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complaint regarding nokia mobile phone repairing

This is to bring your kind attention that i, arun kumar own nokia 6.1 plus device. Few times back, I wa...

amcrop mall malaysia petaling jaya

My phone Is Nokia 6 TA_1012 so I sent my phone to amcrop mall Malaysia petaling Jaya because my phone screen was cracked and my charging port was not working but when I sent it there and got my phone it was ok for 1 week than my screen keep coming out it is not sticking on the phone when I return to give it the fix for me but the phone screen still has problem eventhough I sent it to them two times they still haven't fix the problem can you do something about the service center and solve this issue I hope you can solve my issue here is the number for the service center [protected]

nokia steel hr

I got my Nokia Steel HR for mother's day. Recently it stopped synchronizing, and stoped collecting the data...

raya shop

Dears, I bought a Nokia 6 device from Raya Shop at helwan branch and it have been opened from its pack a...

display problem (partial display)

I purchase Nokia 8, flag ship device, almost 3months back, IMEI # [protected].But after time I feel...

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phone has been dead

Hi Sir/Madam, My phone was dead for last 2 weeks, i tried charging it but it wasnt able to get powdered...

international calling offer [protected]

I have activated 7 fills offer and i received msg from du that my offer activated for india calling plan @ 7 Fils.

When I called india for 3 minutes, 7 dhs deduct from my account.

I tried to call customer care there is no option to talk to customer care.Then i tried from another person mobile and i spoke to one customer care lady, but she disconnected the line while I was talking to her.

Poor system and poor Response ...

My Mobile # [protected]


unethical behaviour

I recently made an order for trainers with order number [protected]. This order did not include all of the components as advertised. I should be eligible to a partial refund as it as not been 90 days since the transaction date. Please contact the seller as they refuse to respond to my messages. I would like to recieve a partial refund of 82 usd or tell the seller to send the remaining components please.
Order Time: [protected]:37:194
Seller Information: sandyyang520

Seller did not include dustbag, and 3 bags of laces as promised.

Thanks for your help

my order number:#22544 dated 28/08/2018

I had to order for a Nokia 6.1 plus mobile but erroneously I ordered 6.1 only instead of 6.1 plus. Just after 4 hours when I realise my mistake, I contacted Customer care and also sent mail for despatch of 6.1 plus instead of 6.1. But, Customer care representative disconnected my call and my mail is till un answered.Nokia is such a cheat company that it does not pay any attention towards Customer service. As they have received the amount, they could not change the model even on same day after 4 hours only when product has not been despatched. How long company will exist cheating the innocent people who believes in Nokia brand name. Even a shop keeper also replaces its product when replaced on same day. How long a company will exist by cheating innocent people is a matter which has to be thought of by the senior executives. please be transparent and loyal to your Customers.

nokia 6

I am Nokia 6 user from Goa [protected]. I brought the phone on 28th February, but soon it started giving me...

windows phone end of support

i had a nokia n8 with symbian OS nokia ended symbian which was without doubt the best phone i have ever i got a nokia lumia 920 and now nokia are stopping support with no option to upgrade to windows 10. i am absolutely disgusted with nokia, i have never had an apple product and never will but i can't get another nokia. i have tried in vain to get updates but there is no way for me to upgrade to windows 10 on the lumia 920. i cant believe that a company like nokia would do this to so many people without any positive help

nokia 8 handset

I have bought nokia 8 handset 3 months ago. Prior to that, I was using oneplus 2 handset. All of us today use various bank apps for transactions. And I was having no problems accessing to hdfc mobile banking app when I was using oneplus 2 handset. After I switched to nokia 8, I started facing a typical problem. I could connect to hdfc banking app only 10-15 % times when I was using idea 4g sim card. Balance attempts were shear failure and the window gets flashed "sorry. We are unable to connect to the server. Try later.". As against this, whenever I try to connect to the same app with the help of wi-fi, there has been no issue. This problem was taken up with nokia at various forums and all that I got always were the wishy-washy answers. And the concerned support people were always in great hurry to close the case rather than understanding and solving the problem. Their final answer was "this is happening due to weak signals whenever I try to connect to the hdfc mobile app". This argument is absolutely flimsy and doesn't hold any water since I could connect to the app using my friend's phones or using my old oneplus 2 phone using the same sim from the same location and the same time. This shows nokia's scant regard customer's grievances. If none of you have same issue then it clearly indicates that something is wrong with my handset only.
So such a costly phone has this deficiency and its performance is not in line with what we all historically know about nokia as a brand.

nokia 3 and its unprofessional warranty in egypt raya!

Nokia 3 is the worst Mobile ever! After 2 weeks of purchasing .. the touch and screen was damaged .. and I...

unauthorized credit card charges

I had received my credit card statement transaction dates 8 apr and 8 may 2018 from sao paulo br 986 brazilian real 157.01 +157.01 respectively. kindly refund the amount above which is equivalent to rm 184.17+ rm184.17 respectively. I can only attach my april 2018 credit card statement as my may 2018 I have not received yet but my credit card cimb bank have confirmed the above transaction being charged for the month of may when I made the inquiry regarding the above charged. I have also requested the bank to block my credit card account.

unauthorized credit card charges
unauthorized credit card charges

  • Updated by zaha zakaria · May 14, 2018

    Please ignore the first complain because there is an error in the information given. I had resubmitted the correct one for your action. Apologize me for the inconvenience.

nokia 6 serial no: plegar1770113011, your service centre in malaysia sucks

Hi. I'm Aizam from Malaysia. I'd use to be big fan of Nokia earlier on. I had done 2 warranty claims so far...

new nokia 3- no power

Good Day

This I am writing with so much disappointment in Nokia. We purchased 2x Nokia 3's on Wednesday 14 February, we received the phones late that afternoon. On Saturday 17 February at 22:00 I put my phone on charge (it was still on) at +- 00:18 my son woke me up I went to my phone to look what time it is, and there the phone that is on charge is off. I tried putting the phone on, but no luck the phone did not want to come on. I plugged the charger out and in again to hear if it is making the charging noise or if I can feel the vibration when plugging charger in, but noting happened. There is NO power. I took the phone back and now I must wait because they need to send the phone away. They expect me to pay for the phone that broke after 2 days. I cannot pay 2 years for a new phone that needs to be repaired. That phone was hardly used in that 2 days. How can n phone have NO power after 2 days?

nokia 3

This is regarding 0% Satisfaction in have on your product Nokia 3, I bought this phone from Axiom, right from day one I had a problem with this mobile
axiom swamped this mobile for 3 times but still I am faxing multiple problems, heating, Charing time more than 5 Hrs, very bad battery backup, and many more

Should I throw this mobile or you have some solution

Hope I may get answer.

I am complaining about my mobile nokia 2

I Purchased Nokia 2 from local seller, having IMEI 1:[protected] and IMEI 2:[protected] in Pakistan. IT work properly just for two days, after two days it is atomatically reboot then after sometime later mobile is shutdown automatically and never on anyway I tryied my best to on or reset mobile but nothing happen. at 16 december 2017 my mobile reached for repair at 'Nokia Lahore Service Center (Pakistan)' then by Oreal service I received my mobile at 3 jan 2018. After reparing my mobile work properlly again just for two days and yesterday morning I face the same issue and mobile is shutdown atomatically. Now I want that Please replace my mobile or return my money. I shall b very tankful to you for this act of kindness.

am complaining about nokia apps

What am absolutely about to say is that I love Nokia phones that's why am laying this complain about, Nokia is my best phone ever and I can't use any other phone except Nokia and am also a Nokia fans i, ve been using Nokia since 2008 which is Nokia 6110 that my first Nokia phone but I keep noticing that Nokia doesn't imitate others company which produces phones but still Nokia is still my best phone till date today, I am using lumia 1520 in which it has spoil and I don't have money to replace it and I bought asha 202 now well what I have been trying to say is that Nokia company should upgrade their application and games like others including speakers and Nokia store I like downloading games and playing music so pls Nokia do something upgrade your appstore to higher level u re good in batteries background and in contrast colour pls will also need Nokia lovely themes because my former lumia doesn't work with themes. Thanks and God bless you all my favourite phone company

nokia lottery prize

I am diplomat john martins the delivery agent from nokia company, your prize have arrive in india new delhi...