Netspend Corporationunauthorized transaction dispute

I filed a transaction dispute back in September. I was told I would be given a provisional credit during the time it would take for them to investigate and until I received my new card. I need my funds now so I asked was there a way to transfer my funds to a temporary card or withdraw my funds. They said I could use a prepaid netspend card from Walmart to transfer the funds. I spent the last of my cash getting the card just for them to turn around and say "there's nothing we can do, we can't transfer your funds". There's no way to withdraw my money and now after all the hoops I had to jump through, doing what they said I still wasn't able to transfer funds. I've had to miss work, a wedding because I don't have the money to go. Now they tell me I have to wait an extra two weeks until I can get my card back. I can't miss any more days of work, I need my money now. This is such [censored]. They made me spend my last bit of money for a card that I can't even use. Now they are holding my money for an extended period of time. I'm so [censored]ing pissed off

  • NetSpend Corporation Customer Care's Response, Oct 07, 2019


    We're sorry to hear that. We are happy to review your account to see what we can do. Please email [protected] with your contact information so that we can reach you directly.

    Thank you,

Oct 06, 2019

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