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This is a post I left on netflixes page for a rebiew on facebook.. ripped me off $36 this month and the don't even want to admit their mistake

Your workers are disgusting...
2.5 month ago I was told money wouldn't be able to be taken from my PayPal/linked card anymore because it wasn't a credit/debit card (only an eftpos machine one) so they physically couldn't.
2 months down the road everything fine.. then all of a sudden this month yous tried to draw money from my PayPal TWICE that wasn't there so it left me in a negative balance with PayPal because of overdrawn fees. 4 times in 3 days on the phone to you guys and yes $14 was refunded back to my PayPal but because of the overdrawn balance YOU GUYS LEFT on my PayPal I only got $1 back of that money.
Your worker, Jerika, is so so rude to people. Speaks over you like she's reading from a bit of paper and not stopping and she won't let you explain.
I tried to explain to you guys today I got none of that money back because of overdrawn fees left on PayPal from YOU GUYS and you tried to turn the blame for the fees back onto PAYPAL!
Thank goodness I recorded the phone calls because apparently you guys don't, convininetly for yous, because youse couldn't even find the phone recording form 2.5 months ago where YOUR worker mucked up. I'm sure PayPal and fair trading will be happy to hear the phone recordings I got.
Youse are honestly disgusting.. so thank you for ripping me off $36 this month 👍

Nov 08, 2019
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  • Cw
      Nov 09, 2019

    Netflix didn't charge you the overdraft fees, PayPal did. It's not their problem, or fault, that you don't have money on your account. Stop being poor.

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