Netflixpayment refund

Netflix charged my card and is refusing to return my money. I did not have access to netflix and every time I tried logging in, it took me to the payment page.
I called and complained many times. It's been more than 1 month I have been asking for my money back. They keep sending back to my bank. My bank had clearly stated that netflix has been paid and they don't have the money.
In a similar situation. I lost money to netflix last year for 700rs and this time for 199rs. I cancelled my account and I asked for my refund as it was charged even after cancelling. Still I didn't get any money.
I am very angry and hurt that netflix could be running such a scam bieng a big company like this. Taking money from us and fooling us for months and years and never returning or even taking responsibility for this.
This is pathetic and I know you guys have taken my money and keep sending me back and forth to my bank and bank sends me back to you.
Really pathetic way to run your business. How can you guys sleep at night ? Stealing hard earned money from people like us.?


Oct 08, 2019

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