Nokia UK Promotionsis it true or fake

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Dear miss / mr
I was in dubai for one week and received this text on my uae mobile (Congrats: your mobile number has won for you the sum of gbp 147000 pounds on this year nokia promo, for claims email: [protected] and call +[protected])
So i called and a man confirmed this text and advices me to e - mail my details information along with the winning number, i did send my name and phone number, and then i received calls to rush me up and more details e - mail to fill the claming form, all the time nokia logos are used, now the final e - mail i got after sending a copy of my passport and a residant address, they sent me this note :
Note: your funds are coming from the nokia payment center assigned to your network in the uk and this means that you are dealing with the pay - center uk office only and not the united arab emirates office. Your courier payment is going to be sent to the dhl courier company in the uk who will be delivering to you in 24hours as soon as they get a confirmation of your payment. And any attempt to create problems for your courier service delivery, you will be disqualified from your category and might fore fit your winnings and be regarded as not the rightful owner of that mobile number. So you are advised to act as instructed so that your won prize can get to you at the stipulated time.

They said to me that you have been instructed by the ad - hoc committee to make the payment of £290. 00 pounds (Two hundred and ninty gbp) via western union money transfer outlet close to you, to effect your payment to the account officer in charge of the delivery of your parcel with the information below, so as to enable them initiate the delivery of your prize winnings to your stated address.

So befor i make payment i am kindly seeking your help to advise if this is a fake or ture

Thank you
Best regards


  • Mr
    Mr Prasad Aug 27, 2008
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    Please dont send any money to this people.I also recieved the same massage today.If we have won this huge amount why they want to send it by courier why cant they put it in our account.When I asked this question to them they say that is there policy.

    So it is a Sacm dont get trapped with this hopeless people.

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  • Cl
    Clara Sep 22, 2008
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    I too just received the same and fortunately for me I believe in hard work and not easy money. S o i picked up the phone to call the number and just by the Hello i could tell that it was a hoax.

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  • Jo
    johny Oct 01, 2008
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    I received the same message, so don't bother sending them any money. It is all fake. A bunch of hopeless people are spoiling the good name of Nokia who serve well with their services. It is really up to the management of Nokia to track down these idiots and bring them to justice.

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  • Do
    Douglas Oct 08, 2008
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    I was sent a text message in New Zealand from the number +2348065291219 saying

    Congratulations! Your mobile number has won 250, 00.00 GBP in the NOKIA PROMO 2008. For more information and claim, email us on: [email protected] now.

    Firstly, the country code at the beginning of the number, isn't from the UK.
    Secondly, why would Nokia have a pay center on hotmail.
    Thirdly, if indeed something does sound too good to be true, normally it is.
    These people are sad and they are in need of a kick up the backside by Nokia for slandering their good name.

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  • Ca
    Calvin Oct 14, 2008
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    this comp is a scam i git the same messageCongratulations! Your mobile number has won 250, 00.00 GBP in the NOKIA PROMO 2008. For more information and claim, email us on: [email protected]
    this budget

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  • To
    Tom Bowers Oct 23, 2008
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    I also received this SMS and an email with the verification confirmation. They also wanted 450-500GBP for the courier!!! I called them and got some guy I could barely understand and he said that the money goes directly to the courier. ROTFLMAO. Actually laughed outloud on the phone. I told him I didn't have that kind of money so just deduct it from my winnings, yeah right. He said the check was already made out so he could not do that!!!LOL. I had great fun with him. Oh yeah try a reverse lookup of their phone number or google the company, DNE. Do be careful, but call them, it is a barrel of laughs!! Wonder why the REAL Nokia doesn't do something about this, they are using their logo.

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  • Dr. MIZIK KAROLY Jan 25, 2009
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    I'm from Hungary, - received the following message (by e-mail):

    NOKIA Promotion Head Office
    2nd Floor Berkley Square House Berkley Square
    London W1J 6BD
    London, United Kingdom.


    Reference Number: BT:12052005/21
    Batch Number: 12/25/0034

    We are pleased to inform you the result of the just concluded NOKIA UK
    Online Email Winners International programs in

    collaboration with the National U.K Lottery in our Anual end of Year
    promotions. held on 10th of January, 2009.

    Your email address has been randomly selected as one of the 16 lucky
    winning address in this 2nd category draw of our Nokia

    end of year promotions, you have therefore been approved to claim a total
    sum of £1, 000, 000.00 (One million Pound Sterlings)

    in cash credited to file VERIFICATION NUMBER.: CN-435-663-6.

    All participants for the online version were selected randomly from World
    Wide Web sites through computer draw system and

    extracted from over 100, 000 unions, associations, and corporate bodies
    that are listed online.

    To file and claim your winnings, contact your claims agent with your:

    Full Names:...
    Contry Of Residence:...
    Tel./Mobile Number:...
    Verification Number:...
    Reference Number:...
    Winning Batch Number:...

    Contact Person:Mr.Alan Peterson.
    Tel: +44-(0) 703-593-1853
    Tel2:+44-(0) 703-593-0249
    Email: [email protected]

    For further clarification/verification of your claims, Please call Mr.Alan
    Peterson or Contact him via E-mail immediately.

    ([email protected] )


    Yours Faithfully,

    Mrs. Carol Jefferson
    Promotions Manager.

    And after some e-mail exchange I got a message that I've to send 500, - pounds via WESTERN UNION as a fee for opening an account in the NatWest Bank an affliciate bank for NOKIA UK PROMOTIONS.

    Thank you very much for contacting us, I want to let you know that we are more than glad when we read from you our most lucky winner.

    The details of the account openning form that you send to us is very much ok to activate the account as we have forward a copy of the information that you send to us to Natwest Bank and they have already confirm it before sending you this letter.

    Knowing well that you are openning account with the bank, the bank inform us that to open an account in your favour where your cheque would be deposited before the final transfer can be made into your country bank account, You have to send the sum of 500 pounds to them as the account openning fee and this amount will also be in your account balance and this means after your account have been activated, the total amount that would be transfer to your country bank account is one million five hundered pounds( £1, 00500 ).

    We have forward a written cheque order worth the sum of £1, 000, 000 in your favour to the bank and you have to make the £500 available to the bank so that they can activate a new account in your favour and deposite the cheque into your new account with them and they will make the fianl transfer of the funds into your country bank account within the next 24-48hrs of processing your account.

    We would need your immediate response towards this notification.

    Mr, Alan Peterson

    And as I was hesitating to do this money transfer, I got an ultimatum:

    Thank you very much for your swift response i want you to know that your suggestion is not bad but you must understand that we are not puttting this transfer in hurry as you may think, is just that your cheque have a validit date and that it would expire if you are not able to setup the account so that the cheque would be credit into the account.Your cheque would expire and as a result of this, the bank would not be able to clear the funds to you again and you would be giving this company problem to Re-validate the cheque again.

    Our advise is that you send the money over to setup the account and once the cheque have been paid into your account with Natwest Bank, then anytime of the year, you can come to london with your identity to claim your funds or rather the bank would make the transfer to you with out you coming to london. This ideal is the best and i believe that you would not ignore it and you dont have to look at the global crisis not to send the money over so that the bank can open the account and have your cheque deposited and anytime you can come to london to claim your funds and please also we want you to let only our bank handle this transfer so that they will be no misunderstanding and oncethe transfer have been made into your account, you would recieve update to go to your Citibank to go and confirm the transfer into your account, so stop going to your bank to seek advise when the transfer has not yet be made, you wait first until the bank transfer the money before you can go to your bank to confirm the transfer cause when seeking advise from your bank this moment will be giving misunderstanding cause you would be advise wrongly about this transfer or that you should wait so that CITIBANK can process the transfer to you when they are not our affliciate bank and we would advise you not to put CITIBANK in this matter for now cause we would not allow them to have the cheque from Natwest Bank cause we dont have agreement with them as our affliciate bank, Natwest bank is the only affliciate bank to this pomotion and because of this, the transfer have to be made by them only into your CITI BANK ACCOUNT and when the transfer have been made, you can then go to your CITIBANK to cash the transfer.

    We would like to know if you can make your jorney to london by on tuesday next week so that you alone would go to the bank to confirm the cheque order and pay for the account openning fee cause the cheque would expire on thursday next week dated 29-01-2009 which is the expering date.

    It would be advisable that you send the money to us so that we can forward it to the bank so that can activate the account in your favour and by on tuesday when you come, you and our officials will go to the bank so that they can release the money to in cash by then cheque will already been credited into your account and if you cannot come to london, you still have th expired date that your cheque will last and all will be in your hand pleading with my company to re-validate the cheque again in your favour.

    Please i want you to proceed with the payment via western union with the below information so that we can forward it to the bank to immediately faciliate the account openning and transfer of the funds.

    Reciever Names:Alan Peterson

    Address: 2nd Floor Berkley Square House Berkley Square
    London W1J 6BD
    United Kingdom

    After payment send us a scanned copy of the payment so that we can show it to the bank that you are the one who send the money to us for the account or rather just send the Mtcn number, sender names and amount paid to us and fax the payment slip to the bank (Bank Fax number::+44-871-503-1620 ) so that they can as well confirm your payment slip.

    Please for security reason, we would advise you to keep this transfer confidential to your self only to avoid impersonaltion, double claiming, lack of trust, and misunderstanding and take our advise to see that you recieve the transfer from our bank soon next.

    Mr, Alan Peterson

    I think that NOKIA UK has to investigate these cases, cause if his goodwill.

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  • Dr
    Dr.Mizik Karoly Jan 26, 2009

    The story after failing of opening the requested bank account, made a turn, - now an affliciated courier service proposed to be used, as under:

    2nd Floor Berkley Square House Berkley Square
    London W1J 6BD
    United Kingdom.

    Email: [email protected]

    FORM NO. CN503/09

    We want to let you know that we recieved your letter and in response i want you to know that we have asked the bank to return the cheque to us and it was renew again in your favour and the cheque has now been deposited with our affliciate courier alongside your winning certificate so that the courier company can ship the parcel to your address in Hungary and when you recieve the cheque from the courier, you would be advise to immediately deposit the cheque with your bank or your bank clerk so that they can pay you the cheque in cash or pay it into your account with them.

    Please contact GLD COURIER EXPRESS via email for the delivery of your cheque and winning certificate that this company deposited with them in your favour to deliver to you.You would be advise to provide the courier company your full shipment address so as to enable the courier to ship your parcel to you and we would please to let you know that you are the one responsible to to pay for the delivery fee of the courier as we could not make any deduction from your cheque for your own security reason and also to avoid any problem raising up such as mismanagment of your cheque.

    Please contact the courier with the below information so that they can let you know how much you have to pay for them to deliver the cheque to you and also provide you their delivery schudule .Contact the courier with the below information.



    43 Colville Road,
    Acton, London, W3 8BL

    Contact Agent:Mr.Elroy Flecker

    E-mail: [email protected]

    We would advise you to keep us posted soon as you hear from the courier.

    Mr, Alan Peterson

    I think th end of this version will be the same, - to transfer money beforehand.

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  • La
    Layla Feb 03, 2009

    I received the same message two days ago and called the number that was given. The person on the other end seemed like he was not sure about why I was calling until I explained and he quickly congratulated me and told me to email them my personal details to process the claim. Instead, i googled Nokia Promotion scams and realised I was not the only one who had received con message. These people need to be put in Jail!!!

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  • En
    Enji Feb 21, 2009

    Hey all, i'm just confused, damn! i ve just recieved the message claiming that i was selected as one of the year winner. Actually i'm so happy, and i really wanted to make sure this task, i sent the message to Donald Wood's e-mail aking some detail info, and they just sent me their DEED OF GUARANTEE and Mr, Miller sent his Passport copy. if they are totally fake, why did they sent me such details? help me guys. send your warnings to [email protected]
    please guys hope you guys can help me

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  • On
    One Nut May 12, 2009

    I'm still getting this same one. I think its SO SO SO obvious when you look at Dr. MIZIK KAROLY long posting, does he understand what a PERIOD is? Each paragraph contains maybe one to two, mainy one being the final word of such paragraph. These people are a joke and people WISE UP, if you even have think about asking someone else if its a scam, IT IS!

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  • Bo
    bootlegirl123 May 14, 2009

    i too was sent this letter, honestly why would you get money for nothing especially when you have not entered anything in the first place, and you know it is a scam as soon as they ask you to send them money. do not fall for it, the best thing to do is report it and ignore it.

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  • To
    tonny g May 29, 2009

    I live in Barbados and i received a similar email message and it was from a Darry Clarke, if these people think that i am going to pay them a cent of my hard earned money they are sadly mistaken.They are sitting down on their fat ### scamming and ripping off poor people.If that email ever comes up again or they use any of my information I swear it will not go down easy.

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  • Dy
    Dylan496 Aug 09, 2009

    I also live in Barbados & received a text informing me of my win of GBP165, 000 in the Nokia promotion. [email protected] +22996619621 or +447045732473 (Lancashire)

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  • Ro
    robert roga Aug 27, 2009


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  • Pr
    PROPHETRICHBOAT Sep 08, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    am from ghana and i have recieve a message two weeks ago telling that i have won the ongoing nokia promotion please i want the nokia company in uk to advise me on the issue
    My mail is [email protected] and my number 00233246934854. PLS CONTACT ME WHEN IS TRUE AND ADVISE ME

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  • Ro
    robert p adams Sep 26, 2009

    robert p adams i live upper quarry rd san juan, trinidad,
    24yrs 18682908472 + 234856388012 email [email protected]
    i recieved a tex infoming me of my win in the nokia promotions.
    [email protected]

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  • I0
    I'm not a fool Dec 22, 2009

    Hey guys got the same message in my mail just nw and as always i've decided to do checks on the to avoid falling victim. Called the number only 4 some nigerian man to answer to add injury to insult his e-mail was in bad english i know for a fact that they would at least get that right. Nokia really need to do something about this its going to affect their client base. By the way i'm in South Africa amazing number of people they're trying to scam all round the world. Another thing they gave me and N91 which is no longer in production! Priceless

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  • Si
    sirajbaba Jan 05, 2010

    hi my name is siraj and i received a mail from nokia on my mail tht U have won amount of 5000.000.00Euro i want to now is it true my qualification no is NK please tell me is it true or just fake thanks

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  • Tr
    Trevor Mahabir_45tt Feb 03, 2010

    Hi, my name is Trevor Mahabir and I live in Trinidad and Tobago. On January 4th 2010, I recived an SMS on my Nokia 1112 which I bought in June 2007 that reads "Congratulations! Your mobil number has won 250, 000 poundsin the NOKIA UK promotion with reference number NOK/9420XZ/68 for claims call +2348063122001." The sender number is +2348068718583. At first I ignored it, but then in the wee hours of the morning I began getting missed calls from these numbers +2348131217706, +2347064237954, +2348055477062. Well I'd get in contact with the claims number on February 2nd 2010 and a guy by the name of ERIC LASNICK or something like that, ask me how I took so long to reply, I told him I considered this a scam. He replied, No this is not a scam, you're speaking to NOKIA in th UK and give my full name so MY check can be preapered for me. I was contacted the next day this time by an african speaking guy who told me to London to full out documents, where i replied "but I live in Trinidad." He then responded he can ship the documents to me where it will cost me 300 pounds. I told him I need some time. So can someone give me some information on this matter please!!!

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  • Ke
    keepyoureyesopen Feb 09, 2010

    It appears that the scam continues this year also.

    Just received the same message as above, allegedly for a prize of GBP560.000 for the Nokia 2010 Promo.

    Message was sent from a UK cell phone (+44.7864768940) and was requesting me to either:
    a) claim the prize via phone, by calling +447024078077, or
    b) claim via e-mail, by replying to [email protected]

    I would advise people to refrain from responding or report the issue:
    a) either to Nokia directly or
    b) a solicitor, as spam messages like these should not be sent against your consent

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  • Yo
    YolandiSteyn Feb 10, 2010

    Hi Everybody,

    This is a warning to all people! My Granny received a sms stating that she won R750 000.00 in the NOKIA PROMOTION in the UK with a Ticket nr. and a Winning nr. If you want to claim your winnings contact Dr. Brown on 083 490 4619. I phoned him and he asked me for my Granny's details and that the Head Office in the UK will give her a call. After a while a lady named Tracey Young phoned stating that in order for the price money to be transferred into my Granny's account she must make a deposit of R2260.00 into their account which is ABSA Bank, F. Booysen. Account no. 9239077536 and fax proof of payment to 086 613 0411. That's when I decided this must be a scam and phoned Nokia in London and Nokia in SA asking them about the promotion.
    They said it definitely is a SCAM! Watch out for this one!

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  • Lu
    lucentshooter Feb 11, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The same happened to me yesterday and I had the same response and request afterwhich I was put on hold.
    Recieved from +2347058728012
    What a laugh that was indeed.
    Somthing must be done in this regard..

    From Trinidad W.I.

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  • Tr
    Trinidadian Feb 11, 2010

    The same thing happened to me this morning. NOKIA should really do something about this. the call came from 2347066821628 and they asked to make payments to Ms. Sarah Brown at No. 12 Carney Street, London e17gb, United Kingdom. Please be aware people. If they have so much information on your phone number then they should have the rest of your personal information and the fact of the matter is that they don't so this has to be a scam.

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  • Gh
    Ghazanfar Feb 13, 2010

    good day all,
    I recieved an SMS this morning from the number '+447926045586'

    "Congratulations! your mobile number has won you GBP560, 000 in the ongoing promo 2010! For claims/ +447024078077 or email : [email protected]


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  • Pr
    princess_perz Feb 15, 2010

    I just got a message saying - Your mobile number was selected for a cash prize of $410, 000 pounds by NOKIA on 13/02/2010/ With ref no: NKO1Om. contact [email protected] & call +447024098659. WTF? Clearly its a scam but from researching the same scan that has been going on for obviously more then a year...shouldn't nokia or someone have been chasing these guys and shouldnt they have been caught by now??

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  • Re
    Remelyn Feb 15, 2010

    I got the same SMS today that's y I decided to google the email addy they included in the SMS. Was right all along that this is a scam.

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  • Gh
    ghost of l.i.c. Mar 21, 2010

    we as well received the same mesasge as everyone else and we had decided to play along just to see if it was really a scam r not.we didnt send any info cause we had our doubts so to those who may want to go ahead and do so i would refrian from doing so cause after reading all of the comments i beleive that it is a scam and plus the man aint even sound professional

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  • Ye
    yeh right Mar 31, 2010

    I wonder why Nokia doesn't do something. Their customers are being targeted, maybe I should have bought an APPLE I Phone, I'm sorry I didn't.
    This is a reputation taint for NOKIA. They are going to have enough trouble trying to compete with APPLE do they really want to tarnish themselves by allowing this use of their registered trade mark. Where did these scammers get my nuber anyway and the comp I entered where I bought my phone is the only place that I can remember giving out my number. So to the powers that be at nOKIA my next phone will be an APPLE or maybe one of those google phones.

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  • Sw
    swanky Apr 06, 2010

    hi i'm from trinidad and i got an sms on April 03: congratulations your mobile # has won 415000.00 GBP pounds in an ongoing NOKIA UK PROMO, for claim Email [email protected] and call 447035924664.

    I did call and the man answered said congrats and ask if i ever sent email to NOKIA i said no, but he insisted that I email them as soon as possible with the country i'm from, my address, my identification and then they will send me a verification letter.

    I was suspicious, for one i have a blackberry mobile and also during the telephone conversation i heard dogs and a baby crying on the background so i google Nokia promo and realise that it's all a scam so people b careful and NOKIA should really do something about this!!!

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  • As
    asad shakeel Jun 06, 2010

    i won some money in promting nokia .i recieved sms in my nokia mobile

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  • Me
    Merina Jun 25, 2010

    Good Morning,

    i have received an sms along the same lines only this sms gives me ticket number and a number for me to call a 071 number . When i called the number i spoke to a gentle men who advised me that i won 950 000.00 and i need to purchase 2 R180.00 MTN Vouchers then sms him to active my ticket, thereafter he will contact me via email or sms and send me the requirements to effect payment to me. Please advise if this is a scam as i do not want to waste money on stupid things like these, if it is fake !

    Thanking you in advance for your assistance herein.


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  • Gr
    Greek-lady Jun 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi all. I also received one of those text messages, e-mails, calls, the whole pack from these people. Or should I call them scam-artists?
    I completely agree with all of you, I am one of you, I live in Greece, am currently unemployed and broke and news like that are hard to ignore...
    But all it took for me to understand the kids are NOT legit was:
    1) the awful, non-existent spelling in the text messages and e-mails
    2) the amount is gargantuan, especially when I have NOT worked for it
    3) they called me on my cell, and sent me e-mails, allegedly from the Judiciary Crown Court etc., and their accent did not even sound english!

    How many more proofs do I need?
    None other. I rest my case here. BE CAREFUL, PEOPLE!

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  • Ha
    harish redy Jun 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir/madem,

    Good Morning.
    promo file pass word 111

    I harish i am working last five years in dubai.working as a number ( 971502848433).salory 1365 dhs for monthly.

    iam last 3months faceing one big problem from there (united king dom).

    i received one masage for there in my mobile your mobile number won 350, 000.00 pounds in a might of shivarathi i went temple that and come back my room ( that day my fasting of shivarathri ) and i see my mobile morning.iam that time stun.)i think this is a GOD gift )

    and next day ia went my office ( office Boy) in building Coun companey.and i send mail to uk.and they repaly me this is a true you won the prize money of UK NOKIA PROMO they send one court paper for me they told me you fill and send me back.then i send back to they told you want pay the deliver of couier and i send the monet to day i received mail from them your are a not living in uk that's why uk TAX office want tax of promo money they send one tax paper for me.and i send money .next day they send me scan copy of CHEAQ of prize money. now they not giving the money .they are playing daily one game.

    attached the all details please cheak the details do sum help for me i am requesting of uk please help this matter my life is a very big trouble in the dubai now i lose my life and money last years what i blance to money to my family that money i brother study also stoped i told wait few days i do sumthing.

    Now my life is in your hands do anything for me iam waiting for your repaly one of the indian asking to your help.PLEASE HELP ME ME ME .



    MOB - +447045710118.


    Thanking you sir,

    Ordenery Labour ( offic Boy i Am Working )






    Amount to pay:8000 DHS
    Address: 2nd Floor Berkley Square House Berkley Square
    London W1J 6BD London, United Kingdom.


    you want help to me please send via mail.




    They send this mail today morning that why iam doing my death.please give this matter to your news paper after this matter maby no problem for like me, so maney people doing this heating from your country, we are loseing ower life.not me more people inn the world.please take desigin this matter.

    u are the biggest fool in the whole wide world, hope i have make you wise now, bloody fool like mr. harish

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  • Kh
    khan bhai Jul 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Nokia Award Team
    Morley House, 26-30 Holborn Viaduct,
    London EC1A 2BP.U.K.
    Nokia Lottery Representative


    ([email protected])
    Scan copy of your Identification(DRIVING LICENSE OR ANY VALID I.D PROOF)
    1.Full Name:
    2.Full Address:
    8.Winning Email:
    Name:Mr Jeff Hall,

    Congratulations from all members and Staff of Nokia UK Promo.
    Mrs Pat Johnson Online coordinator(Sweepstakes International Program).
    This is all fake i have also received this type of e-mail .bloody hacker

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  • Is
    islandgal Jul 29, 2010

    hi everybody,
    i'm from the bahamas and i just received a text saying that i won 415, 000 gbp in the nokia uk promo.payment as well. so i decided just to check it out and realize it's a scam, because i don't even have a nokia phone and we only have one phone company here in the bahamas.
    nokia really needs to do something about this foolishness.

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  • Kh
    Khaya Sep 09, 2010

    I am Khayakazi and I recieved the massage that congratulates me of winning the amount of 50 000, 00 Dollars from the nokia promotion held in UK and said I must call Mr David. I called Mr David and he said I must first load R500 airtime so he can be able to do anything to claim the prize.

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  • Ti
    Tilahun Tsehay Sep 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello my name is Tilahun Tsehay from Ethiopia. I have received a mail from nokia on my mail tht U have won amount of 5000.000.00 pounds i want to now is it true my qualification no is here below
    Liverpool L70 1NL, UNITED KINGDOM
    Reference Number : XYL /2651/05
    Batch Number: 24/009/IPD
    Ticket Number : 11999
    Serial Number : 5368/02
    Winning Transfer Identification code: ELPC/MWT/0143
    Winning Certificate Number: UK/9876125
    please tell me is it true or just fake thanks

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  • Pi
    pixil Oct 04, 2010

    this is sad an the people doing this will pay soo badly, my mother got this tex and we were like minutes away from paying this money and we held back did some research and it was a nasty discovery!!!.My mom was going to take up most of her savings yes that's to tell u how much she had to make this payment .It is soo cruel and sad to know that grown people do this to others who trying to live and have some food to eat when the day is up .I am also from trinidad and i know Mr TERRY ADAMS and his so call co workers will pay for this.They are not gonna see heaven, sad to say but it's the dam hard facts . IF SOMEONE IN THAT COUNTRY DONT DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT WELL AS WE SAY IN TRINIDAD "CRAPO SMOKE YUH PIPE" .NASTY NASTY NASTY NASTY set of people.!!!
    People have enough worried when the day is here and these people jus added a little more s.h.i.t to the picture.

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  • Ti
    Tilahun Tsehay Oct 05, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I dont Know what to say but my laptop is flooded by those hoax mails which come from UK.Please take some legal actions/correction measure on those cheaters. I attached herewith for your information.

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