Nikenatural motion offset

L Jul 19, 2019

7-19-19: Recently, I returned a pair of sneakers that I had purchased to Nike for inspection. I had purchased them at a shoe store. The policy of that store is not to accept shoes after being worn. When I tried them on in the store, they felt fine. Walking and running was very comfortable. However, if I was sitting for any length of time while wearing the shoes, the stitching on the top of the sneaker of my left foot pinched and dug into the top of my foot. I had them for a week before I contacted the Nike customer service office to inquire about it, and it was suggested that I return them for an inspection. The claim was denied, stating that it was not a design or manufacturing error.

I have to say that I am very disappointed with this decision. All of my shoes have been Nike, and after trying on several that particular day, I decided on these, because walking in them was so comfortable. Yet I developed such a blister on the top of my foot and such redness, that I stopped wearing them. I still have a scar, and the wound is still not completely gone, and it's been three weeks. I am now out $80. I thought that Nike, being such a huge company, might, in good faith and customer satisfaction, consider providing some kind of product voucher, not just for the monetary value, but for the pain that I was caused. Some compensation would have been nice considering the situation.

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