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This company is the worst company i have ever dealt with. When they transitioned from Monster Commerce to Network Solutions it all changed. They changed platforms for the site hosting and it was a total nightmare. I had to endure this twice and paid for it twice only to find out they do not have the same or better functionality they had when it was v4 and Monster Commerce. They do not have partial search functionality with the new v7 version and they have told me for 2 years now that they were going to offer it. They have strung me along only to speak with Jeff Visgaitis on 4/14/2017 and be told they may never have that functionality. So they have changed to a new platform without the ability to search for an item with partial part #'s, which is key to most businesses. This is just the tip of iceburg of the problems i have had with them. I have had email service down for a week at a time. Site certificate with no csr generated even tho i had renewed it. But the most frustrating is the site latency problems. My site does not load properly most of the time. I have been trying to get this issue addressed and fixed ever since they changed me back to V4. It takes sometimes up to a minute to load. I have had many outside sources report about this issue. I have had to pay for and implement a monitoring service. Sometimes my site won't even ping. I have reported this over and over only to be told that it was not happening on their end. In other words, screw you we are not fixing the server or site issues and you may be better off with another hosting company. I asked for this to be put in writing and Jeff said he would not do that. I asked why was he afraid to put it in writing and no answer. I have nothing else to do but seek legal council. Jeff indicated i could do so as if they weren't afraid to take on a small company. I guess when you get so big you can treat anyone you want the way you want. If anyone else wants to join me with a campaign and legal council against this company please contact me. [protected].


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Aug 30, 2012 4:07 pm EDT
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Network solutions sent me an email that I ordered my small web hosting package to be renewed and charged my credit card $139. They changed my account to auto renew and tripled the cost of a small web hosting package, for a domain that Ive had with them since 1998. There small web hosting package is $5.99 month x 12 months.
They also refused to unlock another domain that I renewed but never hosted, last year when I wanted to switch to another web hosting company.
I do not want Network Solutions to host my domain any longer. The company appears to be getting more desperate with hard sell scams and altering my web management information.
They give me false phone numbers that disconnect or do not connect to any of 3 options, none of their help tickets have anything but more sales piches for more services. This company cannot be trusted and has had many security breaches releasing malware into over 10 million users.

Sep 14, 2008 11:58 am EDT

After ordering web forwarding for my Web domains I discovered that competitors offer it for free. Called to cancel but 'their policy is not to refund' this particular service. For the high prices I pay for their services this is unacceptable.

Sep 03, 2008 2:51 pm EDT

Saturday, August 30, 2017, I noticed an email come in at 5:46a. Not any of the ones I was expecting, however. As it turned out, it was the last email I was to see until almost 8pm that night. I was expecting a few important emails, so I spent an hour or more twice that day calling Network Solutions tech support. They had so many calls that they changed their greeting to reflect that "[their] engineers were working on the problem". Numerous calls later, I was told my request had been kicked up a level. Then I got an email from them (in answer to one of the ones I sent them). Ready? And I quote: "Please be advised that the emails need to be resend. [sic]. Let's not even talk about the level of intelligence of the tech support personnel (two of my weekend calls went to India - very nice guys but totally unable to ascertain what I was even talking about. The English as a first language people were much easier to deal with even though they provided similar support - that is to say nada. NSI, this is the second time in as many years that you have lost email for me (I know, once is you; the second time I'm the dumb one for still being around). Can it be that a company your size doesn't have redundancy built into the system? Where is the ### or ###s in the company? My missing email needs to be "resend"? OK, by all means, I'll contact the people who sent me emails I did not receive and ask them to send them again. I WISH THERE WAS A COMPETITOR; I swear I've had enough of NSI.

Jun 27, 2009 9:15 am EDT

I subscribed to Watch Dog Services for a year from Network Solutions. I chose not to renew. about four weeks prior to the expiration date I started to received DAILY reminder notices of the expiration. After expiration I received daily "please renew" messages for about 3 weeks. I then received a FINAL renewal email. AFter the final notice I received more "please renew" emails... not sure how long this is going to continue.

I complained about this and NS says that they can't do anything about this because that's how the reminder script is programmed.

I am viewing these reminders a spam. I will be moving my domain elsewhere soon.

Mar 13, 2010 9:54 am EST
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No answer to a ticket opened for more than 30h ago for a domain transfer issue. They simply seem to ignore customers!

Oct 01, 2010 7:42 am EDT

Here by want to inform you that missing of simcard of no:[protected]
please block today itself

May 02, 2011 1:13 pm EDT

Network solution sucks. I hosted my website with Network solution and after few weeks I have move my site to another host.

But if you are a email spammer than Network Solution is the right place for you, as if you browse their website you will not find any link or email address to complain about email spams from domains hosted and registered with them.


I have been a Newtork Solutions customer for over 4 years. I rarely need to actually log into my email through their web portal, but on occasion I do. One such occasion would be to empty some large files out of my email account in order to free up space. It seems that over the last few months, when I try to delete one or a few emails at a time, sorted by size, the Netsol system does not work. It gets 'stuck'. However, when I get frustrated enough and just delete the enitre contents of the account, that seems to work just fine. So I am A) suspect of their true abilities in that maybe they are fostering an enviormentemt where it is easier to delete the whole box, instead of emails one at a time, thus freeing up space much quicker on their own severs. I am also B) Exteremely frustrated by the unbelieveable lag time in opening emails. In short, I will be leaving Netsol soon. And good riddence to them. I am so crazed by their taking advantage of me, I can't wait to stop paying that bill! Their system is extremely flawed or purposley designed to aggrevate business users into dumping large files more quickly than we would like. The end result being a need for less space on their servers. Either way, I've had it!

Nov 09, 2010 2:17 am EST

when i wanted to transfer to another server, 9 days ago, they gave me a transfer code that DOESN'T WORK.

These guys were the subject of a massive Federal Tradew Commission suit in 2017. Seems they haven't learned their lesson yet. AVOID them.

Mar 25, 2010 1:55 am EDT

Hi Cammoza,

I get support from Host Department for past 1 year. I get a good response from them.
Hope this helps you to get a better solution.


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