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after assembling the machine, I found it was loud and not smooth as advertised

I purchased the NordicTrack elliptical from Sears last month because I thought they were a good quality company. After assembling the machine, I found it was loud and not smooth as advertised. The machine was inspected after 2 wks of waiting for Icon Fitness repair to respond and it was determined to be defective. There was no repair for the machine, only repair. The company has promised a replacement it. Over a month has passed and Icon Fitness still cannot give me a date that I will have a replacement. Best they can do is "maybe" 2-3 weeks longer.

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    NordicTrack Sep 29, 2010


    I'm sorry to hear that it has taken so long to get a replacement for you. I would hope that by now you should have your new one, if not please send me an email with your contact info so that I can check the status of it. You can reach me at [email protected]

    Jesse Y.

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non existent customer service

In February of this year, I bought a NordicTrack Freestrider 35 S. It is a fitness machine. The clerk at Sears also sold me an iFit module, saying that it would help me track my progress. When we put the machine together, the sensor was broken and we had to wait a month to get the new parts.

After it was fixed, we started using the machine for workouts. There were preprogrammed workouts that worked very well for my wife and me. Then I made the big mistake of putting the iFit module in. It proceeded to completely reprogram the machine such that, in order to keep the minimal rpm rate going, I had to get my heart rate up into the 180's. Which for a fifty year old male is danger territory. (I am a physician and know what I'm a talking bout.)

I wrote to ICON customer service (the parent company) and asked that they. Restore the programming. I got a message back, stating that they had received "numerous complaints" and that they were going to reprogram the machine back to the way it was before "within a week.". After two weeks had gone by, I called ICON customer service to ask when they were going to do that. The first night, I was put on hold for half an hour and then told I needed to talk with iFit, who had just closed for the evening. Tonight, I was again routed to iFit, and spoke with a CSR for an hour.

He told me that they had reprogrammed the machine because the original program was defective. I told him that it worked just fine for me and please put it back to the way it used to be. He quite snottily told me that, "we don't keep the old programming around on a shelf on the off chance that someone might like the old program." I told him about the concerns about the cardiac stress that was engendered by their program. He told me that their program was correct and implied that was too out of shape to be using their product.

I asked to get my money back, since the machine is unusable in its current condition. He told me I would have to take it back to Sears. It weighs about three hundred pounds and does not have a transportation lock down mode.

I asked to speak with a supervisor and he told me that they were too important to talk with customers. I asked to speak to the complaint department and he gave me the address to write to the company president. Yeah right. Like that's going to make a dent in the corporate indifference.

I called Sears and asked them to come and pick up their machine. the clerk there actually apologized. (The first I had heard all night.) He said that his manager was going to call ICON and discuss the matter with them and that she would get back with me.

So the moral of the story is, ICON doesn't give a fig about their products working right or the health of their customers as long as they can get your money and have their Customer Service Department fend off all attempts at getting made right. I guess my attorney is going to earn a few hundred bucks on this one.

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    Rob Owen Aug 26, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We were very excited to place our order for the new FS9i. We
    were told if we paid the extra $250 for the “white glove with assembly” feature
    we would have nothing to worry about and our FS9i would be set up and
    calibrated in our home in two weeks. I
    received an email with tracking information from Nortic Track when they charged
    our debit card. I checked the tracking
    daily, like a kid waiting for Christmas.
    It took several days for there to be any initial movement on the order
    at all, but I figured a large company like Nordic Track had this down to a
    science by now and there was no reason for worry.

    As the two weeks went by, I noticed little movement on the
    UPS Freight tracking website. I called
    UPS Freight and all they could tell me is that it was in transit. I called Nordic
    Track customer service and spoke with a very rude man named Jarem. I was told if I wasn’t willing to wait until
    my item arrived, I could return it. Even though neither Jarem nor UPS Freight
    could tell when it would arrive or where it was. All they could tell me is that
    it was in transit.

    I called “Shipping and Returns” where I found a different
    tone from the company. We worked with UPS Freight to find and reroute the
    shipment due to the fact that the shipment was routed to a company that did not
    provide the “white glove with assembly”. After several calls to multiple
    locations (UPS and various logistical companies) no one could tell me where my
    FS9i was or when it would be at my house. Their best guess was between the 4th
    and the 11th of the following month. Almost another three weeks.
    After many more calls to the shipping and returns to work with them it was
    clear despite their best effort, they simply would not be able to get the job
    done in a timely manner. I informed them I would just like the item
    returned. I was told that it would take
    four to six weeks for them to return my money so I asked to talk to the

    The supervisor got on the line and reiterated that it would
    take four to six weeks for them to return our money to our account. When I
    asked why, I was told that the company had to receive the product back prior to
    releasing the money. I informed the
    supervisor we had never received the FS9i. I was told that it didn’t matter, it
    was my financial responsibility until it was returned by UPS Freight. She
    informed me, that she was already being nice enough to waive the restocking
    fees. We argued this point for a few
    minutes when I told her it was pointless and I needed to talk to her boss. She
    informed me that she was the boss and the only one above her was the president
    of Nordic Track. Finding this hard to believe I asked for their contact
    information and was refused. I repeated
    the request and was told if I wanted it that bad I could look it up on line.

    This is totally unacceptable. It took them four to six
    seconds to withdraw the money and the item has never been in my possession. It
    should not take four to six weeks to get my money back. I will need that money returned before I can
    find a better company to work with.

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Resolved runaround

Bought an Elite zi treadmill, with extended warranty in January last year. At 15 months old, the base plate cracked completely down the middle, damaging the belt. I'm 215 pounds, hardly excessive and it is used for c. 6 hours a week.

Called UTS, placed and order for replacements, was told it should be about a week - great. Called again after two weeks, was then told parts were on back-order (wasn't told that the first time), but that they should arrive late last week. Called again today...still on back order from Nordictrack. Rang Nordictrack and was told that they were on order with the supplier.

Bottom line, still have no treadmill, multiple non-effective "customer service" calls. Only possible conclusions:
1. lots of base plates crack so they ran out;
2. no inventory;

Either way, completely unsatisfied.

Resolved useless

On February 27, 2010, I purchased a Nordic Track treadmill from Sears in Jacksonville, AR. From reviews, Nordic Track was rated top of the market. After testing several models I selected the T9 ci model. I paid $999 plus tax for the treadmill. I also paid $199 for installation and $275 for the 5 year extended warranty.

I was very excited about my purchase. Sears scheduled delivery and informed me that Nordic Track would be calling to set up an installation appointment. After a week, I still did not hear from anyone. I called customer service. After several calls to customer service across a three day span, finally a tech contacted me to set up installation.

It took the tech 5 hours to install the treadmill. The reviews on your website state customers were able to put it together in 2 or 3 hours. The tech said the wire was not long enough but he would make it work. The heart rate mechanism would not work correctly. The belt stopped working on day 3. I calledcustomer service on March 13. After following the troubleshooting instructions, the customer service rep instructed me to follow the steps to remove the motor cover. After the cover was removed, to call back and get more help.

I informed the rep that I paid 199 to have it installed. Also, why would I go through the trouble of removing the cover only to call back and be placed on hold again? I asked the rep if his time was more valuable then mine, a customer. He told me he was not allowed to stay on the phone long with customers. I insisted on a repair appointment. For 199, I should not have to remove any covers or try to fix any wiring issues.

I was told that a tech would call within 3 to 5 business to schedule repair. Friday was the 5th business day. I begin to get considered because no one had called. I had the same problem during installation and a supervisor had to escalate the issue to get it resolved. I called customer service on March 19th and requested a supervisor. I had to argue with the customer service rep for 30 minutes. She refused to give me a supervisor. Then she put me on hold for 20 minutes and came back to inform me they were now closed and someone would call me on Monday.

I called back and got a different rep. I was then informed the call center was 24/7 but supervisors go home at 6pm. She informed me she was escalating the issue with the tech and putting in the forms to have a supervisor call me on Monday. By Monday afternoon, no one had call. I called back only to be told that the supervisors were in a meeting all day and someone would call before the night was over. Again no one called. I then calledSears. After telling my ordeal to the store manager, he offered to escalate the service call. I informed him that Nordic Track had lost me as a customer. I did not want to be stuck with a machine that I could not get serviced in the future. The treadmill will be returned to Sears for a full refund.

I wrote a review on the website and your company refused to publish it. I’m writing you this letter in hopes that you will address the issues inCustomer Service for future customers. I personally will never deal with your company again. I have also enclosed a copy of the review I submitted and the response from an online representative over a week later. Clearlycustomer service is not a high priority with your company. Your technology is at the top of the market. I felt I would get the level of service of which I paid. I was gravely disappointed.

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    Tenasc Jul 15, 2015

    I am so upset that I don't know where to start. About 4 weeks ago I was running at a 15% incline at 12mph and then tried to stop like I do when am running at lower mph, but the treadmill didn't stop. I ended up falling and hurt myself real bad, thankfully I didn't loose my life by hitting my head. I knew I wasn't crazy, that I did press the stop button and also removed the emergency key but the norditrack did not stop until later. It took at least 15 second before it started to slow. I was so traumatized and it took days before I could even go into my workout room again. This has happen twice again after the initial incident. The most recent happened less than an hour ago. I stopped it and took off the emergency button but it won't stop. I had to yell for my husband because I was so scared I would fall again. He ran upstairs before the Norditrack stopped. I still have wounds all over my leg and I remember how much pain I was in, when the initial incident happened. I can't even wear dresses or shorts this summer due to my injuries and now, another malfunction from your treadmill. I have tried calling, but your center is closed. Do you guys realize people can loose their lives on your treadmill????? I have ran all through my life so I'm not new to this. I can't imagine stopping a treadmill that keeps going even when you remove emergency button??? I need a call back.
    This is the 3rd week since I contacted Nordictrack and I am yet to receive a call back. They never offered to send a technician to come look at the treadmill, instead the rep via phone and Internet stated they were filing an injury claim. I was told to unplug my machine and the legal department will be calling me in 2weeks. Their machine is not even a year old since my husband bought it for me. I don't have a treadmill to use and they still have not called me. The only thing I have to show for all this are wounds and scars on my legs.

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    Jeanne LeBron Dec 28, 2015
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    Verified customer

    I purchased a treadmill in 2012. I selected one because it had "IFIT" - which allowed me to download maps (including a selection of free ones) as well as program my own maps based on google maps. In 2014 they changed it - and now I can only use those features if I pay $10/month. Even the maps I created when it was free, and/or downloaded when it was free, are no longer available to me.

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Resolved poor service / poor product

I will try to keep this short. Purchased a Nordictrack Elliptical, product #NTEW50707.0 and received it in...

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Resolved offering assistance

Dear Customers,

I work for Nordic Track in Customer Service. I realize that by coming to this site you are either venting your frustration in an effort to get help or doing research on a new purchase. I am committed to providing first rate cutomer support and do apologize in advanze for issues you are having. Please contact me if you need any assisstance with anything and I will be able to help you.


Resolved irresponsible corporation

Nordic Track is Irresponsible with its service warranty. Huge delay in getting service (have not yet received), rude customer service. They take you money for the warranty but don't want to follow through on providing the service. Rating should not be "Please Improve" because I feel no need to be civil with this company after the treatment I have received.

I got a Nordic Track Treadmill from Sears and bought an Extended Service Warranty, which is serviced by UTS. This has been the most annoying and unhelpful company ever in getting service on a warranty.

I called over a month ago, and had the hassle of not being recognized in their system even though I was looking at the receipt with my warranty information on it. After that was figured out no thanks to them, I scheduled service. They wanted me to give them the details of what was wrong and then diagnose it over the phone without ever having seen it. Then, they would ship out the parts, which were on back order and took half a month to get to my house. AFTER that, I was expected to call the local sub-contractor to get service. The local sub-contractor came in the beginning of October and realized they had diagnosed the wrong thing and ordered more parts from UTS. That was in the beginning of the month. It is now almost the end of the month and I have yet to receive three parts that are needed. This is over a month since I first reported the problem

I have been very persistent in following up, and have received rude or flaky customer "service" every time. They would tell me parts shipped that day when in fact they had not. They would give me no ETA for when they could ship those parts. In fact, one woman would not hand me over to her supervisor after I told her I wanted to speak with them about the fact that it was over a month. She had the gall to tell me I should cancel my plan.

They take your money and run. Nordic Track and Sears, both of whom I used to respect, should be ashamed of handing its warranty plan over to such an irresponsible corporation.

nel 7095

I have a Nordic Track Eliptical it continues to have the same problems. I bought my extended warrenty through...

Improper disclosure of fees

I ordered a Nordic Track product by phone from the company (known as Icon Health and Fitness). I asked for...

parts to put together!

Bought ASR 700 Illiptical machine in Sears store in Wichita, Ks. on Dec. 1st. They were to have been...

poor service

I submitted an order on the NordicTrack Website on Nov 26, 2007. On Nov 28, we were contacted to review delivery information. On Dec 3, we received an email stating our elliptical had been shipped and we would have it in a few days. It is now Dec 11, we still do not have our product. There is no shipping status on the Freight Company website either. We called to inquire on the status of the shipment and were provided with the freight companies phone number. Called them, they have no information on our shipment. NordicTracks repsponse: it may not have been scanned yet. The truck will not go out with 1 item on it. Nordic Track's website states an item will be received within 2 weeks. I ordered from NordicTrack instead of Sears because I thought I would get better service.

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    force68 Mar 30, 2009

    I bought a defective Nordictrack elliptical from Sears and have been dealing with Nordictrack service - Icon Fitness for over a month and still have no replacement from the company. They no longer are committing to a 2 wk delivery and there is no date of expected shipment just that it will arrive about a week after it is shipped. Sears service is far better. At least you get to talk to a real person who will actually do something to remedy the situation.

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  • Ic
    iconfitness05 Jul 03, 2009

    Dear Customer,
    I represent Icon Health & Fitness and from your post on I see you were upset. I'm not sure of your machines current state but want to help. If you could let me know if your machine is now up and functioning or still causing you grief I will be able to help. I hope you are able to now enjoy it. We truly want our customers happy and want to offer you an accessory or a promo code that can be used on our website as store credit. That way you can get something for the troubles you had. All we ask is that you remove your comments posted on If you are willing to do this please email me back. Please put attn:Cameron Oper 8 somewhere in the email heading. Thanks.

    Icon Health & Fitness
    Customer Care

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  • Ic
    iconfitness05 Jul 03, 2009

    Dear Customer,
    I apoligize for posting a second time but I gave you incorrect information. My true email address is [email protected] So if you want to receive some free merchandise please contact me. Thanks.

    Icon Health & Fitness
    Customer Care
    July 3, 2009

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lack of customer service skills!

They lack extreme customer service skills. Do not offer expediting of parts when products have not been packaged. Treats customers rudely, not good with problem resolution. Expects customers to eat up costs for their mistakes. Purchased treadmill and cannot use until part that was not packaged to put machine together is sent. Stated I am responsible for the cost of having item needed sent overnight. Then tells me to throw extra item away when I asked if I should return part I don't need, but they're concerned about being cost effective.

nordic track do not honor the warranty!

Purchased an elliptical trainer, the NordicTrack CX 998 on August 20, 2006, from Finally got...