Nikefootball cleats


I purchased Nike football cleats for my grandson this summer before school started. He wore them for Mon-Thurs practices for 3 weeks then for 3 games before the sides of each shoes tore. I had to buy other cleats online because local stores dont carry mens size 15. I decided to purchase a different popular brand to see how they would wear. They showed no excessive wear after the remaining 6 games plus practices of the fall season. We have purchased MANY Nike shoes for him in the past & never had any problems, he sore them until he outgrew them or until they were wore out. I've attached a picture of the shoes. I wish they would not use the mesh type material for these shoes, since they are worn for outdoor sports in all kinds of weather. The cleats were not worn in rain or muddy field conditions since we have had such dry conditions this fall.


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