Nissanconsumer affairs bad service / service campaign for timing belt having to be re-done

S Aug 02, 2018

Recently, I had my oil changed on 6/8/18. I took my car in on July 23, 2018 due to a pretty heavy oil leak. I was told I needed to have my timing belt & cover replaced. Upon checking my records, I found I had participated in the "campaign" (recall) to get my timing belt replaced on 8/25/15. I was told due to the low miles I had, the fact I was only 3 months out of warranty and only 2500 miles out of warranty I should call Nissan and have a case created to see if they would assist in getting the timing belt replaced.
I created the case that day, July 25th. Nissan Consumer Affairs contacted the wrong dealership, causing a delay. I was told a decision would be made in 3 days. At the end of the 3 days, I was told it was under review and it would be decided in 2 days. It is now day 2, August 2nd, and I am being told it will be tomorrow. It will be almost 2 weeks before I get a decision, if it really does happen tomorrow. Then, "IF" they help, the dealership has to order parts & schedule my appointment.

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