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loud annoying song by jay z
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Peloton Interactive - commercial

The Peleton Ad "ready or not, here I come" has now been played so often that we are now ignoring it., It plays every 5-10 minutes and has gotten really, REALLY OLD...Why are your airing that ad, ad nauseum?

Thank goodness we have a mute button. But what is the point of airing a commercial so often that it becomes an annoyance and is ignored? If that ad continues, or any others that are played that often, we will simply not watch the station anymore. Seems to me that is counterproductive. I'm sure you have plenty of subscribers but if you want people to pay attention to your sponsors ads, don't play them so often. THat sounds weird but Peleton and TV Land have gone overboard on that one particular commercial.

Peloton Interactive - commercial

This commercial is advertised at least 6 times in an hour long program. Even though I use an antenna instead of pay tv, I should not be subjected to this same commercial over & over on every channel. This is ridiculous considering how many different commercials there are out there. Please either make a new commercial or at least limit to one advertisement per every show instead of 6.

Peloton Interactive - loud annoying song by jay z

I watch MeTV and have had to endure that awful, loud, annoying song on the Peloton exercise bike commercials... every time it comes on I have to either turn the sound down or change channels... can...

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