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Worst service department I have ever had to dealt with. I have a GX7.0 Pro (model# 21977), purchased...

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Resolved buyer beware - horrible product support

Buyer beware!!

While it seems the do make few great machines it seems, ours was entirely defective and in the end even proved dangerous.

We’ve now learned that nordic track/icon offer horrible customer service and that they will not honor their warranty with a full replacement should you get a lemon - which may in fact be common.

Please note: we informed icon on numerous occasions that a failure to replace our lemon machine would result in us publishing this review.

They don’t care.

So here’s the full scoop...

Summary: after eight (8) months spent waiting on hold, for parts and for tech visits, and fighting with icon/nordic track to get a resolution, we now have a hunk of metal in the basement and a lame offer to refund what we paid - which won’t buy a new machine or haul this pile of crap away.

The story begins about two weeks after we assembled the machine... A three hour effort, which we did carefully. I am quite mechanically inclined and honestly everything was easy and straightforward. Viola! Let’s get in shape. Not.

Soon after my wife began using the machine, the troubles began. (Note: she is not over weight.)

At first, the machine did not track correctly along one of the roller tracks. After checking connections and evaluating the machine, it became clear that one link arm had likely been bent in shipping or welded wrong. We contacted customer support who nicely arranged our first of many visits. This took about 30-45 min of hold time.

They ordered us the parts they suspected were at fault. We waited a couple weeks for them to arrive. I replaced them. The problem was not fixed.

We called tech support back and spent another 40 minutes on the phone getting a tech scheduled to come out.

However! Before the tech would come out they asked that parts be ordered. It took over 6 weeks for the parts and the tech to arrive.

He fixed the initial problem and confided in us that these machines are often “dropped” on the way over from china. They get a rough ride he said. These repairs are somewhat common. Still, the machine at least now tracked correctly.

But! After another week of use, the machine developed a knocking noise around the flywheel area. It’s internal and not user serviceable. We called support back and though we requested that the first, friendly and very knowledgeable (And local!) tech return, they chose to send another from a neighboring state. This call took another 30-45 minutes of hold time... Don’t ya just love hold music?

Still no working machine.

The tech visited a number of weeks later and then ordered parts. Another month or so passed waiting.

The tech returned and upon opening the box, he exclaimed to great frustration that they sent both wrong and broken parts. He had just wasted an afternoon driving to our state. We had lost another month and half waiting for parts.

Still no working machine.

At this point we’re just plain frustrated. Clearly we got a lemon. Total piece of...

We waited another month for parts and a follow-up visit. The tech installed them quickly and then after less than a 5 min demo to see if the noise was gone... He was gone. A glimmer of hope though, it was initially quiet.

But! During the very first full workout use, the sound returned same as before.

Still no working machine. Now we’re just angry.

I called customer support to express our displeasure with what was now a 7 month ordeal waiting to get a working elliptical. Another 45 minutes on-hold and on the call. Wasting my life...

I asked for a replacement. They refused. They insisted on fixing it one more time. They must of figured it was some minor issue.

Tellingly... We had been in contact with the service team as well and they repeatedly told us we needed to get “much angrier” with icon to get to a resolution. The told us we must be being too polite. Imagine that. History much?

Since icon never mentioned not using the machine and frankly since we were so frustrated, my wife continued using the just repaired machine with the annoying knocking noise, while waiting for yet another tech visit.

That afternoon the machine basically flew apart. The pedal assembly came loose from the fly wheel (Not a user installed part by the way) and my wife was lurched off the machine, twisting her knee. Thankfully... No real injury to speak of. Could have been worse for sure.

I called back, waiting another 45 minutes on-hold throughout the call, and expressed my outright disgust with icon and nordictrack.

I demanded a replacement.

I was told I could wait 10 more days for a response!!!

I asked for a supervisor to call us back in three days. We left detailed contact information. They did not call.

Today, we received a letter offering a refund or a credit to a new machine. Since we bought the machine on sale, directly from nordic track, they will not offer replacement value... Only a refund.

Still no working machine.

Between the ridiculous wait times, months waiting for parts, numerous mechanical failures in the machine, and a final unwillingness to honor their warranty by providing a working machine, it is clear to us that nordic track/icon has no interest whatsoever in having satisfied customers. None.

Buyer beware!!

If you get a good machine, great. Lucky you. As for us, we’d never have gambled $900 on a machine the manufacturer clearly refuses to stand behind.

Oh, and if you do get a working machine... Pray. All of the techs told us to, without question, get an extended warranty ($200+) even though they don’t sell them or make commission. They have simply seen the machine’s life span and cost to fix. Not good apparently. Not good at all.

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    David2x Nov 13, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The electronics never worked right for me. Horrible. Could never be repaired and even though under warranty, did not get a replacement.

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nordic track x9i incline trainer

My husband and I purchased the Nordic Track X9i incline trainer shortly before Christmas as a joint gift to ourselves.After reviewing Nordic Track's website, we ordered the machine and requested a delivery date of 1/10/13.

Shortly after arrival, approximately 2 weeks later, the incline started to malfunction. I would be on a workout with a 10 incline, and while the workout would start with a 10 incline, by the middle, the incline had decreased to a negative incline, even though the screen still showed it was at a 10 incline. This happened for 3 days straight before we contacted Nordic Track. Upon calling Nordic Track, my husband was told that this what the machine is "supposed to do." I don't know what incline machine is supposed to, on its own will, begin to decline even though the console states it still at a 10 incline.

Once again my husband called and was told by another individual that this was not what the machine was supposed to do and they would send us a wire harness in the mail for us to install ourselves. At this point, we have had the machine less than a month. We continued to use the machine, and about a week later, the wire harness arrived. When we took the panel off to install the wire harness, we realized that it would require 2 people to do, as the harness weaves throughout the entire machine.

As technology-challenged individuals, we did not feel installing the harness ourselves was a good idea as we may accidentally hit something else and the machine stop working all together. It took us another 5 calls and almost 2 weeks before we were able to get someone to schedule a service technician to come out to fix the machine. In the meantime, we continued to use the machine for the next week, when suddenly the belt altogether stopped working. The machine was now just sitting in our living room not working at all.

We called Nordic Track again, and the worker assured me that the problem with the belt would be fixed with the wire harness. I was told by someone at Nordic Track that we would be contacted in 3-5 business days by the repair man to schedule an appointment. After 6 business days, I contacted Nordic Track again and was offered the phone number to the repair man. When I called the repair man, he informed me that his shop was 2.5 hours south of my home and would be up near my location in about 7-10 days.

I explained to him my problem, and he told me the wire harness would not fix the issue. He said that he would order me a new part, and be up in my area to fix the machine in one week. On Monday of this week, I was called by the repair man, and told me that he could not order me the new part because Nordic Track would not authorize the purchase of another part until he came to install the wire harness first to see if it will fix the problem. The repair man told me he knew for sure the problem would not be fixed by the wire harness, but his hands were tied.

He came to install the wire harness, yet that of course, was not the problem. Now we have to wait 2-3 weeks for him to order a new part, and come back up to my house to install it. In April, the repairman arrived at our house to fix the belt issue. We used the machine a total of 10 more times before, once again, the belt has stopped working.

We contacted Nordic Track and we were again assured that someone would fix the belt ASAP (I am not holding my breath). We have owned the treadmill exactly 4 months, and have used it a total of 4 weeks (approximately 28 uses). This is not acceptable!. I should NOT be having this problem with a less than 4 month old treadmill'.

I would understand if I had owned this machine for 3 -5 years, but I did NOT pay $1, 850 (and still financing the machine) for this piece of junk!. Every time I contact Nordic Track for a full refund, I am either told they cannot hear me and their phone lines are not working (although I can hear the Nordic Track individual just fine) or I am hung up on by the Nordic Track personnel when he/she tells me that he/she is speaking to someone about my problem.. This is extremely frustrating for someone who believed in Nordic Track and believed I was purchasing a good product backed up by an excellent warranty'. Now I know this is all just a scam:.

While I am still attempting to contact Nordic Track on a daily basis, it appears that I will not get a full refund:. I have contacted both Sears and my credit card company for a full refund and I am told there is nothing they can do since I have owned the machine for 4 months'.

Does anyone (I am begging) have any suggestions for how to either get my money back or a new machine??I am desperate!

Resolved does not honor warranty repair

I purchased a NordicTrack NTL140110 treadmill on 8-15-12. Following assembly the machine worked well with only one minor electrical problem. On 12-9-12 the treadmill ceased working altogether.
Since, I have contacted customer service on at least 15 separate occasions to resolve the issue. I contacted the contractor who allegedly repair the products for NordicTrack in my region on 3 separate occasions (online research reflects this contractor has a history of not providing service to NordicTrack customers). NEGATIVE results.
Finally I request a refund as obviously NordicTrack / Icon Fitness is not honoring the warranty (btw, I purchased the 4 year extended warranty for an additional $179.95 and 1 year of iFit for an additional $79.00).
Since, I have been transferred to several different departments, placed on hold for 10-30 minutes at a time, transferred to other departments when they are actually closed for the business day.
The treadmill has been dead for over 2 months, and no resolution despite numerous assurances that the issue would be resolved in a timely manner, a different contractor contacted, etc. No straight answers. No results. No resolution.

Resolved parts breaking often

Nordictrack E 7.1 eliptical machine We have to keep paying for replacement parts over and over at hefty expense. We've had to replace the Pedal Arm Sleeve, Inner Sleeve Bushing, Outer Sleeve Bushing, Large Axle Cover numerous times since purchasing the item January 2011. The machine will turn 2 years old January 2013. The shipping costs as much as the parts. Customer service keeps claiming they don't know why the parts are wearing out. As many times as we have had to replace them and probably will have to replace them we could have purchased another companies machine. We feel these particular parts should be free from this point on but we are certain they won't work with us from that angle. Any suggestions email: [protected]

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Resolved service tech

I purchased the machine in December 2011 and used it 1 month before it broke. I called and they sent the part which I had to repair. On June 21, 2012 the deck starting sliding to one side. I called to let them know what was wrong. They told me a tech would contact me with in 3 days. It took 3 weeks before a tech did make contact. I was told he was waiting for approval on the mileage. I live 5 miles from town. The tech finally showed up and determined the machine was not repairable. He told me I would be contacted by him and Icon the next day. That was 6 days ago. I called Icon today and was told they had not heard from the tech. They wanted to know if he took pictures. He did take them but never sent them over. They asked if I was willing to take them and I told them I was not a service tech and they need to take care of this problem. Very poor customer service. I love the machine when it works but as for a service department very poor.

Resolved don't buy it!

Nordic track recumbent bikes, gx4.0 and 5.0 pro - safety and health issue with heart rate monitor, design flaw and defect – may cause stroke or death of users.

On 5-24-12, supervisor megan said, as a private company, it is policy not to give out any contact information for executives/executive office. She said to nordicrrack I must write! This is bad customer relations and policy. Featured grip pulse monitor useless and cant be fixed. I worked with incompetent cs reps from jan to may 2012. Home visited 3 times. Waited for part over a month. Returned gx4.0 & upgraded to 5.0 pro. It has same problem. Cs rep did not give option to upgrade again for $100 to a $1299.00 commercial bike selling for $699,.00 w/free shipping I found on nordictrac site.. To tout and intentionally sell a feature that nordictrack knows is defective and useless, is fraud, false advertising, and criminal'. I wrote to icon, my da, state ag, utah's ag, the bb and the ftc:. Icon has no conscience". The icon board and executives should be brought before the courts/. There were other significant issues, but, for space I am not addressing them here:. This safety and health issue that may cause stroke and death is the salient one. I found many other consumer complaints with the same issue.
Angry - you bet!!!
Brands under icon:
Nordictrack, freemotion fitness, proform, weider, healthrider, image, ifit, reebok,, uts, rip:60, altra, and weslo and licenses the jillian michaels, gold's gym, and google brands.

Resolved poor equipment/ e 5.7 elliptical

Purchased the elliptical in November 2011 for a Christmas gift. Elliptical was put together in January 2012 used from January to April 2012 sporadically no more than 2 times a week for 15-20 minutes. One the foot pedals broke, called NordicTrack because the machine was under warranty. Had to pay 30.00 the have the warranty activated, then had to wait 2 days for someone to call me to have the equipment repaired, then was told that it would take 3 weeks before someone could repair. I had to call the repair service 3 times before I was even given a repair date. Do yourself a favor do not purchase from NordicTrack.

damaged product

In late November 2011 I purchased a Nordic Track recumbent bike model GX 5.0 Pro from their website and it...

extended warranty/maintenance

I purchased a three year extended warranty from Nordic Track which included an annual preventative maintenance check. I tried to schedule that today. I called the number listed on the brochure I got with the purchase. After numerous gateways and holds, I was told I had the wrong department and was transferred back to the exact number that I initially dialed. This happened four times. I probably spent an hour of my time without success. I got the impression this was just a method for them to avoid any service. I certainly will not buy another Nordic Track, nor any other extended warranty for that matter.

item delivered badly damaged

Beware of nordic track / icon fitness, these people are professional "rip off artists" and liars. I purchased a 7100r tread mill some years ago, it was delivered badly damaged and I had to fight to get it replaced. It was replaced and serviced 3 times by a authorised nordic track repair service, it has never been right since day one, the speed does not remain steady, the pulse grips give erroneous heart rates, and recently the tread mill ceased worked.
In speaking with nordic track over the past 5 weeks, and every time we called their story changed, it was diagnosed and decided that the speed motor controller board was defective and needed to be replaced. We asked "if the part was in stock" and was responded with, yes it is, "I checked inventory and we have several in stock, your will go out monday via ups" I provided payment via credit card, and then several days later called and decided that because nordic tracks story in the ease of replacement changed every time we spoke to them, I would have a professional install the board.
I called nordic track, and arranged for a service call @ $ 148.00 and then the next day I received a confirmation on the part, it stated "out of stock", I immediately called back and demanded they not charge my credit card, they gave me the typically nordic track song and dance, claimed they would reverse the charges, of which they said they did on the 13th - no such luck, they are a bunch of liars, I checked with visa, no credit issued.
Furthermore, why would you arrange for a service call and charge a customer for service when you dont know when you will be able to provide the part?. I made numerous phone calls, and basically they claimed they couldnt do anything. At this point I also found out that there is a descrepancy with their shipping, apparrantly they use ups to ship to your post office and then the postal office delivers it via your carrier! They told me ups would deliver it, not hoppalong cassidy-by doing so delivery would take longer, and I clearly identified I have a heart condition, exercise on the treamill is crucial to me, and I needed the part right away-
Look at all the other complaints against them, they are unexcusable.
Nordic track famous words, "im sorry"- here"s more information, these people are scam artist, when I provided them with the serial number, they claimed it wasnt on file, they had no past when I called they treated me as though I was a liar. (A) they replaced the 7100r through their service organisation under warranty, and we had to battle with them to get that done (B) the display and pulse grips board was replaced, (C) the speed does not remain consistant (3) service calls were promppted by nordic track warranty repairs, the (Authorised company sent out by nordic track) nordic track claims they have no records of the new treadmill being delivered to me, they also claim they never sent out a authorised warranty service to make repairs.
Guess what! In trying to get my tread mill repaired, I found the people nordic trac sent out to me.! There are records that support everything I claimed-
After receiving numerous promises they would notify me about the part, I received an email yesterday, that the part shipped - again when I called ups to confirm we found out they lied again, they printed a label, the part did not ship. I sent an email asking they escalate the delivery process, they did nothing-
These people are clandestine liars, one bigger than the other. I am very dissapointed that I have to file a complaint like this. I clearly identified that I have a serious heart ailment, and I desperatly needed the treadmill repaired, all they provided me with is a bunch of aggravation and bs-
There are other manufacturers that have much higher regard for their customers than nordic trac has for their customers. I have a nordic track lemon, be very cautious with icon fitness, they have an excuse for everything, and their"key" personell in management are not available to the general public, you either have to send a letter or deal with the liars in customer service, and it is cllear they dont know what their doing.

  • Pe
    Peter / Westlake Village Feb 11, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My GX 5.0 was delivered damaged 12/6/2011 and they have not yet (2/11/12) replaced the damaged parts!!! I have called them a few times and all they say is that the parts are back ordered. I would NEVER buy a Nordic Track product again.

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  • Same here - there "service" department must be located in a house for mentally challenged. They have no clue what they are doing. After delivering a treadmill with defective/not fitting plastic parts, I am still trying to get them to repair it... besides "which parts do you need" (I have received that same ###ed request EIGHT times now...) there is nothing happening. I contacted BBB, but - for some good reason - Nordictrack is not member of the BBB... go figure.
    Next steps on my side will be calling back the money through my credit card company because of frauf and getting local authorities and federal consumer protection involved.
    The treadmill (x9i) is quite nice and if the had SOME kind of service department, I most likey would be a happy customer. Right now I feel like I am deal with a bunch of scam artists.

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  • Da
    David Rynkowski Oct 16, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a repairman come to my home to fix my eliptical and he ordered several parts that took weeks to arrive. He did replace the parts. 60 days later the problem resurfaced and worse; the front left circle was coming out; where the first problem was happening. I was told that because 60 days elapsed since the first repair call that it was no longer covered under warranty and that I had to pay $90 for the service call plus parts. I have no idea at this time whether parts need to be ordered. Do not buy from this company!!

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Resolved defective elliptical exerciser

I have owned several nordictrack exercisers. The last two purchases have sufficiently dissuaded me from ever including nordictrack for subsequent purchases of exercise equipment.

Two years ago I purchased a new nordictrack cx998 elliptical exerciser. After one week's use, the console failed. The complicating factor was that I had purchased the unit in panama where I live, and it was considered out of warranty. So I had to pay for another console, and make arrangements for having it shipped to a relative for subsequent transfer. I have been using the exerciser under a very limited regime, and now, with very little use, the resistance motor has failed.

I have appealed to nordictrack to replace the part, however they refuse to offer any consideration of discount. I have been polite in my correspondence to icon fitness customer service, and their responses to me have been impersonal and terse, at best. I am now left with a hardly-used cx998 elliptical exerciser that does not work, with the only option available as buying a replacement part, and finding a way to get it to panama.

My point is this - while nordictrack units are marketed for their quality, and often advertised as highly discounted, in fact, the real profits are on the high failure rate, and the repair and replacement income. Of course, that can only be achieved through an obstinate customer service unit that processes complaints and requests for consideration without any sympathy or thought of negotiation. They only refer to you as "dear customer", even though you give them your name.

Well - short of any reconsideration on their part for my continuing complaining, they will never have the option of referring to me as "customer". And, if I can convince anyone reading this to consider other options when purchasing exercise equipment, please do. I am certain that, all things being at least equal at a level of quality and construction, there cannot be any other supplier that maintains a customer service unit that is as anti-customer as nordictrack/icon fitness.

Don't buy a nordictrack. You will be disappointed if you do!

  • No
    NordicTrack Sep 23, 2011

    Dear Albman,
    Thank you for your feedback. I work for ICON Health and Fitness and I would like to look into this for you. If you would please email me with your contact information with some specifics of your problem, I will look into it.
    Thank you,
    [email protected]

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  • Ge
    GeorgeK May 12, 2012

    My experience with ICON (nordic track) products is that they are cheaply manufactured and have serious defects. My elliptical has had two major welds fail and the drive belt disintegrate within two years, and with very low use. ICON was unwilling to replace parts they said were out of warranty but I believe have manufacturing defects. Welds should not fail on a product that quickly unless there was poor or no quality control. Why would I pay for parts when some other weld will probably fail!

    Don't buy from this company or you will end up with a boat anchor in your house! ICON is doing a good job of losing customers!

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Resolved offering assistance

Dear Customers,

I work for Nordic Track in Customer Service. I realize that by coming to this site you are either venting your frustration in an effort to get help or doing research on a new purchase. I am committed to providing first rate cutomer support and do apologize in advanze for issues you are having. Please contact me if you need any assisstance with anything and I will be able to help you.


Resolved service, delivery, product condition

I purchased a treadmill from the Nordic Track website in early April 2011. It was meant to be delivered in 2 weeks time and with in home assembly. 2 weeks came and went and I had yet to be contacted to schedule delivery, so I called Nordic Track. I was told "these things take time", and my response was, yes, but NOBODY has contacted me, don't you think that is odd? I was told to follow up with the shipping company. I told Nordic track that that was their job. After 4 more phone calls to Nordic Track and 3 to the shipping company, I was finally given a delivery date. Over a month after I ordered it and they had been paid by my credit card company, the treadmill arrived. I had to refuse delivery because it was severly damaged. The carton looked like it had been backed over by a truck, and the deck and assembly of the treadmill itself was damaged. The delivery people who were meant to also assemble, admitted that it was indeed heavily damaged. My husband called Nordic Track and they will not issue a credit until they receive the item back at their warehouse. Considering how long it took to get here, that does not leave us with a feeling of great confidence. So we called American Express and they are going to despute the charges and handle this for us. We will never do business with Nordic Track again and we will make certain that everyone we know hears of our experience.

Resolved terrible customer service

My wife was a part time preschool teacher but had to return to full time work to help the family out with expenses. She was going to be facing some long hours during the winter and into the Spring. She struggled to find time to go to the YMCA anymore and stopped going altogether. So for Christmas I ordered a treadmill she could use in fleeting moments she might have free especially late at night when the gym would be closed.
I looked at a lot of brands but wanted to go with a name brand I thought I could trust so I bought a NordicTrack Commercial 1750 from the NordicTrack website.
It has been the worst online purchase I have ever made!!!
It arrived January 12th, 2011 and I put it together. It worked for about an hour. The display would not come on at first and we tried and tried and it would come on for a short time then turn off.
I went through the manual, talked to customer support about troubleshooting it and nothing worked. So they said they would come out and look at it. It took several weeks for someone to show up and now it’s early February.
They diagnosed the monitor was broken (no kidding). They supposedly ordered one. The only thing that ever showed up were cable ties. I called and they said it was ordered, etc etc. But nothing ever showed up.
Now it’s March 10th, 2011. I call because winter is almost over and my wife is exasperated. They can’t tell me what happened to the parts. They can’t track it (How can you NOT track an expensive computer part? I doubt they ever really shipped it. Now I ask for my money back and ask for a manager to call. No calls. I call back March 18th and speak to somene that can't explain why no one ever called but says a return has been processed. I asked for a supervisor to call me back……no call.
March 22nd – A large box arrives from Icon Fitness, who is the real company behind NordicTrack. Icon ( makes several brands like "ProForm"and NordicTrack. Anyway this huge box has no instructions, no contact information, nothing. I call back. I am told I have to disassemble the treadmill myself, put it in the bx and a shipping company will call me to come and get it. This machine is 350 lbs! I cannot believe they wouldn’t after all this hassle come to my house and take it away themselves.
So it’s April 3rd. I am here with a huge box, a broken treadmill, no one has called to come get it. And I am out thousands that I don’t think I am ever going to get back. The worst part is my wife missed the opportunity to use it during the entire winter when she needed it most.
I even tried their social media outlets to NO avail….
I sent msgs to their twitter account @nordictracklive
I sent messages via their facebook page (which now does not support that feature)
I tried posting a review on the NordicTrack website stating my issues. Interesting enough it got deleted because it would have brought down the 5.0/5.0 star rating for the device. That was sleazy!!!

Also they call the model the “Commercial 1750” implying it is tough enough to be used in gyms which is why they charge more right??? It has COMMERCIAL1750 in bright orange letters on the side of the machine BUT on a label underneath the treadmill says in BOLD letters “CONSUMER USE ONLY”. Isn’t that deceptive??

terrible customer service
terrible customer service
terrible customer service

  • Ho
    HONOROFAMERICA Nov 18, 2011

    NordicTrack does more than deceive. It's downright dishonest in its sales practices of bate and switch as well misrepresenting material facts. A class action suit needs to be brought against this company. I have a treadmill and exercise bike dead on arrival. The only thing NordicTrack will do is give you the run around and rhetoric. This Corporation is a business entity that you want to steer clear of. They practice the unethical principal of profit before service and quality. They sell poor quality products that they know don't work, then try to make money off of you, if you try to get what is clearly under warranty working properly. They also have a history of not servicing their products correctly. They will patch repair and replace with known defective components unti they get you out of warrenty!!! BEST ADVICE TO ALL CONSUMERS IS NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH NORDICTRACK!!!

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Terrible service

To Potential Nordic Track Customers I have been a loyal nordic track customer for many years, and my use of...

Resolved continually shuts off / terrible customer service

Ordered treadmill (C-1250 for $1500) on Feb 21, 2011. Finally delivered on March 9, 2011. I put it together on March 11. Instructions were not very clear and the MANY bolts/screws needed were not clearly labeled and difficult to figure out. FINALLY got it together (2-3 hours). Within the first 24 hours we started to have problems. The treadmill will just shut down after about 7-10 minutes of use. We have to re-boot the console to restart it. The touchpad is really difficult to use and not very well calibrated (I've re-calibrated it 3 times already). I called customer service and was told they'd send technician out from some contracted company. That was 6 days ago. Stillwaiting to hear from them. I called NT again today. They said I should hear from the company with-in 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS and that tomorrow was the last day. Of course this will be to set up an appointment, not see a technician. What a JOKE! Today is March 21--one month to the day I made my mistake and ordered a Nordic Track. After reading many reviews about their customer service department I now know I made a poor choice in my treadmill. Wish I would have read them beforehand. Now you are reading mine.

  • Bo
    BOBO34356 Jan 25, 2014


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  • Bo
    BOBO34356 Jan 25, 2014


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  • SearsCare Jan 30, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear BOBO34356,

    My name is Brian and I am part of the Sears Social Media Escalations team. After reading your post, I have to say I am very concerned, and would like to offer my team's help in making this right. We aim to provide the very best in products and services to all our members, but from your post it is clear that we still have some work to do. We would like to better understand the situation that has caused you so much frustration, and discuss options we have to help moving forward. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (BOBO34356), phone # used at time of purchase to [email protected]

    Thank you,
    Brian S.
    Social Media Moderator

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equipment breakdowns

During December 2004 I purchased a NordicTrack SL710 stationery excercise bike from Sears. It was listed at $349, but reduced to $249. I am a senior citizen and do not use it on a regular basis. After about a week the console stopped working so they sent me a new one. It uses 4 "D" batteries which is a nuisence because they have to be replaced every month eventhough they are not fully discharged. They also get loose in their compartment and the console then goes off until they are tightened up again. Since this is not a mobile bike I don't understand why they used batteries instead of a plug in system. Just recently the console stopped working again but I use it without the console because the cost of the console and shipping is more than what I paid for the unit. Also, after a few years the pedals developed some play & noise but I used it until the bike quit working completely. I diagnosed the problem and found that the flywheel pulley had broken and needed to be replaced. It's a small part that can't cost more than $5 - $10 and listed in the manual as part number 48. I called NordicTrack and was told I had to purchase the entire flywheel assembly system for $215 including shipping which would include the flywheel pulley that I needed. I declined and was then offered a 35% discount on the part + $38 shipping. This was still more than I wanted to spend because I was certain that something else would go wrong with the bike so I declined again. Based on my experience with this excercise bike and other complaints I have read for their bikes and other equipment that NordicTrack sells I believe they sell inferior products and I would not buy another of their products. Also, they gouge you when you need to buy a part that is listed separately in their manual but you have to buy an entire assembly of parts to get what you need. The excercise bike that I used before buying this one lasted 35 years and was in perfect operating condition when I sold it.


The machine was complete assembly and was very hard to set up. I called the number for a technician to come and set up the eliptical and they ask for 160 dollars. What the thiefs!!!I endeded up doing the job all by myself. Idiots deceivers. Do not buy their machines unless you want to pay 160 plus dollars for their technician.I regret that I bought this thing is o big and akward. Buy the way no returns once you get you are stuck with it. Be smart don't buy their machines they weight a lot, take lot of space and they are hard to set up.

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    NordicTrack Feb 23, 2011

    Dear Carioca43,
    My name is Brady and I work for NordicTrack. I apologize for your disappointment in the cost of assembly. In order to provide a less expensive unit, we elected to give the customer the option whether to pay for professional assembly or allow the customer to assemble. Most customer's appreciate this and those wanting to assemble on their own find it not to difficult. I agree, they are heavy units and two people make the process much easier. I am not sure where you purchased the unit from, but when purchased directly from us there is a 30 day return period. If you have any questions or comments, please email me at [email protected] If anybody else needs assistance, please send me an email. I am eager to lend a hand.

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Resolved nordic track treadmill ntl080091

I purchased a Nordic Track Treadmill Model NTL080091 on 1/9/11 from Sears in Portland Oregon. Paid for delivery and installation as well as a 3 year on-site repair/service contract. The product has not worked since the day after it was installed. I called Nordic Track at [protected] to have them come and fix it. I was told by Jake that it would be 3-5 BUSINESS days before someone would even call me to schedule a service call with. I waited and no one called. On the 6th day I called them back and talked to Rich. He told me that he wouldlokk into the matter and it would be between 1-2 business days before he could get back to me with status. I asked him how long after someone called me would it take for them to come out and fix the machine> He said this being January, it could be a few weeks!! So I am looking at 1 1/2 months from the time of my first call for someone to come out and fix a brand new machine!!! I am going to be asking Sears to take back their machine under their 90 day return policy and will take Nordic Track to small claims for the restocking, delivery fees etc. that Sears may deduct. So much for buying anything from Nordic Track again.