Nikecolin kaepernick nike commercial

N Sep 05, 2018

I am utterly disgusted and offended that Nike would use such a dishonorable character, as Colin Kaepernick, to be any type of a reputable or inspirational figure in any shape, way or form. Thank God we do live in a country that allows freedom and free choice to all of our inhabitants. To blatantly advertise this man as some sort of hero whose overcome such hardships to get where he is today is a total joke and a slap in the face to every member of our Armed Services. THEY are the true heroes, and a source of pride and inspiration to our country, and who should be honored for their sacrifices and duty. What sacrifice has he made?! He's an over-privileged, over-indulged millionaire! There's no sacrifice or honor in that! Myself and my family will be boycotting your company and products. I will no longer support such a selfish and misguided company.

colin kaepernick nike commercial

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