Netflixsuddenly poor service


After nearly a decade of great service, Netflix has suddenly added a extra day delay on both incoming and outgoing DVD's. Of course they blamed the PO, but both delays started on the same day! Yea, right. So, now the turn-around cycle is about 5 or 6 days... saves a huge amount of money for Netflix. Has anybody tried Blockbuster??


  • Pi
    PinkiPad Jul 31, 2012

    Maybe I am lucky but service has been the same as always for me. Two days (from MA) to show returns, two days for next DVD. Rarely do I have a delivery issue. I do, thou, quite frequently, get discs that freeze, then skip, freeze, etc. I wipe the disc but it doesn't help very often. I also rent-by-mail from their competition and have only had two or three defective discs. Not skipping or freezing but other issues.

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