J Sep 05, 2018

I have been a satisfied customer for the better part of 40 years. While my sales contributions to your company have gone unnoticed as I do personal shopping and do not try to get emails and such, I have been a loyal customer of your products and have always appreciated your quality. However I have divested myself of all your products and will not ever (unless someone puts a gun to my head) ever support your company. I am a graduate level working professional currently in the Dept. of corrections and risk my life every day in order to purchase your products. Also, having been from the south side of Chicago as a professional in both social services and teaching as well as law enforcement I do not come without experience with the issues at hand. I am also in a bi-racial marriage. I have experienced much or witnessed of what is being protested however, it is not an issue of race per say as a lack of humanity for all involved. If you seek to pander to the most base common denominator of human interactions and bank on the trafficking of hate as a marketing and AD campaign I will continue to offer my personal support of your right to do so but I will not now or ever in the future to finically support the lies and propaganda on both sides and will never spend another cent on your products. If you fail to understand that real people shed real blood and tears and sacrifice for the resources to purchase your products then I will actively boycott your political attempts to make money off people who only speak of their concerns are but will never experience what the reality of the real world is. I support you choice in expressing my choices as I earn that right in what I do not what is laid down before me. JBH

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