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They can kiss my you know what

Just received a collections notice from them today, about an Exxon/Mobil account I had years ago. I hadn't used the card in severaL years, and had paid off what little balance there was via another collections company. Exxon/Mobil had stopped sending me statements, and I forgot I even owed them anything. But again, it was paid off. Now this "Northland Group Inc." is trying to scam me into paying something that's already paid. HELL NO. I'm also filing a complaint with the FTC and BBB of Minneapolis. Northland Group can kiss my you know what.

Trying to collect 2 times on the same debt

I settled a debt turned over by Capital One to the Northland Group in 2005 for a credit card. Yesterday, I got a letter from Northland Group again, wanting money to settle on the same credit card.
They would not listen to me, just wanted the money. (again)
I gave them their account number when I settled in 2005, but they said they could not use it. The money they want now is for the same credit card back in 2005, the last four numbers of the credit card match. When I initially paid this settlement, I did it by phone with a check, but the Northland Group did not mail me a release or update my credit report as promised.

Scam settlement offer


I received a letter from Northland Group offering a settlement on an account that I had with Arrow Financial Services/Washington Mutual Bank. The settlement was a too-good-to-belive settlement of $1, 888, 08 on a balance of $4, 605.00.

I was about to pay this amount when I decided to Google Northland Group, Inc. and check them out. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. I found way too many complaints that this was just another scam company trying to bilk people out of their money. I am tired of these companies who illegally scam financially struggling people. I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and to the International Commerce Commission (ICC).

If you have received ANYTHING from the Northland Group that is related to this, I encourage you to report them also.



Northland Group disappearance

I've paid Northland Group $933.88 toward what I thought was the settlement of a delinquent Sears Account.
I have two payments left and the account would be paid or so I thought.
Now, I cannot get in touch with Northland Group, Inc. and after reading the online statements by others who have been scammed by them, I have come to the conclusion that I, too, have been taken.
I am withholding further payment to them and will contact Sears directly to see if any of my payments actually were applied to the account settlement.
I think I know the answer to this one, however.
That would be a NO.

Move over Chris Angel!
Northland Group, Inc. seems to have pulled a most amazing disappearing act.
And theft!

Been ripped off

I was ripped off my Northland Group Inc. I was contacted via mail by this company offering me a settlement to pay off a credit card account with Capital One. I honestly believed I was paying off that account. I took there offer and made payment arrangements. After paying off the account I asked them for a letter confirming my account was paid off. When I received such letter I was surprised to see that the Original Creditor was not Capital One but a company named MCB with a phony account number. I reviewed my credit report and I was surprised to notice that I still had the outstanding balance with Capital One and it was purchased by a different lender not Northland Group Inc. I attempted to dispute this matter with Northland Group Inc. and they refused to help me. The representative who answered could not provide me with a straight answer. He terminated my call. I don't know what to do. I was ripped off from my money. Help please. They need to be held responsible for stealing money from honest people.

  • Jo
    Jo Blake Sep 28, 2010

    I too received the same type of letter from Northland Group Inc. As soon as I began speaking with a rep., he asked for my full SS# and I did not give it to him. Luckily, I read this online post before I called them back. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO POSTED HERE!!!

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  • Jo
    Jo Blake Sep 28, 2010

    I agree...this is a scam!!! I received one of their letters and I owe nothing to Capital., was paid off 10 yrs ago. Beware!

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  • Al
    Alady22 Dec 09, 2010


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I received a letter from Northland Group Inc regarding a credit card account. It stated that Capital One Bank would settle for a dollar amount. I hadn't received anything from Capital One in over six years. My husband spoke with a representative of Northland Group regarding an account that has accrued interest on the balance with no notification to me in those six years. We were trying to agree to a settlement but they told us we would have to contact Capital One. When my husband asked them to give him the phone number for Capital One they said they didn't have it. Now if Northland Group is representing Capital One, wouldn't it make sense they should have that number? We never did get any satisfaction with them and my husband said "In other words, this is all a scam?" Needless to say, the phone call was ended!

no follow through

I received a collection letter about a Macy's card from Northland Group Inc. with an option to pay in full ($359.00) and Macy's will issue a new card to me. I set it up for payments of $50/month but they only took 5 payments and closed my account for no apparent reason. Now Macy's is still on my credit report as unpaid and I can't get the card issued. Northland Group no longer has access to my account. I was told to wait untill the next collection agency picks it up.


On February 19, 2008, my sister recieved a phone call from an unknown male asking to speak with me; my sister said he did not know how to pronounce my name correctly. My sister is 35 years old, lives on her own, and aside from childhood, we have never lived at the same address or had the same phone number.

My sister called me after finishing the conversation with this unknown person who said they needed to talk to me about a personal matter. They would not give any information to my sister and asked for contact numbers for me; she did not supply that information. My sister continued to explain that the person on the phone was extremely rude and very insitent on wanting to get the information, to the point my sister had to hang up on them. When she talked to me about it, she said it sounded like a "bill collector" trying to get a hold of me. My credit rating is in the lower 800's and I have not had any late payments or outstanding bills for more then 10 years. The one thing the unknown person did was to leave a number with my sister, which she relayed to me. I called the number, got the name of the company from the automated voice recording, looked the name up on the internet, and then found this complaint site.

This company is scamming to collect on something that most likely does not exist. My only thought in them calling her and asking for me, is she underwent surgey approx. 2 months ago listing me on the forms as her power of attorney; name only no phone number. Somehow Northlands aquired this information which explains why they called her asking for me. After reading several of the other complaints filed here, I would agree and stress that you do not fall for the scam. If they do get ahold of you, check and double check any information they have before you act. I would also recommend you read through other complaints on this company to get a better idea of how they may operate.


I am getting the second letter regarding about the Northland Group Inc with Sears and Home depot. It was confusing me because I had not miss the payment on Home Depot. They kept harassing for the offer and they lied and kept changing the cost on those.

I had giving indicated of payment on Sears which I had been paying for 1335.00 per months. I knew something fishy with those company. What should I do about that? Please help! Thanks, Trudy Fisher

Upaid Account Balance

These "PEOPLE" find it necessary to mail folks and express that you owe Money to an account that DOES NOT...


This company called me today 12/16/09 and informed me that I owed money on a credit card that I closed that account 10 years prior.I called the store that the card was through and was informed that if I did in fact owe money they would of found it through my SS#. As I already knew, nothing was found..I called Northland Group back and and explained that I did not owe and they still insist that I do, I then called back the store that I had the card throughand they reassured me that I do not have a debt with them.So-IF NORTHLAND GROUP CONTACTS YOU FOR A ALLEGED DEBT, CHECK ALL RECORDS AND DONT GIVE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION!!!

A debt i dont owe

they send me a letter that i owe 619.58 regarding a at&t line about 7 years ago and offer me a settlement of...

Rude & Harrassing

I received a call just now from the Northland Group and they asked to speak with my husband who is not available. Before I could even ask who was calling and if I could take a message they hung up on me. I decided to call back the number on the caller ID. When the representative came on the line I explained that someone had just called my house looking for my husband and then hung up when I told them he wasn't here. I asked who they were and what it was in reference to and was told very rudely that it was personal business for my husband and none of my business!! When he told me to just have my husband call them back I told him that wouldn't be possible as my husband was not in the country at the moment, he then asked me where he was and when he was coming back, and when I told him that I wasn't sure he started yelling before I could say another word that how could I not know where he is and when he was coming back, he never was giving me the chance to tell him that my mother-in-law was very ill in Bermuda and that he had to take a leave of absence to go and be with her!! He was so rude and disrespectful and just kept yelling that I should just have him call them back. This just got me so aggrevated because he wouldn't even give me the slightest idea what this call was for. I even tried saying that if it was in reference to some debt that he should tell me at least what company the debt was with so when I spoke to my husband I could pass on the message to him and perhaps I would be able to take care of it for him in his absence. But no...he just kept yelling telling me to have my husband call them and I told him no way was I going to have my husband call them from Bermuda while he is attending to his mother. I then proceeded to tell him as a matter of fact don't bother calling back the house again...if they have something to say put it in writing!! But he continued on like a child telling me they would just keep on calling and calling. What kind of company trains their employees to act like ignorant, beligerent children. How can they possibly think that anyone would consider doing any kind of business with them and send them any money at all. From some of the other complaints I've read they buy old debts and try to collect on them after adding their own fees...well I've got news for them we've only been in the country for 10 years and the only credit card we ever had was a secured credit card which we had opened to build up our credit so we could buy our home and after we closed on our house we closed the account and got back the $500 we opened it with!! I guess the next time they call it will be me hanging up on them instead!


whatever you do do not pay Northland Group Inc.!!!
my mom asked me to help her pay them, and not that i know anything, but i'd never heard of Northland Group Inc. I googled them and all that came up was scam scam scam ! They'll either call and get you to pay with a credit card asap or mail you a letter and getyou on their website to pay and use your social and everything ! i saved my mom from losing all her money ! also, on there is this fake ### company they say is collecting . DONT PAY THEM! CALL THE COMPANY YOU OWE OR CALL THE POLICE !
[includes stupid settling amount, orignal account number and all other ###.]

  • To
    tootdadoo May 23, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    How do I go about "reporting" this "SCAM" company? I'm glad that I decided to check this out, about 5 or 6 months ago I got this "collection bill", I don't deny that I did owe the $$$ but was not able to pay the bill because of my financial situation. I had received a some of $$$ and when I got the "collection bill" saying I had the option to pay the "whole" amount of that bill OR I could pay this "lesser" amount and it would "cover" the entire "bill" and I would be off the hook but that I only had "30" days to do so. So, I did by going on line and doing a "bill pay" through my bank account and later that day I went into my Bank Account on line to check and indeed the amount had been taken out of my account and I breathed a sigh of relief that my "debt had been paid". Then last week I get this "2nd." "collection bill" saying I pretty much owe about the same amount of the last "bill" and that's when I got suspicious and check with my bank and check out this "Northland Group Inc." and I'm sure glad I did! THANK YOU SO MUCH for opening up my eyes to this "SCAM"!

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Attempt to collect debt I do not owe

I received a statement asking me to pay $78.11. I called Northland Group Inc and a man who identified himself...


I am getting letters from Northland Group, Inc "offering" to settle a debt to a jewelery store chain at a reduced rate.

First of all, Friedman's Jewelers filed for bankruptcy protection in January 2005. The account that I had with this company was paid in full early in 2005 and closed. I was contacted by a representative of the Friedman Corporate office in Savannah, GA early in 2006 regarding an account in my name that the store manager, Will, out of the Dublin, GA location had been using along with numerous other accounts to boost his sales to meet promotional quotas and then returning the merchandise back to the store's inventory.

As I have stated, I paid Friedman Jewelers any and all monies the was owed to them by me. I do not owe this debt and will not pay contacted

  • No
    northland Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband received a collection notice from Northland Group. Considering that he has never had an account of any kind with Capital One, this notice was highly suspicious. Before any action of any kind was to be taken, we popped into this website and discovered this company has many, many complaints against them. Wow! I can not understand how this is happening considering in my opinion, is fraud. Before I shredded this document, I thought I would add to the complaint board. Be careful.

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  • Always be alert Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Northland Group, Inc is a debt collector, and, like so many debt collectors they don't bother to validate the information they have before starting the collection process on someone. Don't be surprised if you haven't heard the last of them. Check your husbands credit reports. Chances are they've put something on there too. Don't ignore the letter you received. Your husband should send them a letter (via certified mail with return receipt requested) requesting them to 1. Prove that the 'debt' is legitimate and 2) Proof that they have 'legal standing' to demand a penny from him. Do not sign the letter (signatures have a way of showing up on faked documents). Type your husband's name at the bottom of the letter. If you send it within 30 days of receiving the initial letter, they must, by law stop the collection process until they send you the proof you asked for. Never give a collection agency any personal information or access to your financial world.

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  • No
    northland Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thank you for the information. I will pursue this matter quickly.

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Collection Attempts

Got a letter from this company saying that they were offering me a deal to "clear a debt" that I don't...

phoney collection notice

i have recieved a letter today from this northland group requesting that i pay them $130.91, a so-called...

Non Existent Debt Collection

Northland Financial, Inc. has been harrasing me for more than seven years. They are also using another debt collection agency 'Arrow Financial Service'. Apprently they switch between themseleves and report erroneous information to the credit bureaus. They malpractice their business and committing Federal crime. They are thughs and after money. By law they have to write off the errors and get it straight I am sick and tired of their practices.

settlement offer?

Since about 3 years, I get each year one or two letters from Northland Group Inc. about some accounts which have beeing assignet to Northland Group INC. for collection. I always returned
and answered those letters in the past. But it is getting old and I know like the last assigned account from " Capitol One Bank" where I had an account years ago. I know for a fact that I closed that account with $0, 00 on it and was glad to let go on that. Well they must find out somehow, that I had a account there and made me a settlement offer. I wrote them back to send me the account
information and account statements I would like to see. No answer there. That was about 6 month ago, now they came with a "Target" account which I also had years ago and want to settle?
What? I don`t care if they wride me letters once a year or not, but I am not a American Citizen and
would like to know if you not answer, if you silently accept the balance to pay? That`s why I always answered them and told them that I do not know anything about it.
I just would like them to collect from people who owe someone. I`m just tired of this hole thing
and hope they will be adviced or whatever nessecary to fix this problem. At the end
I`m on permanent disability with no income at all. Even if I would owe, howe you want to grep
a nacked man in his pocket? This are hard times for all of us and maybe they should dtick with the real deal!

  • Ms
    M. S. Phillips Jul 13, 2009

    I got a letter from them and called promptly. I was asked for my SS number 3 times which was my first clue that this was not legit. They were offering to settle a $609 debt for $91 on an account that was opened in my name...they inferred that it could be identity theft and they could help me! They claimed that I had opened this account at Saks in NY in 1999. Wrong! And, by the way, I did open an account at Saks in 2004. Interesting that they would open an account for me with this outstanding balance! Beware!

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  • No
    Northman Feb 14, 2010

    Absolutely agree, there are more scam artists like capitol 1 and more. They all have the same strategy. I just wonder where they have the information from. The worst is you realy have to think, because it has been years and all the sudden you owe those
    bandits $$ ? Do Not Pay...
    I know I had a account with Capitol One years ago. I also know I closed that account correctly. Boom there comes the collection agency and tries to get $ 414, ... out of me. If I would not know better, I may would pay!!!
    But how many people do pay? Maybe enough so they make more millions. Insurance companies, banks and footindustry
    they own a lot, a lot too much. Where I come from they call it monopoly. Or ( corrupt/mafia ) power. It`s still happened even
    in the US.

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  • Dd
    d.doyeene Mar 01, 2010

    They are on me for a bogus account balance; one I've argued for years with every foreign telephone jockey imagineable. I will never pay. In fact, I'm considering a lawsuit for damages to my credit and the number of times I've had to explain this nonsense.

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  • Dd
    d.doyeene Mar 01, 2010

    I've never dealt with such incompetent boobs. I've spoken with people from as far as the far east to try and understand the problem. They are representing bogus accounts. I'm considering a lawsuit for harassment and damages to my credit score for their nonsense and am keeping my lawyers informed.

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  • Do
    dolphinjw79 Oct 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just recieved a letter in the mail from this company and I am extremly confused. It states that I owe them for a school CLASS, not a semester but a class, that was taken in 2003. First off, I would remember if I went to school while I was in the military and second I didn't attend school until I got out. When I called in to ask them about it, they told me that I have to write a letter to obtain information. Fine. However, when I looked over my credit report, there is nothing on there for a university collection ect. I have student loand that I am repaying but nothing for a university. Called the BBB and they say this is a legit collection agency. However, why is it that I am recieving a letter from some place I have never heard of, 8 years after I supposidly took the class? Attached is a letter I recieved and after speaking with credit people from my bank, they informed me to request any information, but not to pay anything (unless it is an actual debt).

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  • No
    Noel Brown Dec 23, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received a letter from this company and I really do not understand, because the letter stated that I owe a substantial amount of money for Household Automotive Financial, and I have no knowledge of this loan, when I call the number on the letter and ask for information on this supposed loan, as to what was bought, and when, and who made payments on this loan, and they told me I have to write a letter in order to get this information, well I would like to get these information as to when these item, or items were purchaced, and where, and by whom, and if any payment was made who made them, because I received my credit report recently and I do not see these items on it, so before I do any thing please send me information on this loan. The account # on the letter is F26287206, my name is Noel Brown 3324 Westland Dr Orlando FL 32818, and the balance on the account is $18, 915.78

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  • Dm
    D.M.MARTIN Oct 13, 2012

    I just got a bogus collection letter for an account at first premire bank. WHO THE HE.. IS THIS... i AM ON DISSABILITY AND HAVE NEVER never HAD ANY BANK CARD, and i was the victum of idenity theft 8 years ago and will never get this cleared up. This account is from 12 years ago, heard of the stastute of limitations?? I AM GETTING AN ATTORNEY TOMORROW, LET THEN DEAL WITH THEM AND PAY, yes, PAY ME!!! THIS IS ILLEGAL IN mo. AND i GET TO COLLECT. don't pay these people, please, , if no one does they will go away, i am tired of those that pray on the older citizens in our country. We worked to serve others and raised our families, paid our bills and now this is the kind of thing that ruins our credit and this is on my credit report as a BAD DEPT 5, yes 5 times, and it is imposible to get th ese cleared off I have tried, and even with all the police and court papers on my idenity theft it is a nightmare I will never get straightened out and my good credit is forever ruined. LETS STOP THESE THINGS FROM H APPENING!!!

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  • Mr
    mrsn Mar 01, 2013

    If all of you would quit being a part of a country-wide problem and actually pay your damn debts instead of trying to figure out a way to sue for "harassment". Maybe the banks wouldn't need a bailout and we could break free from this recesion. ###in deadbeats. And the companys legit, they're the number 1 late stage collection company in the u.s. google them. And for Christ's sake pay ur debts that YOU incurred upon yourself!

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  • At
    ATU XX Jun 18, 2013

    Northland Group Inc: Justice is on its way.

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  • At
    ATU XX Jun 18, 2013

    Do not pay to these individuals. They are evil, and they will be punished soon. If you have been harassed by them, do sue them. And by the way... there is no recession.

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  • Br
    brusiea Mar 17, 2017

    I got a letter and followed up with my bank and turns out I did owe the money (a mere 4 years after I closed my account). However, after reading the above reviews, it sounds like there's something shady about this company so I would follow-up with your bank or whoever you supposedly owe money to BEFORE paying. In my case, there was nothing sketchy and the bank was able to confirm that they do work with this company.

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