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Network Solutions is by far the worst hosting company out there. Not because of their tools, but because of their tactics. Here are a few tactics I noticed from being with them for 2 weeks.

1. Do not run into a billing issue with them, customers can not talk directly to Billing, instead you have to call customer Service in (india), Customer service then submits a ticket. I have a billing issue that's been running for 4 days and my site is shutdown until "billing" gets to it.
Why they do this? They drag on the time to fix your problem so you loose hope and buy another hosting package so your site can be up.

2. I purchased the Wordpress package originally, then purchased a webhosting package to host my wordpress site, well guess what they told me I couldn't do that because I purchased my packages separately!!! Customer service told me they I purchased the two packages separately so I can't combine them, instead I should have hit the upgrade button on my wordpress admin panel and purchase the hosting that way...
They do this so you can buy more. more.

Just go somewhere else. it's not worth it.

gauging customers

We have a domain registered at Network Solutions. Our primary contact left the company and was no longer receiving emails. They didn't bother to send notices to anyone else on the account. So the domain expired. We went to renew it, and they charged us $37.99 to renew the domain, which is already above the going rate and even above their own rate of $35. On top of that, they added a $25 reinstatement fee. No other domain registrar that I have heard of has ever done that when its so common for domains to expire before being renewed. BUT THERE'S MORE! We renewed the domain after it had expired for 2 days and went ahead and paid the bill. We received a confirmation that we had paid. But for some reason, they never ran the card and cancelled the renewal. When we called for support, they said it had been renewed and not to worry about it. After another week, we called and got them to admit that it hadn't been renewed. They said they would "escalate" the problem and someone would get back to us in 24 hours! I finally had yell at several people to get them to deal with it. This is all very ridiculous and expensive and a massive waste of everyon'es time. DON'T USE NETWORK SOLUTIONS FOR ANY REASON!!!

  • Vi
    VickiPate Aug 22, 2012

    Network solutions is awful. They charged my credit card $78.00 for two domain names that were not even due to expire for three months. I paid 4.99 and 9.99 for each initially. Today I called for the third time to demand a refund and again I am told it would be 3-5 days. It's been two weeks. There are plenty of places to buy domain names, I suggest you think long and hard before signing up with Network Solutions. They are greedy and the customer service sucks because, as most big rip of companies, they are located in India.

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support responsiveness (or lack of)

I have been with this company for 15 years. The deterioration in service towards the client and the blatant attempt to hold hostage and blackmail for further fees to reapir problems of their making is eye watering. I was miss sold a service that has disrupted my access to website properties for weeks on two sites i have with them. Call centers are in the Philippines where thy say they are not well enough trained to help and then try to sell you "my time" which is their paid assistance service. It is not tech support for THEIR problems, but you are told to resolve the issue promptly cough up the cash. NS has become a sham, clearly they are under financial pressure and have decided to fleece customers instead of picking up their game. I am currently in the painful process of moving all of my accounts. AVOID AT ALL COST.

  • Li
    livefree247 Oct 28, 2012

    I have been waiting for these people to fix my website for 2 weeks now. its not showing online, and they don't even have the decency to email and tell me what the problem is. I keep calling and keep getting the same thing "were working on it" no support on weekends? WTF this is crazy

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  • Mo
    Moses Rivera Aug 11, 2014

    I too have been with NS for quite some time. I cringe whenever I have to call for support that never seems to happen. Wholly incompetent. My latest shameful experience: my support ticket #1-781295665 was for my MSSQL DB off-line, simple just right click from SM and place on-line. This would take about 30 seconds to do. I opened ticket Friday, Aug 8, 2014 its not Monday, Aug 11, 2014 and still not done I called several times only to be told "someone is working on it" either they have a ###ed gnome or they simply don't care to provide support to it patrons. As soon as my issue gets resolved I am making a local copy of DB and site. Then I am transferring my domain. I feel like a fool if I have to give NetworkSolutions another dime of my money.. my advise DO NOT HOST OR DO BUSINESS WITH NETWORKSOLUTIONS IF YOU THINK YOU WILL NEED SUPPORT OF ANY KIND. YOU WILL NOT, I REPEAT WILL NOT GET THE SUPPORT YOU DESERVE

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network solutions holds dns hostage

Network Solutions pulled every ugly delay tactic in the book to delay our dns transfer until it finally got to within 60 days so we had to wait.

Then 2 months later, after paying what amounted to extortion to NS to renew with them against our will, they AGAIN changed the expiry date and are now refusing to send access codes to transfer dns.

There are no funds or payments pending and there is no legal reason for them to continue to hold our dns hostage, yet they continue to do so.

This place makes Enron look like a legitimate corporation!

  • Ad
    adnil5abby Feb 10, 2013

    I have never had contact with a company called Network Solutions LLC, yet there is a $101.94 charge on my PayPal account as of 2/10/13. From the other complaints on this website, it looks like I am not the only person to have been electronically defrauded by this company.

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soliciting worldwide boycott of network solutions

Network Solutions ia an unholy den of spammers. NS client claims to be sending ads to 40, 000, 000+ email boxes each month with no worry about receiving a spam complaint. The statement is presumably based upon malafide aweber-NS relationship. NS has no abuse report information on homepage and refuses to accept spam complaints against its domains hosted elsewhere. I solicit a worldwide bycott of Network Solutions.

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domain renewal

I started with Network Solutions almost ten years ago. I have a very simple site so the service was not an issue but when I had questions the support was not very helpful. This year I switched my hosting to hostgator, better serve and saved a lot of money. I transferred my domain name to hostgator so I thought renewal would be through them, so I ignored email from Network Solutions. Now my domain name has expired and I have to renew through Network Solutions. So they charged a $25 reinstatement charge, yeah it's a lot of work for them to reinstate and collect my money. The worst part is they charge $38 for One Year! They are way overpriced. Now that I've renewed I will be certain that my domain is with hostgator and I will be able to renew with them for less than half of what Network Solutions charged. Stay away from Network Solutions unless you wanted to be frustrated, poorly serviced and overcharged.

  • Mi
    mikezi Jan 25, 2012

    I agree 100%. Considering that their system is completely automatic, and yes, paying on time is important, for them to get $25 EXTRA to do nothing? Typical stupid decision made by a company that thinks its customers will sit by and just pay it.

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steals your domains

We had a couple of domain names registered with Network Solutions that was up for renewal. While we were in the renewal process we were suddenly informed by Network Solutions that the domain names had been reserved by someone else on the date it expired. This date was after we had requested a renewal. Network Solutions tells us that the only thing we can do is to contact the company that reserved the domains, New Media Investments inc, and try to get it from them. They were kind enough to provide us with the contact details. If it was not bad enough that Network Solutions let the domains go to someone else after we had requested renewal, here it the real twist to this sad story. Guess who owns New Media Investments inc - none else than Network Solutions! This should not be legal!

terrible company

This company is the worst company i have ever dealt with. When they transitioned from Monster Commerce to...

incompetent technical support

I am really upset with Network Solutions' technical support. Yes they are available 24/7 but the technical staff is incompetent. Once it's been determined they can't resolve your issue, they "escalate your case" to their real technical support engineers which can take 24 to 48 hours to get an email from them. (No direct communication with the engineers.) I had to call several times to get my issue resolve after the 48 hours had passed.

The fact that a company is okay with getting to your issue 24-48 hours after your website is down is not right. The internet is an immediate tool and a company should have the right people to resolve the issue immediately.

I feel stuck with Network Solutions because they make it hard to take your business somewhere else. I heard it can take 4 months. I don't have experience with that YET, but I do have experience with their technical support. A lot of it!!

My advice is to start with another company.

I am taking my business somewhere else. I am now looking for another hosting company after over a decade of being with Network Solutions.


I have a website hosted through Network Solutions. They advertise that they have 24 x 7 support. Today I tried to get into my store to update product information, only to reach a message that said I do not have access to my own products. This is new since mid-week. I contacted support only to be told that the name of the primary contact on my storefront is now a person who is an employee of Network Solutions, and I need to have this person change my access level - to my own storefront! And, to make matters worse, this person will not be available until Monday! So, for an entire weekend I am locked out of product updates! This is completely unacceptable.

screwed up

We did three service orders for Mr. Dennis Oleary back in July 2009 in Florida. The total owed to us is $737.15. All three of the services were for Army Recruiting Stations. After jobs were completed he started delaying payment saying that the Army had not payed him and eventually stopped taking phone calls and the last email he responded, he stated that Fantastic Networks was going to close. All the phone numbers I had for him do not work and a 1.5 years later we have not received payment...PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD SO NOBODY ELSE GETS SCREWED LIKE US..

holding dns hostage

Network Solutions does not seem to learn from their mistakes.

They are STILL the most unethical and outright illegal dns company I have ever seen.

FIRST, they refused to provide access code to transfer dns. Kept stalling, demanding more unnecessary documents, just to stall until the domain was within 60 days so I had to wait.

Then, after renewing against my will with NS, AND waiting the 60 days, THEY CHANGED THE EXPIRY DATE! So even though they basically extorted another renewal fee from me, they still have NOT updated the record - AFTER TWO FULL MONTHS OF RECEIPT OF RENEWAL PAYMENT, making it impossible to transfer an expired domain.

This is illegal.

If anyone wants to engage in a class action against them, I am seeking US$1MM damages.

You can contact us through our website:


Webmaster for Tranquil Realty

  • Ah
    AHumanPerson Jan 30, 2014

    You do not need an access code to transfer DNS. It sounds like you need an authorization code to move the domain ame out of Network Solutions. If you cannot access the account and don't know your logins, passwords, don't have access to the email or phone number on fle and no one can verify any of the information on file, they do request documents to protect the domain name from fraudulent access. Also, expiration dates cannot be changed for domain names with any domain registrar. It is actually impossible to do. It seems by reading this review that the issue is not with Network Solutions, but rather with your understanding on how domain names and the internet work.

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unauthorized credit card charges

Network Solutions made an unauthorized charge to my credit card for private registration of two internet...

network solutions are crooks.

I have been fighting with Network Solutions for months now.
Everything they do is most likely elegal.
They are incompetent at best.
I wish someone had warned me.

network solutions sucks

We have spent soo many years dealing with the bad NS. Thier outragous hold times, there incompitant staff, Thier ridiculous 4 month owernership transfer (notery rebublic required)and not too mention thier Toll support number. Nothing like spening an hour on hold and paying for it. I recently moved a portion of my domains to GoDaddy. I have to tell you thier support is night and day from NS. Thier online tools that let you completly control your domain in any means you wish(Change Ownership took 1 day). The first problem that I recieved from NS was an email telling me I had to call them to get the transfer completed. I sat on hold for only 10 minutes ( I guess they figure this out and are scared to death of loosing everyone) only to find a high preasured sales person trying to get me to stay. He had nothing technical to offer so I did not need to call him at all. Then I received antoher email that tells me I do not need to respond to let the transfer take place. But, If I do want to cancel the transfer to click on the link. Needless to say, I did not want to cancel the transfer so I did not click on the link. I found out later that if you do not click on the link, you cannot approve the transfer. They completey screwed up my changes to the domaain. It finally went through after several days but caused major problems during these 3 days. I complained about the letter and they assured me it would be changed and worded differently. That was almost a year ago. Still seiding the same letter out today 11/9/05. I called them to complain. I read the letter to the rep and asked him what it meant. He replied exactly the way I originally thought. Then when I told him that you could approve it unless you clicked the link, he stated that I mis understood. It was then my fault. Run as fast as you can!!!

  • Dr
    Dr K Chaudhry Dec 24, 2010

    Network Solutions ia an unholy den of spammers. NS client claims to be sending ads to 40, 000, 000+ email boxes each month with no worry about receiving a spam complaint. The statement is presumably based upon malafide aweber-NS relationship. NS has no abuse report information on homepage and refuses to accept spam complaints against its domains hosted elsewhere. I solicit a worldwide bycott of Network Solutions.

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  • Ze
    zeeshandar May 02, 2011

    Network solution sucks. I hosted my website with Network solution and after few weeks I have move my site to another host.

    But if you are a email spammer than Network Solution is the right place for you, as if you browse their website you will not find any link or email address to complain about email spams from domains hosted and registered with them.


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unauthorized billing/horrible service

Network Solutions has apparently dissolved Monster Commerce and moved everything to the NS servers... Apparently they failed to move the billing addresses... Instead of billing my Amex Acct which has been set up for 2 years...Network Solutions went digging into their old files and billed a defunct credit card that I no longer use and that they have no authorization to bill! The CC company issued a credit immediately and when I called Network Solutions to complain ...they told me that since I did a chargeback, my site would probably be shut down.! Their mistake and they are threatening me! This after having all my email addresses connected to my ecommerce site messed up and not forwarded! This past summer I spent hours and hours on my premigrated site that they could not get to work properly ...Of course they tried to tell me it was just me, which I knew was not true after talking with several other Monster Commerce clients...They ended up canceling the balance of scheduled migrations! Hence, my site is still on an antiquated platform... For my trouble, I was told I would probably have free billing for a year... Corporate and the head of technical has not replied to any of my emails... Buyer Beware...and by the way... NS overcharges for domain names big time... $34.99??? is only $9.99!!

bad service

All, you are not going to believe this. I am launching a new web site and I can't login to my Network...

company treats me like cheap commodity!

After going through a very bad experience with previous web host and registrar, I decided to switch to Network Solutions sometime this year (2006), thinking I was making the right decision.

My choice was based on the information I gathered after visiting their website and talking to their Sales people, trusting that the information they gave me was accurate.

I was very clear from the very beginning about what I needed. I was looking for a hosting package for my three websites that would be compatible with my current shopping cart and that would include private registration. I specifically asked if their server supported CGI scripting for the PDG shopping cart. I also told the sales rep that I already had my own secure certificate. I was told that the CSR would take one or two hours at the most, and the certificate could be installed in 24 hours or less - provided that I made a phone call to Tech support with a special request, which I did.

First, Network Solutions sold me the wrong package. Their Advanced Unix package, for some reason, did not meet my needs. When I called back, I spoke with a rep that was very courteous and prompt to cancel the wrong package and issue a new one. He even set up the sub-domains on the new Advanced Windows package in less than 30 minutes! I was really impressed, thinking this time I must have "hit the jackpot" when it comes to web hosting, but boy was I wrong! I had no idea of the nightmare that lay ahead of me!

After waiting for almost three weeks for the websites to get transferred (due to my previous registrar's fault), I thought, "Now that the transfer is complete and the website ready for the secure certificate installation, I am in good hands!"

I had to wait almost two days for Network Solutions to generate a new CSR and another two or three days for the certificate installation!

At 3:30 on the morning of February 6, I found out my shopping cart could not be accessed; it was returning a CGI script error message. I called Network Solutions Tech Support immediately and made about 8-10 phone calls throughout the day. They kept telling me the same thing, that they were working on the issue. Finally, they referred me to PDG, the shopping cart vendor.

If it wasn't for PDG, I would still probably be waiting for a Network "Solution". PDG found out the problem had to do with "script aliasing", whatever that means. On a conference call with PDG and Network Solutions, I was told that their system DOES NOT support cgi executable files! This information was never given to me by their Sales rep.

The bottom line is that, because of Network Solutions mess-ups, I wasted countless hours of my time transferring my web content to their servers and making unnecessary phone calls to no avail. Thousands of dollars in potential sales were lost due to Network Solutions inefficiency.

Despite Network Solutions selling me apples for oranges, they made several charges to my credit card. I contacted their Administrative Office and was promised more than once that the money would be refunded in full. More than 3 months later, I'm still waiting for $75 to be credited. I'm just waiting for my website registration to be moved to a new web host. Once transferred, a dispute will be filed with VISA for the refund that I am entitled to. When I told Network Solutions that I would file a dispute, they warned me that if I did that, the service would be cancelled and my websites would go offline. That's a sneaky way of keeping a customer's hands tied up. Stay away from web hosting companies that sound very courteous on the surface but sell you the wrong product and drag their feet to give your money back! This is NOT the kind of "solution" a customer would expect from a reputable company.

Update: After giving Network Solutions an ultimatum to refund my account, I verified with my credit card company that they finally refunded the $75 that they owed me. I still went ahead with the domain name transfers. After all I had to go through, I'm at wit's end with this company.

I had to make a last phone call to Network Solutions about a website that was not transferred. The CS rep, in a last-ditch attempt to gain my business back, offered me a $9 reward if I stayed with his company. In view of the hassle and the financial losses I had, my response was short, "Absolutely not." Frankly, I don't know what to do with so much money. I love when a company treats me like cheap commodity...


  • Ro
    Robert Sep 03, 2008

    Anyone, please provide list of NSI competitors. I'm more than ready to switch companies.

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