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J Aug 17, 2018

I am complaining about your movie options! you guys take stuff of a lot what you need to do is put movies on. the host was my favorite movie I watched it at least 2 a week. when ever I was having a hard time I would watch it. But you guys took it off and I am not happy about it. Also you took off revolution and countless others. taking movies off is the worst thing you guys can do. Every movie on Netflix is loved and people have memories with movies and when you take them away it hurts. Movies are meant to move people, give them hopes, dreams, and love. me and my family would watch movies together but now it takes so long to pick a move. we would eat and watch and bye the time we picked a movie (usually one I had already seen) my food would be cold. I know about every thing on here. I would really apresheat it if you guys would put The Host back on or other movies.

thank you for your consideration

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