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Resolved nokia n70m - slow process and music output is dull

chandran uma <[protected]> wrote:
In continuation to my previous mail with the Service Job sheet attached, please refer Manual Job Sheet No. 41132 Dt. 30.10.07 @ 11.30 hrs - Mount Road Branch, Chennai - 2.
Commited hand over date : 2 days i.e. 01.11.07 before noon.
Contact No.[protected] (not reachable any time),
[protected] (always busy - would get the line after continuous try
- nearly 15 minutes)
(note : u may also try this number on behalf of me)

please note the follow up and the commitment given by your customer service at Chennai.

spoken to date time comments by ur customer service
Ms. Nalanini 31.10.07 12.22 hrs. tomorrow ready by afternoon
Ms. Nalanini 01.11.07 12.16 hrs. to check with engineer,
will call u within 1/2 hr.
note : ur c.service has not me till 13.46 hrs and again i called up
Ms. Nalanini 01.11.07 13.36 hrs not ready, come and collect tomorrow.
note : I fired at her and asked for the Manager no. - answer was her manager was Mr. Anand - mobile no. will not be provided to any customer. again she said will confirm me within 1/2 hour and she had the courtesy in calling me at the right time saying the mobile will be ready by tomorrow afternoon and commited me, that she will call me. hope so???

I really cannot understand, the first time i have given the same mobile for rectifying the fault and kept my mobile for a week and handed over to me with only scratches added to them and not the actual fault. And now you keep for 3 days (as of now), this is the way you handle the customer.
I really feel, I have selected the wrong Brand. I have been using Samsung and Motorola - but not complaints and good customer service.


chandran uma <[protected]> wrote:
To : Customer Care.

Sorry, to say i have not received a reply from your end and being you customer, I have come forward to hand over the handset to your Mount Road Branch, Chennai today.

I request you to kindly take care and rectify the same at the earliest and avoid custom complaince.

The attached Service Job sheet is for your reference.


Pu. Chandran
MB# +[protected] .

----- Original Message ----
From: chandran uma <[protected]>
To: customer.[protected]
Sent: Tuesday, 30 October, 2007 9:30:12 AM
Subject: Request 1 : NOKIA N70M - slow process and music output is dull


----- Original Message ----
From: chandran uma <[protected]>
To: customer.[protected]
Sent: Monday, 29 October, 2007 3:30:22 PM
Subject: NOKIA N70M - slow process and music output is dull

sir / madam,
sub : NOKIA N70M - slow process and music output is dull
ref : IMEI NO. [protected]

Recently i have purchased Nokia N70M on 18.8.07 and in comparing with my nabour of the same model, i found the music output was dull and also the software was very slow and my nabour sujusted to approach nokia care and myself gave for service where they said this would take 3 days to rectify and i found this has gone to 5 days and met the manager of nokia care, mount road branch, Chennai - 600 002, South india. The manager replied me the software was problem and this would be sorted out soon and after 2 days i have got my same mobile with some scratches in the front panel but took it light and still i find the slow process and the music out put is dull. please advice me should i approach for a new nokia handset, i understand rectifying again would take a week and this would make my calls to a stand still for a week being a bussines mobile.

please advice me.

Pu. Chandran
MB# +[protected] .

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Pu. Chandran
MB# +[protected] .

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  • Ka
    Kannan Sep 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi this is to inform you that i am very much dissatisfied with the NOKIA CARE, I had purchased a Handset NOkia N70ME after using 3 months i found the outgoing quality was not good (the person who is receiving the call not able to hear my voice properly) so given service for the 6th time they were not able to find the fault then the agreed to replace the Handset, The NOKIA CARE person replacing the Handset with the used Handset, I didn’t expect that they have gone so bad in the Customer service that they are replacing my handset which holds a warranty to the used Mobile from the service stock,
    Its my advice don’t go for NOKIA N70 ME . fed up with following up NOKAI CARE...

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  • Vi
    vikas Nov 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    mera mobile daily kuch na kuch ho jata hai me nokia service center bhi gaya or use bheja phir bhi thik hua or change bhi nahi kara rahe hai mobile ko change kar lo waranty finish ho rahe

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poor servive of team nokia

Dear sir

Pls. take Necessary Action,Now You are my only Hope

I Have purchased the nokia Handset N 70.I forgotton the lock code.i went to nokia care centre at my home town fazilka,their executive asked me that it will take 15 minutes to reset the lock code. he connected to website to upload the latest software,but after upload my mobile become dead,then he asked me to send this mobile to abohar care centre,and asked me to come next day but next day he asked me that we will send the mobile to chandigarh because there is some problem in hardware,it is noticeable thing if there is any hardware problem how the mobile was wo/king till then,so after that i went to mukatsar nokia care (Tarun Enterprises) which is 60 km far from my town,they also cheked the mobile and asked to send this to chandigarh and he said it will take 7 to 10 days to repair,i hand over the mobile to them on 26 sep 07,after that when i contact the customer care no [protected] they register my complaint and asked me to take status after 2 days, i again call on [protected] after 2 days they asked me to take set from care centere on 10 oct 07.when i went to tarun enterprises on 10 oct 07 they said your set is still under repair and status is pending.he told me that we send your mobile on 05 oct 07 to chandigarh and also told that we went every saturday to chandigarh to send and receive mobiles for repair they don't use any courier service for quick resolution of is also noticeable that the company like nokia has that much slow service,there is no time limit,after that i contact [protected],they replied that take the satus after 2 days, i again call after 2 days thay replied your set is now not repairable and we sacked your mobile and we will replace it with new mobile and take your new mobile from tarun enterprises on 25th of oct 07,In between i called so many times to Tarun enterprises they always replied that your complaint is pending and they don't have any information that when i will receive my mobile.they asked me to contact on customer care,they always asked me to wait till next saturday then again next saturday,on 25th oct i called on [protected] they replied that call tommorrow to take status, i called on 26 oct they replied that your mobile is despached on 23th oct 07 and it is delivered on tarun enterprises on 25 of oct 07 so now you can receive the mob fron tarun enterprises. I went there but same position they asked your complaint is pending and don't have any status. then i called in [protected], they replied me that i checked your status and now you receive your mobile on 30 oct 07 from tarun enterprises.and today they asked new thing that we will replace your mobile will secondhand refurbished mobile not with the new mobile, I think there is not any responsible staff, every person give diffrent statement, nokia also give the online status of repair of your handset, I tried so many times but always see the message that your handset is not ready check another day,in between i sent 7 e-mail to nokia but i received only computer genrated replies that we will check your complaint and will contact you immidiately,but till now i didn't receive any reply from i asked nokia to give my mobile back, i will repair it from market, there are so many geneuise mobile engineers in the market i think only nokia don't have these people

followings are the details of Complaint

Model : Nokia N 70
IMEI No. [protected]
Job Sheet no. [protected]/070926/11
complaint ID: 2-2i5laf
Care Center: Tarun Enterprises, Near Fire Brigade Mukatsar, mob. no. [protected],[protected]
e-mail :

  • Ma
    MANDVI CHAUHAN Jul 19, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This mandvi chauhan, i bought a new nokia n70 me on july 1 at 10pm and used it for 3 - 4 days. And on july 9 at around 1am i called and had a conversation from this phone. After that i put my set on table and went to sleep. Next morning when i got i found the set aws switched off.. So i thought might that might be there is no battery in phone... So i plug in the mobile but there was no display of charging. I tried it many times but it was all same. So i went to the shop from were i bought the mobile it was a nokia priority center.. The shopkeeper said there is an software problem and you have to leave set for 3 - 4 days... As he told i left it... Then i called him daily and he was saying that was is nokia care and it will take time.. after around 11 days. On 17 on july at 9pm i went to the shop for picking up my handset. When i took my handset and simcard in it..

    There no network coverage. We tried a lot but it does not work out. Then my friend called nokia care center at 01130303838 and talked to sonali. She said you should go ot nokia care in sector 14 in gurgaon..

    Next day on 19 july i went there. And told my problem to the guy sitting there.. He took my set..
    after some time some another one came and told that there is a film for network which is missing..
    he also added if this is not went to nokia we will not repair it under guaranty. I told them it has went to nokia care in delhi. After that checked there record and found i was right.. Then they again took the handset and said it will take more 10 to 15 days in repairing and above it they are not assuring that the set will be repaired.. When i asked again and again they just said you call us next week and we will tel you status.. Thats it now the thing is this i bought a new handset and i want a new one not a repaired set as it is cleared from them that the set cannot be repaired to its fullest.. I want a replacement or my money back...

    And i am going to fire a case against nokia in consumer court too.

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  • Ni
    nicole attwell Oct 19, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was always a big fan of nokia, eversince the release of their 1610 back in the early 199o's, every year I upgraded with the new nokia models, but im realy disapointed with my new n70, it takes forever to request the pin code, it freeze time and again, I have 1 song and about 50 pitcures but my memory says I must delete some files, im having constant battery problems, my latest problem was that my phone didnt want to charge, seeing that its under warranty, I took it to vodacom (Westgate) for repairs. I waited nearly a month to find out my phone had water damage?I could not believe it cause in treasure my phone like my child, and shockingly, had to pay r58 charge fee as my warranty doesnt cover water damage. Soon afterwards I overheard at a local cellphone repair shop that another customer had the exact same problem, water damage, without water involved. Nw my next upgrade wud definatly not be a nokia, they lost my respect, it may be their software or people they employed to manage their products, but if you cant keep youre loyal customers happy, then very soon, nokia is going to be in the history books.

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nokia - vijay thorat - n3230 lost phone enquiry.

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Delivery to the following recipient...

replacement of bc 5 battery sereies

There were a message from the Nokia company that they will replace the defective battery series and I immediately filled a online form but till dayI have not received the battery from the company. Therefore the company is putting me at a risk by making me use the defective series battery. They may be asked to immediately replace the defective battery.

irritating by abusing worst

Calls from vodafon to airtel to a girl of std 10th. all family members r disturbed. but caller is so idiot and shameless creature in the world. please check this no. and favour us.
Thanx a lot.
Keep it secret.
I m from amritsar in punjab.

  • Al
    Alok Chauhan Oct 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The problem is related to no. of 4 times repair bounce cases with Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Phone, serial No. – 358653014143709
    Please help me to take next action or provide some Nokia Escalation Department information.
    All persons in Indian Nokia Call Center are not supportive and do not know customer pain.

    There has been numbers of bounce cases for handset repair and not bearable by me now.
    Date wise fact is given below……

    19th July 08
    Job ID – 1200234832
    Handset submitted for microphone issue. No voice was going out to other person on call.

    26th July 08
    Received confirmation that handset is repaired and handset collected.
    The issue was not resolved and I have been there for 5 hours. In parallel, handset was being checked by Technical Engg and given to me in evening.
    This was the raining day when Nokia Center’s Mains Supply was not there, Genset was failed to start and even no Inverter Backup….. totally dark day.

    13th Aug 08
    Job ID – 1200238080
    Handset submitted as bounce case.

    23rd Aug 08
    Handset was picked by me and handset was still with microphone issue. No repair was done.
    Submitted handset as bounce case immediately after delivery from Counter and after wasting 2 hours in token queue.
    Job ID – 1200239133

    24th Sep 08
    Handset is delivered to me saying repaired but microphone was not working. The handset was delivered almost in 1 month.

    25th Sep 08
    Job ID – 1200243139
    Handset is submitted against above given Job ID as 3rd time bounce case.
    Complaint 2-3dlsxd is logged at 02:20pm IST on 25th Sep 08.

    06th Oct 08
    Received handset ready after repair confirmation.
    Collected handset but still microphone stopped working after approx 30 seconds.

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keypad problem

I have puchased nokia 2630 on 20-09-07. after 5 days upper key pad of the set not working. I approached nokia mobile clinic Jalandhar, On 8-10-07 i gave my set to nokia mobile clinic vide job sheet no:- 12821 dated 8-10-07 model town, jalandhar for necessary service. On 9-10-07 they send my set to chandigarh service centre. I approach so many times jalandhar nokia mobile clinic as well as chandigarh office. On 24-10-07 i again give my complaint to chandigarh costomer care (complaint no: 2-2JXIWR). but uptill today i have not get any type of response.

lost my cell phone

Dear and respected sir

I am arjun kailash srinivasan, s/o a. Srinivasan, I lost my mobile phone model, nokia 70 (Music edition) which cost aroun 12,768.02 when I bought it on 06-10/-2007 in mobile store in velachery area, chennai, covering pincode number 600042.

Mobile imei code stands [protected].

Can please take this theft compalint and act upon it.

My address

Arjun kailsh srinivasan
S/o a. Srinivasan
No:6 ,13th main road, vijayanagar, velachery, chennai 600042
My fathers cell phone number [protected]


A. Srinivasan (On behalf of arjun kailash srinivasan)

bid item not recieved

Number: [protected] hello sir !

You can make the payment by cash deposit to icici bank, cheque, demand draft, online transfer.

Please have a look at the bank account details below :
Icici bank
Account no : [protected]
Account name : nimesh chotaliya
Branch : vile parle [w] , mumbai.

You can deposit the cheque / demand draft in the above icici account at any icici branch in your city.

Let me know if you have more querries.

Cash was deposited into icici bank from coimbatore
Branch I have not recieved the item tii today

  • Ni
    Nimesh Chotaliya Nov 06, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi !

    This is Nimesh here.

    The buyer has already been sent the phone.

    In fact, he has been sent a nokia N95, which is Rs.8000 more than the Nokia 6500 which he had won, according to his request.

    Mr. Natraj, the buyer, is no more answering my calls to pay for the balance payment.

    His contact no's are as follows :
    Mobile : +919363103469
    Landline : +914224392690
    Office : +914222300680

    Address :
    Sathyam Natraj
    3rd street
    coimbatore, TN 641018

    He does not answer my calls at all. I would appreciate, if anyone who reads this forum can help me out and contact him by any means, I would be grateful to him.


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  • Ag
    ag Jan 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why does this post seem odd...?

    I wouldnt even post my own email becase of these scammers.

    This whole post seems strange....& woulnt even surprise me if its the same person who posted both of the coments.



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worst service from nokia care

I own a nokia 6300, my handset had a problem I couldnt hear the callers voice neither the caller could hear my voice, power switch was not working. I had given it for service to a nokia care in bangalore indira nagar and got it back after a month delay.

After a month of usage my handset had the same problem again. I have given it for service in nokia care bangalore this time in koramangala as the nokia care in indira nagar had closed down their shop.

The nokia care ppl told me that some seal had been removed and informed me that I had given it to local service centers for fixing it. Which I havent done (my warranty is still valid and there is no reason I should go to the local service center). Now they would charge me for the service...

The treatment in nokia care centers are below standards. They shutdown at sharp 6:30 pm and no service person is available till 10 to 10:15 am although they claim to work from 9:30 am. Called up their customer care no proper response. Their sms based service to check the handset status provides inappropriate responses.

  • Th
    thennavarajan Sep 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir,

    I own a Nokia 6030, my handset (BL-5C) Batteries had bulged & busted and my mobile cover also cracked
    Kindly replace my battery


    Thennavarajan. S

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  • Ka
    karthikeyan Nov 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hi sir,

    this is karthikeyan .am working in software firm here in bangalore. i lost my mobile NOKIA 2626 while i was in bus some one theft it. i want to block my mobile is there any possible way to block it. can u help me please.

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  • Ba
    battery problem Aug 23, 2009

    Dear sir,

    I have Nokia6600 with BL-5c battery. mobile is working properly. but having problem in battery. battery backup is less from some days. battery get down(discharging) for every day without using more. so i removed that battery & then reinsert it to mobile. but again same problem. but i saw the condition in battery. battery thickness get increased(1/2 %) more compare to normal size. i think it will get explode within few days, if i charged.

    so what can i do for this condition.


    id: [email protected]

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  • Ra
    Ravikumar s.v Aug 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    sir i m ravi kumar s.v. i m a student i m coming from small villege of kolar. i have a nokia mobile phone(5310).today i was in bus some one theft it. currently i buying this mobile 6 months back because of my project work. i installed in my software on this i wanted it urgently .i have the all the documents of this mobile please help me. it will cost Rs 5, 300 i buying this mobile kolar. please help how can get back of this mobile i waiting for your information
    Email [email protected]

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  • Le
    lesantdor Dec 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Nokia is going to die, its been a good month and my x2 is still under repair, bran new in condition. what the [censor] are you Finish [censor]s doing with electronics, i'm oging to buy a samsung, coz you [censor]ed up [censor] have made life miserable for me, it was the third time that i had to go and get my phone and to no avail

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  • Vi
    vimala bhaskar Jun 21, 2011

    how to get my Lost, Stolen or Damaged Driver's License

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nokia bl-5c battery not working properly

Customer care centre

The bl-5cbattery replaced by another one, but the same too not properly w orking and storing the charge in aproper way. I think that the battery supplied is not a new one and it may be a used one or defective one. Please do the needful to replace the battery at the earlist

N. I. Alexander
Qtr no:147, type iii new qtrs
Cpwd qtrs. Seminary hills
Maharastra, pin 440 006
Mobile no :[protected]

  • Ni
    nishit d. shah Aug 27, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have filled up online registration form for replacement of my battery. To my surprise so far i have not recd. any reply nor battery. Poor Nokia service!

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  • Cs
    c.s.sahu Sep 15, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i send u registration form but u not give me a reply about my nokia battery replacement so plz give me hurry up my new battery.......

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  • Ve
    venkat Sep 18, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    seems to be failed

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faulty phone set

For last 7 years, I have been using Nokia communicator only. first 9200 then 9300 and now E90. I have always believed in the product and service of NOKIA. But this time, I have bought the new E90 from Bangkok around two months back and got it home to find that I cant connect it to computer due to faulty mother board. Went to sales out let and they told me to download the soft ware, I tried telling them that I am a regular user and I have software already. but they refused. So I had to go to Nokia Care. They checked and decided to keep the phone to send it to main service station. I got the phone back only last week and they told me that they have changed the mother board. I was surprised and asked them, if they had to change the mother board, they should have given me the replacement as now its a repaired phone. But they did not agree. Any way I brought the phone and found out that this time their is lot of noice of disturbance to me and to the other side party , when on call. Again I had to go back to Nokia Care and again they have taken the phone and told me that come back after ten days. Their job No. is JNK9071001556 Dt. 21/10/2007. for the product no. IMEI; [protected], product code; 0544496 .

I can not understand, what has gone wrong with Nokia quality and service. I have bought the costliest phone by them and could keep the phone with me only for ten days and rest of the time the phone is with Nokia Care only. Why I paid so much o fmoney if again I to use the repaired phone. Why cant they replace the phone instead.

Kindly look in to it and advice.


Rajiv Goel

  • Dr
    DR NILESH M SHAH Feb 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Vk
    VKV Sarma Jul 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    No outgoing Audio. Occurred thrice since 7-7-07. Now occurred on 4-7-08. Warranty expires on 7-7-08.

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  • Ja
    JAYAGOPAL TV Dec 07, 2009


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very disappointed with the service


I purchased nokia 6300 on 5th september and then got a display problem on 13th. Went to nokia in green park, delhi met manager amit sharma and told him. Asked him to replace the handset. He did not and i was forced to get it repaired. The whole display was changed and since then i got lining problems and hang problems. I went to the dealer and again to nokia, they wrote that if possible for dealer, then can get my handset replaced.

Then i met nokia Delhi incharge, name amit mobile number [protected], called him for two weeks, he said that he is putting up an email but nothing happened. He never took my call. Then i wrote a complaint to nokia on internet. This is the second time i am writing a complaint on internet. I got a call from nokia headquarters in nokia from mrs mohini saying that they saw my issue, will replace my handset with a new one. After three weeks they said that me to go to south ex outlet. Went there, met the manager Mr inder and they were giving me second hand used handset. Now when i noida they don't pickup the phone.

  • Pr
    prakash joshi Oct 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i purchased nokia 3600s on 3rdoctober 2008 and then got a camera problem on 9th. Went to nokia in shradha communication haldwani, nainital met some officials . they can not repair my mobile and said to me that your mobile has a big problem we sent it our delhi service centre . after 10 days it will come with us and you will get it. after 15 days i went there to take my mobile but the official told me that your mobile came in our service centre but the problem is not shortout. we send it again delhi and you will come after 12 days .
    sir i am very disspointed with your facility. please replace it or repair it soon. i am in very difficulty without mobile because i sold my old phone.

    thanks and regards
    prakash joshi
    job sheet no. 260434038/081009/9
    esn/iemi no- 35570602670041
    product code- 0561197
    model name- 3600s

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  • Ar
    Arush Feb 06, 2009

    i have nokia E90 with IMEI number 353660011603184 and i bought it for Rs 33, 500. last year in june and since then i am having problem with this handset.
    initially i was having software problem with this handset but
    In december this set was switched off automatically and after that it couldn`t start then i sent the handset to nokia care and then after 15 days i got it back and they gave me the in not a very good condition as it has been repaired and there was an hardware failure in the set.
    After 20 days this handset again have another problem i.e the keypad stops working automatically again i sent it to nokia care and after another 15 days when i got my set back the same problem i faced again with my hand set and again the handset was sent to nokia care for repairing..
    the thing is now i dont want this defected hand set back and i want it to be replaced
    but i have no one to support me due to which i am trusting this consumer complaint forum and i hope u will help me on this issue..
    hoping to get positive response and i get my nokia e90 replaced with a new one..

    yours sincerely
    Arush Mahajan

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  • Ra
    ramesh mehta Apr 27, 2009







    ( C/O. RAMESH MEHTA : CONTANCT NO : 98201 45525.)
    JOB SHEET NO: 227343506/090406/12. DTD : 06.04.2009.
    IMEIN NO: 354199020258051.
    PRODUCT CODE : 0557591.

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  • Kt
    KT Ravindran Oct 13, 2009

    I purchased a nokia n 95 from Doha qatar, in December 2007.Used in Calicut, Kerala in India.since then had problems of hanging when operating/viewing vedios.After just a year was passed, one day, the phone started glow light in the display without operating it and could not stop it as none of the keys worked.
    The set was sent back to the dealer who cut a sorry figure and said the repair cost would come QR1700 almost the cost of the new set that time .

    I am still keeping it without being able to use it, hoping that some thing can be done through the company if taken up the case with them.I could finsd a suitable forum now only to notify the case through this media.

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set not working

I bought nokia cell phone model no.6233 on 06.09.07 from m/s. Monalisa dlw varanasi (Up) vide bill no.39 dtd.06.09.07 for rupees 8200/-
The detail of cell phone is as under.
Model no.6233
Imei no. [protected]
Battery no. 06705053932130315510680488
Charger no.441929733706185480875384.

After 15 days it started getting switched off of its own. The moment its put on automatically it gets off. Also battery back is very very poor.
I went to the shop from where I bought the set on 26.09.07 & shown him the set, he in turn spoke to mr. Ankit agrawal perhaps nokia dealer in varanasi. Mr. Ankit agrawal asked me to hand over the set to m/s. Monalisa dlw varanasi, I gave the set in original packing along with original bill same time, mr. Agarawal said I will try my best to replace this set with new one. Again on 28.09.07 I asked mr. Agarawal the status I was told that 99.9% it will be accepted for replacement as this has gone to lucknow. On 03.10.07 again I asked the status I was told request for replacement has been accepted & your replacement will be sent to m/s. Monalisa dlw varanasi & you can collect from him, I told him that I shall be out on official tour till 10.10.07, he said when you come back you can collect your set. When I called on 11.10.07 to mr. Agarawal, to my surprise I was told that request has been rejected & this has to be given to nokia care for repair. Then I contacted mr. Divesh ajmera & explained him the problem he also said that it can not be replaced & has to go to care, I told him if this was the ultimate result why it has been delayed somuch, where is my set, it was in lucknow. Mr. Divesh ajmera said that he will find out & call me back. But no response. Again I called him then he spoke to mr. Agarawal & asked him how he has said so, but ultimately I am victim.
To day I spoke to mr. Agarawal then he said that my set is given to nokia care varanasi by his staff. I do not know whwn I shall get back my cell.In this regard I spoke to mr. Sujeet chakborty & mr. Vivek dixit they are from sales of nokia in up east. I tried to contact tele. No.[protected] but could not get.

My humble request is to please help me to get my set replaced.

Nokia should work on its quality & quality control, why there should be problem in very short span of time. Nokia is very reputed company, but as I have seen on many many complaints in short span & their service (Nokia care) is very very poor.
Why should one wait for so much time for repair to get his small problem encounterd 2-3 weeks time.

Please provide me the contact no. & name of the authority responsible for such type of problem.

I can see in the complaints that sets of nokia giving repeated problem after repair. Please take it serious, else I shall be forced to knock the door of consumer forum in varanasi.

With best regards
Furqan jamal
C/o. Sy jamal
Section engineer/service improvement
Diesel locomotive works/varanasi (Up)
Cell. No.[protected]

bad service at nokia service center

Hi, Nokia Service center at Vashi, Navi Mumbai is giving service at the worst and worst level. Ph no...

scam lottery email

Mrs. Susanna magrietha conradie
Country: republic of south africa
Verification no. : cn-[protected]
E-mail: [protected]@milliken.Co. Za

Date: 5th october, 2007.

1. Winners are required to fill the bonanza payment release form within three days of receipt. Failure to do so shall render the form invalid and winners will be disqualified.

2. Winners are required to send a copy of either their driver’s license or international passport for identification purposes along with the filled form.

3. Winners are required to contact their payment center with their verification number within twelve (12) hours after submitting this form.

4. Winners must know that the money won is very huge and as such should try as much as possible to keep their wins strictly confidential until the said funds has been received. This is to avoid impersonation or double claims which we have experienced in previous draws.

Once again on behalf of members of staff, I say congratulations as you spend your great fortune.

Dr. Anthony floyd
Tel: +[protected]
Fax: +[protected]

Second e-mail
From subject received
Nokia promo verification form (Payment release form) fri 10/05

From subject received
Nokia promo re: verification form: fri 10/05

waste after sales customer service

I had given my Nokia N73 mobile phone for repair to Nokia Care on 01.09.2007 (as an evidence I have job sheet given by them). On 01.09.2007, when I was given my mobile for repair they told it will take 1 week to repair. I went on said date they told sorry, there is major problem therefore it will take another week, this time it is 100% sure you will get it repaired. I said "ok". Again I went on same date, they told " Sorry H.O. not yet sent it to us come after 2 days". Like this I am fooled by them several times, till date (08.10.2007) I did'nt received my mobile, already 38 days are over. Whenever they told me "it is not yet repaired, come after ... days", I used to say ok I will come on that date. I acted in good manner with patience. But there is limit for patience sir. I am pacing so many problems from last 40 days they don't know it. I paid Rs.24,000/- for that mobile, so that it will function best and if it all there will be any problem, Nokia Care is there na for my help. but everything went wrong. Now there is no reason left to believe Nokia Care. I will wait for another few days and go to police station, really I am very upset with this point. After all I invested Rs.24,000/- for that, even not 1 year also over. That that investment is for 1 year that's all.

  • Ra
    Ramki97 Dec 16, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i bought nokia lumia 800 on nov 2012 for rs 19700 . not even 6 months went off my mobile suffered a problem in charging socket and problem in body paint peel off. i was asked to come 10 days later. i went on that day, the people in nokia care lost my sim tray. i was again asked to come 20 days after(nearly 1 month over). the problems were rectified temporally and returned to me one month after. nokia stopped extending the warranty services for my device. not even two months over from the repair the same problem exists again. when i approached nokia care they are demanding rs 10000 for rectifying the same issue which is occurring again and again. the people also accepted that it is a technical fault. no one from nokia hearing my queries and repeating the same answer "pay the cost". i asked them to take the matter to their higher officials or through my call to their higher officials but no repond from them! i am tired of this matter! please anyone help me!

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product & service - total failure!

I bought a Nokia N6131 in Nokia Authorized dealer on 05th Nov 2006 and the product had two complaints just 6months after it was purchased. One was the Nokia charger failed completely and two the Mobile started showing SIM card registration failed and started getting switched off often. I had taken it to the Authorized service center and they told me Nokia does not cover charger after 6 months and i need to purchase new one which i did immediately and the SIM card registration failure was attended to. But 10 days after this the complaint started coming back and me being a frequent traveler was unable to use the phone for quite long time. I took it to i was told the best service center in town the second time and there also they took phone and returned it back saying everything is normal. But after 3 days of service i started having the same problem again. I'm now using my Nokia phone as a MP3 player listening only to Music and i ended up buying a new phone to use my sim card.

Nokia completely failed in its service and also if it is going to deliver such sub-standard products it is better for everybody to think before buying as your Mobile may not be a good one every time and you will end up wasting / losing money and time.

no replacement of handset even after sending a legal notice to the company

I purchased a Nokia 3250 mobile phone a year ago. It cost me around 18000 Rs at that time. Just 2 days after getting the phone, the phone started getting some technical faults. When I consulted the dealer, I was asked to go to one of the Nokia Care Centers at Bangalore. As directed, I visited a service center at Jayanagar. They asked me to go to the L3 service center at Koramangala. When I got there, they took my handset for service and gave me a job card. I was asked to come back after 3 days. I waited for 3 days and collected my handset. Two hours after collecting my handset, it started developing more problems. I called them back the next day and they directed me to give it for a second service. I did so and received my handset after around 4 days. The phone functioned fine for 2 days after the second service and it developed more complex problems after that. Then I tried contacting the Manager of that service center. He asked me to give it for one more service. When I asked him to replace my handset with a new one, he said it is not possible to replace until we feel that we cannot correct the problem. After a long conversation, he said he would replace my handset within 15 days. Though I asked them, I was not given anything in writing. They assured me that my handset would be replaced. One week later, I gave a call to check if my handset had arrived. The manager told me that it would take one more week and he also assured me that it would surely be done. One week after that, I called up the manager asking him if my handset had arrived. Initially, he spoke to me softly. Later he started speaking rudely and he said that my handset was ready. He also said that it was not replaced, but repaired. When I asked him about the assurance that he had given me, he said that it would not be replaced and though I was trying to ask him something, he hung up the phone. Without knowing what to do, I went there and collected the handset. From that day, my handset started developing more complex problems. It was serviced twice unofficially(without any job card). During these days, I was asked to call up nokia care line ([protected]) and every time I called up, they would find some reason and put me on hold. Each call would last at least 30 minutes. I have called that number at least 30 times by now.

In October 06, my advocates sent a legal notice to Nokia India Pvt. Ltd. telling them about everything that had happened and directing them to give a replacement to my handset. Few weeks later, they replied, asking for some information about the phone and my contact details. We replied back with the details that they wanted. Probably three weeks later, they replied saying that they needed time to process my case and would surely help us out. Till today, I have not received any call from anyone in Nokia. There have been no more replies from Nokia. Right now, my handset has so many problems that it is extremely difficult to use it. Many keys on the keypad have also stopped functioning. Currently the phone is in a very bad condition. Almost in a condition where it is not possible to use. I am facing too many problems with it.

Thanking You,

  • Bh
    bharat mody Jun 02, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have similar experiance.

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  • Vi
    Vikram singh Sep 15, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am also facing same type of problem. I gave my N72 2months back with some problem of "Hangign" the hand set . I called at 30303838 but they gave only the consolation that they will try there level best and they even dont know what is the state of my Handeset and where it right now .
    I am very dissapointed with the response of the company.
    Now i am sending a legal notice to Nokia regarding my Handset.

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selling duplicate products at its nokia care!

I am to going to sue nokia i had bought n70 a year back as few days back my display went blank, so i went to nokia care andheri. They replaced my display for rs 2000 they gave me my phone back after a week and gave the bill for the same but those bit**es broke my whole phone. So some features were not working when i went to Nokia head office they gave me proof in writing that the display nokia care replaced for me, was duplicate. So now i am gonna sue those bi**hes i have already registered and fir at police station and same has been registered at consumer court.

Nokia is a cheater!

fake lottery winning email

The above email is a fake! Beware! Here it is the mail : Nokia communications 1o4 nokia drive Stamford sw1v...