Nikeunprofessional and rude staff

D Jul 15, 2019

I visited your store yesterday morning and had to deal with two members of your staff that were both rude and rather annoying. First of all a female staff member called Bryanna came over and asked if we needed help, when we replied "no thank you" she stayed with us and just stared at us as I tried on shoes. Upon paying we encountered a male staff member called Rowan. Rowan bombarded us with information about the Nike Club after I told him I didn't want to join. He then asked us to fill out a feedback form on his personal mobile phone and to give him and Bryanna a good review. In Rowan's own words, "it is just for our monthly bonus, it goes on how many good reviews we get". I would have been honest about my experience with the staff had Rowan not been reading what I was typing to make sure it was good enough. After spending a long time with him we wanted to leave the store but he made us wait so that he could call over Bryanna to tell her that we gave her a good review for her bonus. I personally feel that these staff members should not receive a bonus if they are just forcing the public to give them a good review against their will, they have not earned the bonus in the right way. As you can probably tell I am rather disappointed with the way I was treated by your staff. From now on I will either go elsewhere for running wear or shop online.

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