Nikefalse advertising.

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Good day,
On friday the 19th july 2019 I received a link on facebook as follows ' - r99 factory store promotion over r600 + free shipping, shop now!
I placed an order to the value of r693.00 and continued to check out in which I entered my banking details, received otp (one time pin), received confirmation email from [email protected] (dated 20 july 2019, time: 20:23 / amount r693.00 zar
Payment no: ps1907072102193692757 / oder no: [protected] / seller
The email stated the following 'please note 'turoclothing' will be displayed on your credit card statetment instead of the website from which you purchased the mentioned product. it's just used for sending for sending bill statement by the seller's payment processor as a tool.
On the 22nd july 2019 we followed up on the email received and progress of the order to which we received a reply from [email protected] - dear customer, this is an auto-reply message from [email protected] mailbox. please do not reply. this mailbox can not answer any questions about your order. if you have some questions, please send emails to the email address listed on the website where you brought the items, but the email address is the same that confrimed my order.
It would be appreciated if nike could investigate the above and contact me on the following email address - [protected] and/or [protected]
This is extremley urgent and concerning.
Thanking you
Matthew mcgregor-langley

false advertising.
false advertising.
false advertising.
false advertising.
false advertising.


  • Th
    TheGoodBot Jul 22, 2019

    It's a scam. The website is not HTTPS (secured). There's no payment gateway present. This is not even a Nike website. Nike would never in a million years use a non HTTPS website and would never process payments without a gateway provider. I've seen this ad on instagram 5 minutes ago and noticed this.

    Furthermore, have you tried typing Nkclearance on Google? Did it raise any flags when the website didn't even show up on first page? If it's actually Nike, it would've definitely showed up.

    Contact your bank and reverse the transaction and also monitor your account for fraudulent activity as your card details may definitely be compromised (you entered card details on a non secured site). Upon researching this, I have found links showing this site to be a scam.

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  • Da
    Dayalang Jul 22, 2019

    Hi sir

    I also like you went onto facebook and decide to purchase from this offer.. i also purchase for R693.. to avoid the delivery cost. I sent and email enquiring about delivery first it came back as a no reply email ..then i email back ..i recieved an email saying that they have recieved my order and payment order will be processed in the next 7 working days and they will email me a tracking number..dont know if we are tajen for a ride ..the payment is pending on my bank do we retrieve our money back

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  • Wa
    Wayne Neluvhola Jul 23, 2019

    it is definitely a scam people, be very careful.

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  • La
    Lara Soldat Jul 31, 2019

    Hi Matthew,
    What was the outcome of this? Did you ever get your order?

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