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I am a life member since 7/2007. Have not seen a Magazine in a year. Received one test product in eight years. 36" piece off rope. I must say I enjoyed the NAHC mag, every quarter, but now they stopped coming. Is it just me or is the meaning of life member only last a few years. No in this case it means, "You Have Been Ripped Off". Member Life #[protected] is a Veteran of the U.S.Army 3 tours of Viet Nam. Now can you guess who I'm hunting now? All you that steal from the good people will weep and beg for an absolution and the tears of your families will fall on your dead ###.


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      Oct 21, 2015

    I have been a Life time member for over 30 years, and during that time have never received any type of products to test, I was receiving the Magazine all that time until a few months ago, no magazine and no valid phone number to call. they must be out of business.

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      Oct 27, 2015

    I have been a Life Member since 2008 and the last magazine I have received was back in winter of 2014. I have not received any test products to test at all.I don't know about my fellow members, but to me this is a case of fraud and broken promises. When I first joined and I received my Life Member packet I was proud to be a part of this club. Now I'm just pissed and feel ripped off. We should all get our money back and this so called club should be shut down and be taken out of business or they should make it right with all of whom they ripped off. This is not how a club should be. A club should have members that are proud to wear a patch with it's name on it and should be making all of there members happy. But this club is just like our government, full of $hit and greed.

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  • i paid for a 3 yr membership, have not received monthly magazines for awhile now, can not reach anyone by phone we are not satisfied and feel you are not acting as a reputable company when someone signs up to receive monthly magazines they do not want the 3 month special coffee table editions, they enjoy reading it monthly! I feel very cheated

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      Dec 28, 2015

    They have stopped my magazines for the north American hunter and fisherman also. Jerry Lee

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