set of four tires, and NTB installed the tires, I was told that I would receive a Visa Pre-paid card for $100.00 dollards by mail.

About six weeks later I received a post card stateing that I did not qualify for the promotion. I called the NTB where I purchased the tires and they said that I did qualify for the promotion and that they would get back in touch with me, but they keep giving me the run around. I have contacted the company four times already. I also
talk to Eric Passaro today, [protected], and he said that he would call me back, but he didn't. This promotion was good until 12-31-2009, and I mailed it on [protected]. NTB shouldn't make an offer that they can't keep, Thanks Dianne Dew

  • Jo
    joey0923 Dec 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i suggest you bring a male in with you next time. i am sure you have heard that these companies tend to take advantage of females. anytime you go to an auto shop i suggest you bring a male in with you. and this is based on other complaints i have read about the various auto shops. it is a shame.

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rebate fraud

On Dec 29th 2009 I purchased 4 tires from this company with the promise of a $100 cash rebate. Little did I...

ruined my tire to get me to buy new ones

My husband, mother and I went to the NTB in Raymore, MO to have our driver side rear tire looked at. It had a...

blew my engine!!!

I took my car to NTB, at the end of July (2009) to get an estimate for a serpentine belt replacement. I was then quoted an inflated price for the belt, tensioner, and idler pulley. The reason I know that the price was inflated is because after I declined their service and asked for a written estimate so I could do some comparative shopping... I received a call from NTB stating that they would take $100.00 off their original estimate. This already did not set well with me knowing that if I had originally said yes to have the work done - they would have gotten the extra $100.00!

That night after I got off work, I went to pick up the car key and informed the staff that I would have to come back later when I had someone who could drive me up to the shop so I could get the car. I was told to be careful when backing out that I did not hit a lamp post that the mechanic had parked my car close to.

In the mean time, I had contacted another mechanic and was going to take it to his shop for another estimate. I decided that when I went to pick it up, that the person who drove me could follow me out to the other garage and then give me a ride back home.
I am glad I did so! Just short of getting to the other garage, there was a "ping" noise and a huge white cloud of smoke that came from under the car. Barely able to coast into the drive of the other shop - I knew what had happend. The sinking feeling in my stomach was undeniable. The engine had blown. After letting the car cool a bit, we opened the hood to find that NTB mechanics had taken off the serpentine belt and not put it back on. The other mechanic confimed this when he looked at the car the next morning.
I called NTB, they admitted they were at fault and apologized. I was told to round up some estimates for a new engine and that they would make the situation right. I also sent an email to their corporate office and the local shop to let them know that I would have to have the car towed and a rental in it's place. The shop aggreed that NTB would pay for both.
About 40 days after turning in receipts and estimates to NTB, I was told that they would like to put a used engine with less miles in my car. I was uneasy about letting them do the work, but they advised that it would be done at another one of their shops and have a 12, 000 or 1 year warrenty. At 45 days after the engine had blown - the car finally went in for the replacement.
When we picked the car up we were told that the rental and tow reimbursement would have to come from their corporate office which could take an additional 21 days. I had paid approximately $2, 000.00 out of pocket for the rental and tow. Within a few days we began to hear squealing/squeeking coming from underneath the hood of the car. We once again, had to take the car back in for service. This time they replaced the pulley with a new one and set us on our way. Being that it was now September and I needed to get tags for the car - I had to get an e-check for it. At the e-check center, the car began to smoke from underneath the hood. The car failed the e-check.
So, I call NTB again! I tell them what had happened and all of a sudden their "helpful" tone changed. I was told that the car was fine when it left their shop. I reminded the person on the phone about the warrenty and advised that I would be dropping the car off for an evaluation of the situation. A week later, I still had not heard anything from NTB. They had my car, doing who knows what to it (if anything)for a week but could not be bothered to give me a call. I call to see what the status is on my car and they tell me that they had called and talked to someone else. They had not. They only had my phone number on file and only I answer my phone. I was told that the car was fine. Didn't need any repairs and had been sitting in there back lot for the past couple of days. At this point, I had enough. I still have not received my reimbursement check to this day. I am seeking legal action as suggested by my insurance agent. I am also concidering calling all three of our local TV news investigators to see if they would be interested in airing this story. I will also be reporting this to the BBB. I have since found out that the Manager of the shop that did not place the belt back on and the Manager of the shop that put the new engine in are brothers. I am sure that they both were trying to watch out for eachother. We have since brought this to the Regional Manager's attention who claimed to not know about the reimbursement check or return trips to the shop for repairs. He has stopped returning our calls and I have gotten no response froom the corporate office.
Please, please, please think twice before taking your car to NTB for repairs or any work done. They are unprofessional and not a company I will ever do business with again.

  • Rb
    RBSteffey123 Feb 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree, DO NOT use NTB, they will break your car and then charge you for their error

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