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Am recieving threats from nahc to employ collection agencies for a membership I didn, t even recieve an offer to as well as their claim that I had been sent and that I recieved numerous gifts and assorted trinkets or toys etc. I have written them on two separate occasions explaining politely their error to no avail. There is a fishing club that I had initially recieved the same correspondance from but after my first letter sent to them, (Same letter sent to the n. A. H. C. ) , they have so far, stopped bothering me, at least to date.


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      Mar 14, 2011

    i also never joined it, got nasty collection threats, so paid it BIg mistake more unwanted mailings phony bills a book on whitetail hunting my cousin got 22 years ago when he had bad experience with this arm chair outfit, , put return label on box bill inside like it said send back next day now there saying return or pay forbook, , ha should of insured it got another deluge of crap about life membership from this this tin horn outfit never got the free gift trinkets there supposed to send either thumbs down, avoid, they wouldn't know a deer if it ran into there suite

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      Jun 23, 2014

    North American Hunting Club ; Dear, Mr John Wilson, I have been a life member for over ten years now, this is way i don't buy things from are magazine; North American life club sent me a news letter about a special 10 pieces knife collectors series set, I like it ask them to send me some info about it, well they did they sent me the frist knife of the the series set it was nice but i just ed wanted the info frist, then they sent me the collectors box, display case and the second knife of the set, At that point I had made up my mine that I was not going to get the collectors series knife set, , So box up the display case with the second knife in it put the return lable on the box that was sent to me with the display case All so I sent the money for the frist knife, that was sent to me, And now I have been sent two invoices for payment for a knife . Not sure if its the first knife that i pay ed for or the second knife that i sent back to them, Today i have just spent an hour trying to fine the web site of i could try to get this line out, but u cant they don't want to talk to any bobby . Piz stop sending me this invoice for the knife that i all ready bough from you, Roger Strong MBR: [protected] 9

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