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When trying to activate a new Net10 Wireless phone, after being a Tracfone Wireless customer for 10 years, I wanted to keep the same phone number. I was switching because I needed to replace my existing phone due to some of the buttons no longer working properly and I was using the phone enough to need more service time. The unlimited 30 day plans offered by Net10 seemed to be a better value while providing the service time I needed. When I tried to activate the new phone, they informed me I would be required to wait for 2 days in order to transfer my number. I called back in 2 days and they told me they had to send a new sim card in order for me to complete the transfer. I had purchased the phone at a local store and purchased my service while on the phone to activate the new phone. At the end of my 7 day wait to get the new phone activated with the correct number, after not having had any service, they successfully activated the new phone with my number but I was shorted 7 days service that I had paid for when first trying to activate the new phone. This is effectively theft because I paid for 30 days of service and received only 23 days service by the time they were able to activate the new phone with the correct number.


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      Oct 06, 2011

    This JUST happened to me! Got the new simcard and called Net10 to activate the phone. Apparently, the other sim card was no good. It took them over a week to figure this out. They kept promising me after 10+ hours of customer service and tech support/4+ days, everyday on the phone telling them I still don't have a phone number. Their system showed my phone was active, even though they KNOW the number they assigned me was a Tracphone customer and a bogus number for me...anyway, they sent me out a new sim card to activate my phone but are refusing to credit me my minutes and service days because "Maam, your phone was active even though you needed a new sim card". What!? Really? I asked to speak with a supervisor, she said "sure, I'll put you right through..I actually held for 1.5 hours". SCAM of a company and someone needs to put them in their place!

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      Jan 02, 2013

    I believe everything as on December 3, 2017 I used my debit card to purchase the 30 day $50.00 unlimited plan. It charged me $51.35 on the screen when i used my debit card. When I checked my SunTrust Bank account, I was charged $54.85. Now my cell phone was cut off on January 1, 2017, which is not 30 days. Someone must have played hooky in elementary school when they were teaching mathematics, because that's not 30 days from December 3, 2017. A computer can not make that kind of mistake, only the person who typed that in. What's going to happen about the time I paid for? Net 10 got all their money, where's all of my time? why do we have to complain after we spend our money? [protected]

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      Mar 21, 2013
    Net10 Wireless - defective phone
    Net10 Wireless
    United States

    Im very disappointed on this company. Bought a phone on the website. It only work for a week and it started messing up. It almost took forever to talk to a customer service representative and when i got one on the line, whaaat?.someone who doesnt understand filling a complaint to FCC and BBB. They could not give me a decent help and just reading scripts. Till now they did not do anything to fix the problem. What a bunch of BS.

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