Nikefalse advertising

La Oct 02, 2019

I went to the Nike factory store on Sunday the 29th September, they had on display that there merchandise on the rack was less 40%, I found a jacket that I liked and the sticker on the jacket was 30%, however the sign did not stipulate that the items on the rack were "from 40%" I have attached pictures as proof.

I went to the counter to pay for my item and the cashier tells me the amount, which was only less 30%, I told her that all the jackets on that rack and the sign stated 40% off. I asked to speak to the manager on duty to explain that this was false advertising.

The manager (Lerato Khopotse) finally arrived with the most horrendous attitude and I was greeted by "what do you want" by her, I simply explained the situation and she refused she said even though the sign on the rack where all the jackets were stated 40% the label says 30% and she cant change it on the system. I suggested that she then move all the jackets off the rack under a sign that says 40% off and landed up not taking the jacket and leaving the store.

I am a frequent buyer of Nike and this experience was extremely disappointing. I dont appreciate the false advertising by this Nike store or the rude service from management.


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