Nikenational anthem - new nike campaign

S Sep 04, 2018

This support of this football player is ridiculous. I don't even want to mention his name he is such a disgrace to NFL and our USA country. This must stop. There are army, marines, airman, navy, coastal guard, national guard and ROTC from colleges and high school. Do you consider him an example of our patriotism ??? A true American who can represent us? What were you thinking?

  • Updated by Stephanie C · Sep 04, 2018

    This is ridiculous having this former football player as a spokesman. What a shame to our country. Disgrace to our country and military in uniform, What were you thinking? See my post on bad business... I thought Tiger Woods was a bad choice to continue with, but now we have a person who should be deported if he doesn't want to live by the patriotism of our fellow military personnel. I personally don't have anyone in the military but this is unjustified. Such a disgrace to our country of USA
    and children growing up under the influence of athletes. What was your board thinking????

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