Nikeunable to support commercial with colin kaepernick

D Sep 08, 2018 Review updated:

I have been purchasing Nike shoes and other items of Nike for over 20 years and find myself unable to purchase Nike products any further in protest of Colin Kapernik commercial because of his beliefs in protesting when the National anthem plays. I believe respect is needed when the anthem plays and it tells the story of people who fought for Freedom and Democracy and should never be clouded by other issues. Protests are needed and should be done a different manner.

Promoting him and his way I can not support and since Nike is endorsing this, I can not support it or Nike products until this is fixed.


  • Ji
    Jim Bourne Sep 09, 2018

    Exactly correct

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  • Ba
    Babe Ruthless Sep 12, 2018

    So you're more upset about someone protesting police brutality against minorities than the abuse of power itself? Adorable.

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  • Ma
    maryann cella Sep 14, 2018

    Babe: Kaepernick is using the wrong way to lodge his protest. Our flag is not a symbol that represents a belief system that espouses brutality against minorities, but a symbol of our shared values that are enshrined in our constitution and other laws that protect all equally. His chosen method of protest strikes another blow at our national unity and belief in our shared values. Do you want a nation, or not?

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