Nikebad quality shoe

A Nov 18, 2017

My wife bought a nike shoe 3 months ago from Nike official store in Carrefour City Center, Alexandria, Egypt. Unfortunately, the rubber Toe cap, got detached.
She went to the store to complain about it & ask for exchange, they told her after 2 days that they can't exchange it & that they have consulted about this issue & the answer was No!
The point here is that a very loyal customer like my family (myself, my wife & 3 children), you won't imagine the number of Nike items we own (I can send you photos if you want!), we are very frustrated and disappointed with this reply!
Unfortunately, this shoe didn't stand up to the standerds of Nike & the reply from the store manager too! Who suggested fixing it with glue!!!
I hope you recover this unfruitful experience, investigate more, and meet our expectations.
I hope you win us back & be Nike that we know!
Dr. Amr Elwany, MD
Neurosurgeon, Ass. Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria, Egypt


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