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harrassing phone call

I received a phone call from a man at Northland Group [protected]) on 06/18/09 around 8pm.

He asked for for my name Susan Parker then he asked is this the Susan born(mention a birthdate). I asked him what is this about, he wouldn't say just said it was a personal matter.

Then he kept mentioning the birthdate. Since he wouldn't tell me why he was calling, I told him I don't have time for games then I hung up.

Susan Parker

  • Ma
    Marvin Hyman Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    For the last 2 weeks, I have been receiving phone calls at my phone number looking for my sister and/or brother in law. I have explained that they do not live here and have asked to have my number pulled from their system. I still get 3 calls a day, early AM, mid afternoon, and at night. My sister while visiting me, called them back and told them she had nothing to do with the credit card bill they were trying to collect and gave them my brother in law's phone number. They persist in calling my home looking for him. How do I get them to stop bothering me at my home?

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  • Fa
    fayelindasue Feb 18, 2010

    Someone opened an account in my name and social security number. They opened it in Portland, Oregon according to Capital One. I have never lived in Portland, Oregon. This account is from over 8 years ago and I refused to pay it. Capital One hired an attorney close to where I live and I cooperated with her fully, including sending notorized signatures, etc. I also made out a police report and filed an idenity theft claim on line with the FEDS. I got a letter shortly after from a place called TRAK America in Syosset, NY saying the account was now closed. I have attached the letter I received. That was in 2007. After 3 years, they are starting to call again from Northland Group. They are calling me several times a day and they have threatened to come to my house and pull me out by the hair of the head, have me arrested, take my name it, they have threatened it. They even called me a lowlife and said I was probably living off the state, which I am not. Here I am a victim of identity theft and we have to put up with idiots like this!! How do I get them to stop calling? We tried sending a copy to their fax number and it won't go through. I hope Capital One goes out of business and takes their hit men with them!
    Faye-Linda McGovern

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debt collector

i had received a letter in the mail june1, 2009 saying i owe north star 62.05 but would be willing to take...

debt collections

I received debt collection letters for quiet awhile from Asset Recovery Associates on a debt that was over 14 years old. Did some investigating and would like to share with my information. Asset Recovery Associates or ARA was also known as Financial Services, Inc. until the Illinois Attorney General filed suit against them. So they changed their name. And now they have changed their name again to Northland Group, Inc. saying they have been assigned my account and in view of the tax season, their client is willing to reduce your balance by offering a settlement. Don't let these con artists, fraudulent schemers get your tax refund that you deserve! I got professional advice on this. The collection letters that you receive, if you Do Not owe this debt you can take these letters to your postmaster in your area and file a report for mail fraud. You can go to FBI on the internet and report this fraudulent company. You can also report it to the BBB. We must stop these preditors that try to take our hard working money we earn away from us! They have no conscious what so ever!!

  • Ex
    exie Jun 14, 2009

    You started off by saying you owe the money and that you had been getting bills forever.
    Perhaps TX has a statute of limitations on the monies owed or debt collection laws that prohibit them from collecting the debt. But I dont understand your complaint? If you owe it, what does it matter how many times the company changed names?

    I certainly wish the American public would realize the liberal congress and liberal president of this country are scamming us alot worse then these guys ever would.

    good luck!

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Like others on your complaint site...

I was reading your complaints and read one submitted on Mar 08 this year from Lisa. She stated: Now, 2 years later, I get a bill stating to the effect that "in view of the tax season, our client is willing to reduce your balance by offering you a settlement." I have received one almost exactly like hers. I paid in full and closed out a First Premier SD $350 pre- paid credit card account almost 8 years ago. About two months later, they sent me a bill for "fees" totalling $167. I refused to pay these fees because I had paid the card off. So they sold my account to Arrow Financial who continued up until the end of last year to call, write and threaten me to collect the $167. Now Arrow has apparently sold the debt to Northland Group Inc. Now, this bill is over eight years and I do not feel it is a legitimate debt. I have answered their letter online, and told them I am not obligated to pay this bill and don't intend to. i feel this is a fraudulent practice to sell a debt and keep trying to collect and report it well after the amount of time the debt should be carried by creditors

  • Ro
    Roy Whitaker Mar 20, 2009

    I'm the person who submitted the above complaint. To be exact, I had to note that I made a mistake on what I stated about when Lisa submitted her complaint about Northland, she submitted her complaint at this time last year, not this year!. Sorry!

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  • La
    Landon Burgess Mar 25, 2009

    Northland Group is a "SCAVENGER AGENCY". What they do is buy debt written off by creditors such as Citi, Bank of America, etc then assess high fee's. Do not fall for this. Find out what your states Statue of Limitation is and wait it out. Once the time is up then credit reporting agencies must remove write-off from your report. Do not pay the Northland Group they're a FRAUD!

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  • Eh
    EHW Dec 08, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Companies like Northland can look up debt from the credit bureaus and send out the letters. All the information is there and if you look closely you'll see that the abbreviations and names of companies are written identically to the way things are written in your credit report. Send a letter to them asking them to validate the debt. Ask for a copy of the assignment from the original creditor, the agreement with the debtors signature that shows you agreed to pay the alleged debt, and complete payment history on the account to prove the amount requested is correct. I'm now on the fourth company in a 2 year span trying to collect on a credit card debt written off years ago. The statute of limitations is different in each state and if the debt/write off is not removed automatically by the credit bureau write them a letter requesting it be removed.

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Fraud and cheating

I received a suspicious collections letter from NGI in the mail this week. It was addressed to me under a...


Received harassing phone calls from the Northland Group threatening to send people to my house to get information from me.

  • Pl
    ply Oct 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sorry Folks I gave you the wrong first name.

    His name is David Morton

    his cell is 952-830-3435

    I just called his number and Dave answered
    on the first ring. Oh by th by, he WILL ask
    you all the questions about your debt, why
    it is not paid, etc. DO NOT ANSWER. HANG UP!
    CALL BACK and start your conversation all over

    It has been a while but I just remembered that I
    told Dave I will be us a ratio of 25:1. Dave was very
    confused. I informed Dave that the Nortland Group
    has called me at least 100 time. Hence, for 1 time
    that N.G. has called me, I will call Dave 25 times,
    retroactively. I told him do the math, Dave we
    have a long night ahead of us so lets get settled in.
    As previously stated, after 5-10 calls to him, he
    quickly found out that I would call him 2, 500.

    This in not harassment. This is his business cell phone.
    He is a VP of Sales. Calling a radio station to win tickets
    is not harassment.

    Please do not threaten him, do not make rude coments

    Be very firm that your goal will be to stop the calls
    from N.G. any and all legal means at your disposal.

    Dave will get the entire picture. Please quote Josh from
    N.G., "you are here to stay, you are not going away"

    Good Luck and let me know if this helps.

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Fraud and harassment!

I received this letter: Assest Acceptance Lic, the creditor of your account has assigned the above...

Phony bill!

I received a "bill" from Northland Group Inc. trying to collect on what I thought was a credit card I had from 19 years ago. When I first received this bill two years ago (it mysteriously showed on my credit report AFTER I purchased my first home). I contacted all three credit bureaus and they all responded back by saying that the matter had been cleared. I checked them later and it was gone. Now, 2 years later, I get a bill stating to the effect that "in view of the tax season, our client is willing to reduce your balance by offering you a settlement." I contacted them by email and phone, and no one could tell me the name of the store and when the account was opened. It seems as if these "offers of settlements" come around tax time.

  • Li
    Linda Mojica Mar 10, 2008

    They are trying to do the same with me. I had already
    paid/settled this bill 15 years ago.
    I want them to pay for their harrassment

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  • Jo
    Jordan Jul 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Do
    Dottiejean Aug 10, 2009

    Verify if the debt they're trying to collect is past the statute of limitations for your state. Once the debt has passed that time period it is no longer collectable, but some of these shysters are attempting to resurrect old debts for pennies on the dollar and make you a settlement offer. For example in Texas it's four years. Send them a certified letter demanding that they cease collection attempts on a debt that is past the statute of limitations for your state. Do not pay them anything.

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Their collection letter claims they are working on behalf of SBC. I have never had any service at my home by SBC. In fact, SBC doesn't offer service in this area. I have never lived in an area where SBC had service they could offer. I get numerous calls from collection companies that are just fishing out Mexican names - and they insist that I know these people, you see, because if a Mexican shares a name with whomever they are looking for, then they must be related. I'm tired of being racially profiled, harassed due to my race, threaten and insulted.

SBC has no information on any account using my name. So if SBC has never done business with my address, then why does Northland Group Inc. have the right to mass mail people that share a last name and attempt to turn a false claim into the burden of the receiver to refute?

I intend to send them a letter saying if they do not produce a valid signed contract from SBC in 30 days, then I will assume the debt they are collecting is a fraudulent attempt and they will be reported to the Attorney General in their district.

  • De
    Deb Apr 25, 2009

    You can stop this crap ! We have rights !!

    1. They CANNOT call you at unreasonable hours.
    Make a log of the date and time of each call. If they call outside the hours allowed by law you can sue them in small claims court.

    2. Write a letter demanding that they cease contact with you.
    Send the letter registered. If they contact you after the letter, you can sue them in court. Depending on the state, I believe the fines run from $500 to $1, 200 per call. Again write a LOG of every call with time and date.
    Here is their address:

    Northland Group Inc.
    7831 Glenroy Road Suite 350
    Edina, MN 55439-3133

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Collection scam!

Sent a collection letter claiming that I owed money for an outstanding debt that was paid off over ten year...

Non-stop harassment from Northland Group

These incompetent wankers have been harassing me and my family (they're calling my parents house, where I'm staying temporarily) for the past two weeks. After hanging up on them multiple times without knowing who they were or why they were calling, I finally stayed on the line long enough to find out the purpose of their call. The guy called, asked for me, and I hung up after he identified himself as being from the Northland Group. As I'd never heard of such a company, I figured he was trying to sell me something. He called back immediately and declared that hanging up on him is pointless because he'll just keep calling back. He then went on to say that he was calling in regards to my delinquent Capital One credit card. I explained that I don't have a credit card now and have never had one in the past and that I don't know what he's talking about. He said that either someone could have committed identity theft against me, but that because I keep hanging up on him, it leads him to believe that I do know what he's talking about and simply trying to avoid the issue. I said "So, you're going to call me at home and insist that I have an overdue account with these people, then accuse me of lying about it? That's just fantastic. Do you treat everyone you talk to like this"? He replied with "Yes, we do, because you aren't customers. You're irresponsible, low-life debtors who think they can get away with not paying your bills". I explained that I would not be putting up with his abuse anymore and he threatened to mark me down as 'refusal to pay'. I simply said "Do what you have to do, and stop calling me", then hung up.

Later the same night (9:450 PM!!), a woman called from NG and asked for me; I told her she had the wrong number. She said "Well, that's goofy. My notes show that we talked to her at this number earlier today". I told her that her notes must be incorrect, because she had the wrong number. She said "Give it up, I know you're lying. Let me talk to Rachel NOW". I hung up.

They call every single day, usually more than three times, usually shouting, swearing, and making all kinds of threats. I don't know how they got my information or why they've started calling now OR why the bloody hell they think I have a credit card when I've never even APPLIED for one! I've been living in the UK for two years! I'm only here temporarily to sort out the last of my immigration stuff.

I've filed complaints with the FTC as well as the BBB, but I know that won't stop them from calling. Is there any way to get my parents' number taken off their list?

  • Iw
    IWisedUp Nov 12, 2008

    If you think you have enough information to prove you are harmed by The Northland Group call Tom Lyons of Lyons Lawfirm in MN he can help you like he did me get these jackasses back. They harrassed everyone repeatedly and in the end due to their poor business ethics they lost the battle. The collector that was doing the harrassing was James Runkle.

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Unwanted phone calls

We have been receiving unwanted phone calls from Northland Group since 5/18/2017. Every day, the Northland Group call for a person who is not related nor ever lived at my address. It seems that this person used our name and address as a reference on his loans which are now in default. Since the Northland Group has no regard in any FTC laws, I decided to report them to the FTC. Just go to and file a complaint under Consumer Protection and use the address below.

The FTC did respond to the complaint:

Thank you for contacting the Federal Trade Commission. We entered the information you provided into our shared law enforcement data base. We share this data base with Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies. Attached is your electronic response, which includes your reference number. Any enclosures can be found at under Consumer Protection and Consumer Information section.
Information from consumers like you helps Federal, State and Local authorities investigate possible illegal practices and enforce our laws. Someone from the Federal Trade Commission or another law enforcement agency may contact you if they need additional information to help them in an investigation.

Please visit the FTC's web page,, to get free information to help you avoid costly consumer problems.

Northland Group
7831 Glenroy Road
Suite 110
Edina, Mn. 55439

In my case, I have a collections agency calling my house on a daily basis and I'm not the one they are calling about. I guess I'm supposed to do the leg work for them or they will harass me until they get their money from this guy.

  • Ur
    UrsK87 Sep 18, 2009

    I recently received a letter from this company claiming that I owed JC Penney money. I haven't had this account in many years and said that I owed themn 1730.30. This account was closed at least six years ago.

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  • Ol
    ollogy Sep 24, 2009

    Misleading and harassing phone call by person who didnt ask or identify himself, company or what he was calling about. Only after I asked if the call was being recorded, which he said yes, and dint indicate it when he called, did he identify himself. He then identified himself as Brian from the Northland Group, refused to tell me what he was calling about and said if i read my mail I should know what it was.

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  • En
    enough BS already Sep 10, 2010

    Just got a letter trying to collect on a debt that was over 10 years old and had been previously paid. When we called they were trying to get us to make a smaller payment-as payment in full. When we asked for verification on the debt (which is mandated by law within 30 days) we got a run around and were told that they would just pass the debt along to another agency. If they were indeed a reputable agency, they would have provided the verification. When I got loud and told them that the debt would only be settled with proper verification (which was my legal right) he hung up the phone. DONT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!

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  • Wa
    watchdoginohio Feb 15, 2011

    Received letter in the mail stating that my husband had a debt of $297.74 that could be settled for $122.10. When I called to speak with them, not only was the person a little rude, but did not seem surprised when I told them my husband had passed away nearly FOURTEEN years ago. He would not provide any information on the reason for the letter or the source of the debt and said he would "remove his name and address from the database with a notation that he'd passed away." What a scam! Can't imagine how many people probably fall for this!!

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Do not fall for their schemes!

I received a letter in the mail from Northland Group Inc. to settle an account. As I was about to pay this so...

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