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Netflix does not work when you're playing it on your computer and connecting it to a television via the HDMI cable no matter which HDMI cable you used or which HDMI port you have it plugged into on the television. It gives you the sound and it gives you the audio but there is no picture that plays there's no video. When you call Netflix tech support they tell you to contact your TV manufacturer even though you can play Hulu from your computer to the TV and you can go to YouTube and play YouTube videos from the computer to the TV. Basically Netflix is refusing to take responsibility for the fact that their application does not work anymore when you connect your computer to the television with an HDMI cable. This is a paid for service I should be able to plug it in and play it and now I get no video.

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    I'm running with the most current version of Windows 10 mic my television is less than a year old the HDMI cables are brand-new I should be able to play a video from my computer onto my TV I get sound I get subtitles even no video.


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      Nov 16, 2019

    In theory it does work, but there's something in the hardware that's causing the issue. Sounds like Netflix works on the app as intended, but you can't expect them to troubleshoot your DIY connections.

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