Netflixanne with an "e", second season, episode 3

C Aug 07, 2018 Review updated:

Come on. Seriously? Netflix can't adapt a classic book to a TV series without injecting the LGBT agenda? This was nowhere in the book!! You've ruined a great story. And for the newly enlightened added gay character, Cole, to be told, "You have such a life of joy before you!" it's just sad! Too many gays I know, even after they come out, are conflicted and unhappy, not "joyful" at embracing this lifestyle. Anne wonders how there can "be anything wrong with a life if it's spent with a person you love?" Ask that of the woman whose husband left her because he fell in "love" with another woman. Ask the child whose grandfather "loves" her in a sexual way. Just because someone (hetero/bi/homosexual, etc.) "loves" someone does not make a sexual relationship right. Stop trying to shove your morality down our throats and let the story just be the story!


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