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customer service, incorrect information from representatives

Purchased cell phone on June 23, 2010. Received message on screen on May 13, 2011 to call Customer Service...

customer service or lack thereof

This week my husband's phone number was suddenly changed without our knowledge or consent. I spent the...

tech support in guatemala?

I moved from one area code to another. I needed to change my area code so that I'm not using units at twice the rate. Net10 sent me a new SIM card. I've called their tech support several times to get the area code changed over and I still, 9 months later, have my old area code on my phone. I can't understand anyone on the phone who answers my call. This last time, I asked the man who answered where he was. He said 'Wataymala.' Shouldn't techs in Guatemala be providing tech support for Guatemalans with cell phones? 1) You're sending our money out of the country rather than keeping it in the country and putting it into the pockets of our workers? 2) It's not like talking to a person in America who has an accent and has reasonable grasp of the language. I can deal with that. These American companies or international companies with electronics products in America are outsourcing tech support to countries that put someone on the phone with an accent so thick, the customer can't understand the tech and the tech can't understand the customer. When a customer calls tech support, it's because something isn't working. They're already aggravated and agitated, right? Wouldn't this make them even more aggravated and agitated? When are these companies going to figure out that Americans HATE this crap.

pathetic service and devices

I've tried to like net10, really I have. I don't use a phone constantly and their per minute rate was very attractive to me. I purchased a refurbished unit for only $20.00 and it came with 300 minutes of airtime. Heck of a deal and, while featureless, the phone worked. I tested coverage in a few places I knew were fringe areas, but for the most part my son and daughter in law used the phone so we could keep in touch. A positive enough experience, so I bought a new phone.

Thant's when the nightmare began.

The documentation that came with the phone was joke, as was the "manual" linked to from the site. When I tried to find more information on the phone I discovered that the manufacturer didn't even list the phone and didn't support it because the contract with trac prohibited them from it. Further research revealed that the phone was in fact a discontinued model that had been built for a totally different market, purchased by trac at an obvious discount, and reprogrammed and renamed. This would have been bad enough if the phone had worked like it should. Sadly, it didn't.

Audio was weak. I had a lot of trouble hearing the other party in a conversation and they had a lot of trouble hearing me. This was consistent and couldn't be blamed on "bad connection". The display was also very dim and could not be read in anything but the darkest of ambient light. I contacted net10 "support" and after some time of them "jacking me around" I finally got an RMA and they sent me a replacement phone. Fine, except the replacement was also defective. Same problem with weak audio most of the time with spontaneous spikes of loud and distorted sound in the middle of a conversation. While it did not have the dim display, it introduced me to a new and different problem, battery meter not properly tracking the state of the battery.

Again I called and got plenty of runaround, but finally did get them to agree to take back the replacement and let me return the original defect to the point of purchase. They claim they are sending me a SIM card so I can resurrect the cheap featureless refurb and use up my airtime rather than losing it. It remains to be seen whether that will come to pass or not.

When I returned the phone the point of purchase I was able to speak frankly with the clerk since we were alone in the store and found out that my experience was typical of those who make the mistake of buy net10 / tracphone. He was completely unsurprised by my description of the grief they have put me through.

I just hope they do one thing right and let me use up my airtime so I'm not out any more than I have been already.

Keeping my contract is looking better all the time.

fraud, horrible service

My daughter has had a Net10 texting phone for over a year, and has been careful with the phone itself and frugal with her texting and call usage. On February 5th, with 13 days left on her current 300 minute / 60 day card, her phone suddenly stopped sending and receiving text and calls. A login to Net10's website told me that her phone had somehow been deactivated. Multiple emails through their support portal online went unanswered. I attempted to call their support phone line several times over a three-day period, but they were so busy that I was told to "call back later" without ever being placed on hold. When I finally reached an operator on the evening of February 10th, I was told, after being put on hold numerous times, that the minutes and days on the phone had been transferred to another phone and number. Neither I nor my daughter authorized such a transaction. When I asked them to fix this error, I was told to call back Mon-Fri 8A-6P ET when their "Fraud Department" was open. When I called back the next morning, I was put on hold time and time again before being told to "call back Monday" during business hours. So Monday, with only four days left on the phone's term, I called again. I was left on hold for over two hours without ever speaking to anyone, and then suddenly disconnected. I redialed, spent 15 minutes explaining this whole thing all over again to yet another operator. This time I told them I was a Wal-Mart Electronics center employee (actually, my weekend job). That seemed to make them more attentive and I was transferred to a slightly more intelligible voice and he really seemed to be understanding the problem and working to solve it, until he asked me to hold on a moment. There was a lot of usual call-center background noise for a minute or two, and then I was disconnected. Five hours wasted, no resolution. Their call rate cheap, but be warned, their customer service is just horrible.

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unauthorized charge

When making an online purchase for airtime at net10.com, I received a message stating there was a service error and directing me to call net10 customer support. This message was received after I had entered in all of my billing information. I called net10 and made sure to inform them clearly that I only wanted to be billed for the purchase one time, as I had no way of telling if the purchase had gone through or not. They assured me that I had not been charged as the purchase had not been completed and that I would only have the one charge. A few days later when I check my bank account information, I discovered that they had charged me twice for one purchase. I called net10 and they accused me of lying and told me they would not refund the unauthorized charge (this was after being put on hold multiple times and hung up on). Net10 refused to refund the charge or offer any type of compensation for my spending five hours trying to resolve this. Nor did they apologize for telling me that I owned more phones than what I do and telling me I was lying and that I did authorize the purchase when I had not. I ended up having to call my bank, who refunded the extra charge to my account and said they would take it up with net10. I also contacted walmart where I had bought the phones, and they offered to take the phones back and refund me the purchase price of the phones and then deal with net10 themselves. the net10 supervisor was Annalisa with an employee number of 55045. My goodness this ladywas very rude, kept telling me I was lying and that since I had three phones I would have logically purchased three airtime cards - this even after I gave her the 2 serial numbers that I had and directed her to look at my net10 account which only shows 2 phones registered to me. hope it was her pms and not net10s way of doing business and providing good customer service.

  • Ja
    jackh Feb 23, 2014

    Not surprising this just happened:
    Net10 is a rip off artist. I tried to purchase airtime and they claim my debit card declined 4 times. Turns out they actually charged me twice. I talked to the bank and all net10 has to do is fax a statement to them (I provided them the fax#) saying they wont try to claim that money and net10 is saying it will be 2 days before they can do that. I told them my 7 year old wont eat for those 2 days because it was my grocery money they stole but of course thats not important to them. The bank says they will put it back immediately if Net10 would just send the fax. Should be easy but if you google Net10 Rip Off you will see ripping people off is what they do best.

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number transfer & phone upgrade

I up graded phones and transfered my number to the new phone. Well it NEVER happened after 3 weeks I am still having difficulty getting the matter resolved. I have been on the phone at least 4 different times calls lasting >1hr. Only to get the same No Success with the service. I don't like that MOST if not all the customer service reps do not speak English clearly. I have to request someone else with out a heavy accent every time I call. I don't like NET 10 anymore. I guess that I will try someone else-who knows what they are doing!!!

  • Ks
    Ksb7 Jul 29, 2015

    Same problems as above, bad customer service, no service after I switched even though I has service before I switched. Loss of air time after they switched sins... Bad bad bad

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samsung r451c

I just spoke with net 10 customer service, he stated that the samsung r451c now charges 5 cents per text. I bought the phone because it is advertised by net 10 to only charge 3 cents per text. Below is what is also listed on net 10's web site re the samsung R451C.

Includes 300 Minutes and 60 Days of Service upon activation. Single Rate for every call - always 10¢ a minute: local, nationwide long distance and roaming. International calling to over 60 destinations just 15 cents per minute, Text Messaging only 3¢ per message for the Samsung R451C, Mobile Web, MP3 Player (cable and SD card not included), 1.3 Megapixel camera, MMS Picture Messaging, Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, Slider QWERTY Keyboard, Caller/Picture/Ringtone ID, Buy Downloadable Ringtones and Graphics using airtime minutes, Vivid Color Display, Voicemail, Call Waiting, Hands-free Speaker, Key Pad Lock, Alarm Clock, Voice Recorder, Voice Dialing, Voice Commands, Vibration Alert, Auto Redial, Hearing Aid Compatible (M3), Alarm Clock, 10 Polyphonic Ringtones and Phonebook with up to 500 entries.

  • Bj
    bjagd02 Dec 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This happened to my gf too with the same phone. It was charging her .3 minutes per text ever since she bought the phone. She added minutes this morning and now it is charging 1 minute per text. What ended up happening with you? She called customer support and they tried telling her she was lying and that phone has always charged 1 minute.

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  • Sp
    spicytim Jan 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same thing happening here, 3 months of .3 min per text then suddenly 1 minute per text. I didn't upgrade to an $80 phone just to pay MORE for minutes! There's no way I'm calling their horrible indian tech support again, though, so I'm going to do some digging in their user agreement.

    OK. In big bold letters under the TEXT MESSAGING clause it reads, "If you are on one of the 30 Day Monthly Plans, the rate to send or receive a text message is 1 unit or minute per text message."

    I've been using this plan since I got this new Samsung R451C so they must have just up and changed that recently. I guess it was too good of a deal so to compensate they just made text messaging more expensive. Too bad that totally contradicts how they advertise the R451C as being .3 min per text. Thanks for nickel and diming me Net10! Awesome.

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non-functional phone

I purchased a Samsung T401G phone from these people in January 2010. When it arrived, it would not receive calls, only make outgoing calls, then it stopped doing outgoing calls also. After repeated attempts to get it working both using their web site, and calling "live" people whose speech was virtually undecipherable and muffled at their "customer service" (NOT!) number, we finally received an RMA number to return the phone to them for repair/replacement. They sat on this phone for 5 months, finally returning it in June with the exact same problems it had when it was sent off to them, only now with expired "service time" because they had sat on it for so long, so I did not find out it was still inoperative until I bought still MORE minutes to get the service re-activated, only to find that the phone still did not work. After calling them again on another phone, and burning up $6 of minutes waiting an hour for them to answer the phone, I gave up and submitted a direct complaint at their "Contact" number. Two days later someone called me and burned up another several bucks on my cell phone telling me that they had no record of the RMA and phone and that it was listed as "active" in their computer, although iti still did not work. Then they promised me that if I bought a new Net10 phone they would transfer the minutes on the defective phone to the new phone along with some "compensation" minutes. So, like the sucker they played me for, I bought a new phone, activated it and got a new number assigned to it, and wrote them back an email (which bounced, their sending address is a phoney one that does not receive inbound emails) asking them to transfer the minutes to the new phone. Meanwhile, the new phone worked for a day, but then stopped working, unable to call out or receive incoming calls; it had become "deactivated". So I called them, waited for a "customer service" person, got another inaudible operator who could barely speak English with another muffled/garbled connection, who wasted another 20 cell phone minutes before telling me that I would have to return the phone to the store where I bought it to have them "rescan" the bar code on the self-destructing package my daughter threw away after I gave her the apparently-working phone which was to replace the first never-working phone. She insisted that she could not simply activate/reset/get-working the phone from her console. SO now, I am out for the price of TWO phones ($80 each), neither of which work, plus hundreds of unuseable "minutes", plus several hours of additional minutes I spent talking to these idgets on my other phone. I think the only function of this "business" is to sell you inoperable phones and minutes which you burn up talking to their "customer service" number about their inoperable phones. IF someone gives you one of their phones for FREE, toss it into the nearest fireplace and use it to generate a few BTUs of heat to warm your house; you will be far ahead of where you are if you pay for minutes of phone time you will never get to use to talk to anyone but their incomprehensible "service" aliens. Run away from these people as fast as you can.

  • Jc
    jcqtn Mar 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    "They sat on this phone for 5 months, finally returning it in June with the exact same problems it had when it was sent off to them, only now with expired "service time" because they had sat on it for so long..."

    I think right there would've been the point at which I stopped *trying* to do business with this company and went elsewhere to try and get satisfaction. That would've been, what? at least $100.00 you were out at that point, with still no working phone and no phone time to show for it. Net10 would've CLEARLY been in the wrong to keep your phone "in repairs" for 5 MONTHS. It is not the customer's fault AT ALL if they get a "lemon" phone -- that's the *Company's* problem -- not yours. THEY are the ones responsible for fixing it, not "sit on" the phone and steal your phone time to boot. Yep, they'd have been hearing from BBB or attorney general's office -- something -- if that happened to me!

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terrible tech support

I've been a Net10 customer for about 3 years and never had a problem with the service and coverage or phone usage for the first 2.5 years, always bought my cards at department stores, entered the airtime pin and in 5 seconds or so the new time was on my phone. Never had to call support for anything. The phone was a simple one, no real bells and whistles, but it always worked fine. Only problem I ever had with it was it would somehow vibrate and mash around in my pouch and come unlocked and call people! That's just the phone design and not a Net 10 problem so I accepted it. A few years later I looked at the Net 10 website and saw I could upgrade phones, and found a phone that was a flip phone, had a camera and I wouldn't have to worry about it calling people on its own. Plus, it came with 300 minutes, and I would only have to pay a net of about $10 for a new phone after air time cost. I waited until it was close to time to add air time and decided to upgrade to the new LG 600 flip phone which I ordered from their website. I had to call Net 10 support and that's where the issues started... This was October 09.

I spent a few hours on the support line with them giving me codes to enter and such and it was finally decided that the SIM card was bad so they sent me another one. Called again and went through the process of getting it working and after asking for a supervisor, this lady, although hard to understand her accent, she got the phone working. A few days later I realized my voice mail didn't work. I tried to follow the steps to set it up, but it never gave me any response but that this voice mail account was invalid. Called them again, several times over three months, hours on the phone, never got it resolved. Each time the last person I spoke with would tell me to give it 2 or 4 or even 24 hours, leaving the phone on and it would be working. Never a change. I gave up on having voice mail. It was starting to seem to me that the 2, 4 or 24 hour statement was their way of getting me off the phone and admitting they had no idea how to help me. This was December 09.

A few weeks ago I crushed the display of my LG and although the phone still works, I can't read anything on the display, so I don't know who's calling me, and I have to call out by entering the number since I can't see my phone book. So, I ordered the exact same phone from them. Figured it was worth the few dollars since it comes with 300 more minutes. Basically cost me $8 after air time to get a new phone with a coupon code. Got it Friday and called to get it activated, minutes transferred from the old phone and phone number etc. Was on the phone long enough that my home wireless phone went dead, right after I had asked to be transferred to a supervisor and was starting to explain to him what I had been through when the house phone died. Called back and got a different tech, went through all the same process again, asked for a supervisor and was told none could speak to me and I'd have to wait 24 hours, leaving the phone on while he escalated the issue to a department in Florida. I told him that was unacceptable and wanted to speak to a supervisor. He hung up on me! I called back Sunday evening (of course the phone still didn't work, and the old phone still was sending and receiving calls even though the new phone had the minutes on it and showed my phone number) and spent another 1.5 hours speaking to supervisors. Again they claimed I needed to wait 48 hours this time and someone would call me when it was resolved. I didn't argue this time, just accepted it and decided in the mean time I would research other options.

I read the complaints on this site and saw someone recommending Pure Talk USA so I looked at their options. Their info looked good and I couldn't find any complaints about them, and the folks who were talking about them were all happy customers, and some said their tech support and customer service is in the USA and you can actually understand them and they treat you with respect...

I found Net10 customer support page and submitted a request and told them what I had been going through and that I was giving this one more chance to be resolved and was going to give up and go with another provider. I got an auto response that confirmed they had received my request and that someone would be in touch with me...in 24-48 hours! So, I went to the customer support page on Pure Talk USA and sent them an email asking a couple questions. Within 5 minutes I got an email back from one of their customer support persons answering my questions and telling me they would love to have me as a customer. Not an auto response, but a real human. First impressions are golden in this industry...

I called Net10 tech support again last night (Tuesday--48 hours later) and told the first tech that this was my last phone call and that they had this phone call to get my new phone working or I was done. Over three, yes three hours, and 5 support people, (the last 4 were supposed to be level 2 or 3 techs) and several codes entered, turn off and on, remove SIM cards, read numbers etc. no one could get the phone working. Every one of them, before I told them once again that if they couldn't resolve the issue I was done, told me to wait 24-48 hours with the phone on and it would be fixed! Every one! When I would give them the "I'm done" speech, they would transfer me to a higher level supervisor and I'd start all over again with the codes and reading them the SIM number off the card etc. After three hours of this, and the 5th tech telling me to wait 24-48 hours, I calmly told him that I am a patient man, but I have my limits and I was done and would be packaging up the new phone and sending it back for a refund and going with a new provider.

I signed up with Pure Talk USA last night and am waiting for my new phone. I'm not going to be porting the number I've had for 3 years from Net10 because I just don't want to have to deal with them again in any way. I'm ready for a fresh start. I'll report back here in a few months and let everyone know how it's going.

It is sad that a company I had no complaints about for so long has such bad tech support and customer service that a loyal customer of 3 years has been turned away, even hung up on when all I was trying to do was upgrade to a nicer phone and keep the service! Very sad. I guess if all you ever do is buy the package phone from Walmart and it works, you should be good to go, but if you ever have to get involved with tech support, may God be with you!

Side note: While typing this I received an email from the lady in customer service from Pure Talk USA thanking me for becoming a customer! What a timely email!
Doug Ferguson

  • Do
    Doug Ferguson May 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's not over! Last night Net10 customer service called me to try to talk me into staying with them. I told them I had given them every chance to get things right and had decided already not to continue with Net10, and had already signed up for Pure Talk USA. I told the agent that I planned on using up the time I had already purchased that was originally on my old phone and then not renew my airtime with them, but start to use my new service.

    Well, today my old phone no longer works! Neither does the new Net10 phone. So I guess the saga never ends with them. I'm going to have to call and see if I can get them to reactivate my old phone as I don't plan to forfeit the 400+ minutes I had on the old phone before all this started! Their incompetence really wears you down.

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  • Br
    Brettcb Dec 23, 2010

    Worst customer service experience of my life. In addition to the heavy accent, the csr had a major attitude problem, every word out of his mouth dripping with pedanticism and loathing. I told him I prefer not being treated like an imbecile and that he'd do well to improve his skills in dealing with the public. His response was that I shouldn't "go there with him." I then told him I'd like to speak with a manager afterward, and his response was "not a problem, but what makes you think you're in a position to complain?" Incredulous, I replied that the customer is always right, but "apparently Net 10 is not AT & T or Verizon, and we get what we pay for." I went on to tell him that he should be happy to have a job, given the disproportionate number of Net 10 customers who presumably aren't as lucky. The rep then called me an a$$hole (no hyperbole, that's the exact word his used, the sounds of other csr's chattering away in the background all the while, presumably abusing customers of their own). That's when I hung up. And all this over the matter of replacing a SIM card for an unactive phone, which in hindsight should have been straightforward. Instead I went back to the Radio Shack store where I originally bought the phone, and was given a new phone for little cost, apparently the easiest workaround for the de-activation problem. The Radio Shack employee commiserated with me over Net 10 horrible, shameful customer service. "It's not a company you want to be dealing with directly, " he admitted.

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In late December 2009, I bought a Net 10 Motorola phone from their website. It has a 1 year warranty, and for...

phone disconnected

I purchased $30 of minutes from a Net 10 representative and was given 300 minutes for 2 months. My credit...

customer service

This company I have spent hours on the phone with. I had a T-mobile phone and wanted the phone number transferred to the net10 that I just purchased. I was given a case number and to keep checking for a message that this was done. I checked a couple of days and then called to find out the progress. 2 days later I had a phone number and my landline phone had been transferred. I am taking college courses online and have many contacts that need to be addressed. So, I had to get another landline number, and now my DSL for the PC does not work which will be 2weeks before I have it back, all this at my cost. I called customer service and spoke with a representative; I did not get anywhere. I then talked to this person's supervisor, did not get anywhere, I then spoke to their supervisor, another go round. So much for interpersonal relations. They are located in Columbia, with corporate offices in Miami Fl. I am going to be calling them after this blog. I can almost tell you the outcome right now. Also there was stated $.10 per/minute US calls and $.15 international calls. That is restricted and you cannot call beyond the US, Canada, and Mexico. SO MUCH FOR INTERNATIONAL CALLING. Robert White, Clinton, NY

  • Ze
    Zebby Apr 25, 2010

    My advise is start with a new number. Net10 is great if you get the phone in person and can use it with out getting complicated. They do have fantastic rates at 10c per minute and yes it is based for us to use at home. My phone works very well and I really do save so much now that im not on contract.

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  • Ex
    Exocet May 13, 2010

    I have NEVER in my life experirenced such POOR service form a cell phone company! I have had the phone for a week and STILL have no voice mail! It took 5 days to get ANY service on it! I have spent more time on my landline complaining to the folks in India than I have ever with any other cell phone provider. NEVER AGAIN. I can't wait to transport my number back away from Net10.

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  • Pr
    pricetech Mar 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Abysmal customer service and junky phones seems to be the norm with trac and its subsidiaries.
    My nightmare was similar to yours, but is hopefully almost over since I managed to move my airtime to an older featureless phone that at least works so the time can be used up.

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  • Ly
    lynnjmac Dec 18, 2011


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  • Gl
    Glisole Jan 10, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Net 10 phone minutes. In the last hour I have received 3 emails and 4 texts to remind me to buy minutes. This is after many many many requests asking Net 10 to stop this. I know when to buy minutes. I hate Net 10.

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  • Be
    Betty Nantz Jan 07, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had a Net Ten Phone for over a year and paid on the montly fee. On Dec. 3, 2012 I paid my fee and on Dec 8, 2012 my phone was either lost or stolen and within an hour I had reported it to them to be deactivated and ask for a refund. I called three times and got a run a round and on the third call was told very bluntly that I could not get a refund. The first time I was told that I had to notify them 24 hrs. prior to reload to get a refund, . I was told if I bought a new phone they would be glad to put the min. on the new phone. No way - I might have lost my money but I got rid of a bad apple. They do not honor their word and are very unethical in their dealings. If the problem is for their benifit, that is the way they will go . Satisfied customers are the least of their worry.

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  • We
    wes nile Mar 18, 2013

    Worst cell phone company ever.Customer Service is a joke.They will give you the run around and put you on hold for hours.They all speak with a thick foreign accent and communication with them is all but impossible.Avoid this company at all costs!

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  • Ri
    Richa23 Sep 28, 2013

    I just purchased the $50.00 per month plan with unlimited internet using my HTC smart phone and hoped to us this hotspot active on this phone to work at home with my laptop computer, however the local provider could not help me in completing this service? He shared with me that soon an app would be coming ready to download which would permit me to complete the sharing my hotspot with my laptop! my question today is do you have any comments regarding these matters that would assure me along these lines? Thank You signed Richard

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  • Wo
    Worst company on the planet Oct 18, 2013

    They inactived me for no reason. Tried to reactive, they took the money out but didn't active. Finally I'm active they took all my 3077 minutes and I can't get them back. Worst company I have ever dealt with. DO NOT go with this company. Took me years of crap to call it quits. STAY A WAY!!

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  • Ch
    chloenapi Feb 14, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Run Run do not get Net 10 I just lost my phone # that I have had for 15 years they deactivated my phone without my request and now it is going to take an act of god to get it back. Horrible, horrible customer service and you cannot even understand them as they are not from the US.

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  • Er
    Erick Berge Mar 21, 2014

    I have just bought a net10 phone card just a couple days ago and I revealed the pin number on it but when the operator asks me to add the pin he saying it's invaild pin and why. All I can say about the all of the net10's companies are f**king fakes just get out of business you fakes S.O.B's

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  • Ra
    ralph george Jan 24, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    you took out 3 online payments on 12-18 of 38.32 you were to send 2 of them back to my account it did not hapend way

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cheated out of airtime minutes

I purchased airtime minues via the Net10 website on March [protected] minutes/60 days. I recorded my actual...

worst customer service - avoid net10

When you go to the Net10 website, their advertising slogan says “No Bill’s, No Contracts, No EVIL”. Here is why I think they are absolute hypocrites in regards to the No EVIL slogan...

I purchased a basic Net10 phone so I could keep my old phone number since I recently got a free cell phone through my employer and I did not want to keep paying on my Verizon phone that was costing me somewhere north of $90 per month. I wanted to keep/port my old number to Net10 so my friends and family could still contact me on my old number that I have had for over 6 years. So over 10 days ago I purchased my new Net10 phone and went through their online activation process and followed the steps to transfer my phone number. Immediately after going through this online “activation” my Verizon phone stopped working and my new Net10 phone would begin ringing whenever someone called the old number but they could not leave a message because the Net10 phone was not active? So I waited about 3 days and called Net10 customer service and received completely incompetent service and no one would help me or give me a straight answer. Going to their website for a status did not give me any information and my old phone is still unusable for the last 10 days. Meanwhile I have tried every trick in the book to get some movement on this issue including talking to 2 levels of supervisors who have been completely unwilling to do anything outside of reading their prepared script to deal with irate customers, In all actuality these people do not care since they are being paid low wages and are based out of a Philippians call center. I have never been so frustrated in my life and I am so tired of dealing with these people but I have gotten no direction on what to do other than wait. As I write this I have been waiting on hold with Net10 customer service for over 90 minutes…..
So much for “No Evil”. They may be a good service once you get activated, but they are not equipped to deal with customer problems. If you want to port your old phone number to NET10 I would reconsider...Trust me on this, they suck!

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    Ellva Nov 12, 2013
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    Oh their customer service skills are absolutely atrocious. I'm not sure how long ago you posted this, or if your problem has been resolved, but honestly, in the end, I would say go through a different company. I've been using Net10 for almost two years (I have no idea why I stayed with them this long), and within this last year I've had to get on the phone with tech support about every other month. As you say, once you get the phone activated it works well, but getting it activated in the first place is like pulling teeth, and it won't end. Like I said, you'll be on the phone with tech support about every other month, and then to add insult to injury, they'll treat you terribly.

    I was hung up on today for saying "crap". Specifically I said, "I'm sorry, Lady, but you don't know the crap I've been through already." She said, "This is your warning, " and hung up me. "This is my warning?" (?!!) What am I, a child being scolded by my mother? Cause I thought I was a customer giving them MY hard earned money for services that barely work. In the end, she knew I would just have to call back to resolve my issue and wait on hold for another 30 to 40 minutes, so what was her objective? To punish me. Plain and simple. She wanted to punish me for saying "crap" to her, so she hung up on me so that I would have to wait on hold again. That is DISGUSTINGLY horrid customer service skills.

    I will NEVER use Net10 again, and I plan to make sure that every person I know knows exactly what kind of business they are. I'll start blogs about it, share my experiences in forums, start a group at facebook; whatever it takes to let people know to avoid them at all costs.

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    Net10 loser Mar 08, 2014
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    I did try Net10 wow what a mess in all direct site problems never have I seen such phucked up idiots. They lost my account my phone number and me ---LOL buy anything other than Net10 even chicken wire and soup cans would be better. Even e-mail from the stooges are useless. I have no idea how these inept 3rd graders get a job there. If you are looking for a laugh and spend hrs. for nothing give it a go. LOL still.

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    Hate_Having_2_Complain Jun 03, 2016

    The customer service with this company is horrible. I called 5 times concerning the same issue and never spoke to anyone that could assist. The accent of the reps is so heavy you have to puzzle your brain to figure out what they are saying and no matter how many times you explain your issue they continuously ask you the problem over and over again as if they didn't get it the first 10 times you said it. I asked 3 times to speak to a supervisor and they couldn't even help so I asked to speak to a manager who was worst. The manager said, "I need to place you on hold to ask my supervisor, " which is the same line all the other reps had used on me. I then questioned, "If you are the manager, why do you need to confer with a supervisor?" Suddenly I was disconnected! That was the last straw...I decided then that NET10 is definitely not for me! If you can get a phone through another company PLEASE DO.

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    Xierra Jun 11, 2016
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    That must be very frustrating! If you are fed up with talking to Customer Representative, try sending an email at [email protected] or you can chat with them live @ http://bit.ly/1b9xrmg. They will be able to assist you immediately. Believe me, I've tried it, and I was satisfied.

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time-wasting customer service

I had a Tracfone for years and never had problem one. Like an idiot, one day I decided I "just had to have" a fancier cellphone. I wasn't impressed with what Tracfone had to offer but their website gave me the option of selecting a Net 10 phone. It turns out that Tracfone and Net 10 are the same company. Since I had good luck with my Tracfone I figured that, being the same company, Net 10 would be equally satisfactory. WRONG! I bought a 'spiffy' Motorola "slider" online and it was in my hands three days later. This was eight days ago. The day I received the phone, I went online to active it. But, since I wanted to keep my "old number", the website informed me that it could take up to "three days" to "port my number into my new cell phone". Six days later, I received a message that my old number had been "ported" and that now my new phone was ready to activate. Yippee, right? WRONG. I engaged in repeated attempts to activate my phone online. Each time, I wound up with an error message asking me to call the Net 10 Customer Service line. I did. Welcome to Hell! I spent the next 50 minutes (no - no exaggeration - 50 MINUTES) answering the same questions OVER and OVER and OVER: what's my name, what's my email address, what's my home phone number, what's my birthday, what's my new phone's serial number; do I want to receive special offers on my home phone number and what is the zip code where I will be using the phone the most? Here is the routine I came to despise almost as much as I came to despise Net 10: I would answer all these questions speaking to a particular person (always identified by name - e. g. 'Alexandro', 'Selina', 'Roberto', etc.) with a heavy Latin accent whom I could not understand very well. This rep, once I finished answering the 'string of questions' placed me on hold for from one to ten minutes. After being on hold, another person would come on and ask me the exact same questions again - then place me on hold, etc. etc. etc. Finally, I gave up - hung up - figuring I would (surely) be able to activate my phone online the next day. WRONG!!!

The next day - the same thing (honestly!). Give the information to the "string of questions" - get some 'gooble-de-gook' about 'being very busy' 'asking my supervisor' 'needing to contact an agent' etc. etc. etc. The third day I, once again, joined into the "Net 10 Dog and Pony Show". Only, this time, I called from my workplace where my phone has a speakerphone and a 'hand-free- hold option. Here again I am not exaggerating - but it was THE SAME THING AGAIN. Only this time, I had vowed to "wait them out". Forty minutes into this tired routine (made a bit more infuriating but the rep who actually picked me up from hold EVERY two minutes for twenty minutes - to ask me one or two of "the questions") - I was actually connected to a female who spoke understandably and proceeded to (what else) ask me the "string of questions". After twenty minutes with her - MIRACLE OF MIRACLES - my cell phone actually became activated. She thanked me for "chosing Net 10". Such is life.

Bottom line - it took nearly two weeks from the time my credit card was charged to being able to make and receive phone calls. If I had been told by Net 10 "up front": hey, Buddy, here's how it works: "you send us your money and you will have a working cell phone in two weeks", I could have, simply, ordered the damn thing two weeks before I needed it. As it turned out, I was without my cellphone service for two weeks. I'm a therapist who answers crisis calls from people in life threatening situations. Sometimes a person's life may actually depend on me receiving a call immediately. This is why I carry a cell phone. Of course, during those two weeks I had my crisis calls routed to my land line. No big deal you say? It was to me because that meant I was "anchored" to that landline and could not, in good conscience, 'run to the store'; take the dog out for a run or take the grandkids up to Dairy Queen for a milkshake. Couldn't do it because of the ineptitude and incompetence of Net 10. As part of buying the cellphone, I got 300 "free minutes". You can bet that long before those minutes are 'used up'; I will quit being such a 'tightwad' and contract with AT&T for a reliable cell phone. It's the old adage: "you get what you pay for". Believe me - the little bit you might save with a Net 10 'no contract" phone won't be anywhere near enough to make up for the frustration, heartburn, dismay and lost time you will incur by dealing with Net 10. Spare yourself - profit from my experience - stay away from them!

  • Ly
    Lynne A Mar 06, 2010

    At Christmas time we came to Florida for 2 weeks knowing we would be returning in February for 2 months. I wanted to be able to call home to Canada and so I went to the local Walmart and asked for advice about which phone to purchase. The helpful associate suggested a Net 10 phone. I bought one and he activated it for me and all in all was helpful. My problem starts when I need to activate the phone for International Long distance (ILD) which I do by making the required phone call. I am told to wait for the text message that should arrive in 72 hours (which frankly seems like a long time to connect a phone ) – the message never comes – I call and am told to wait the 72 hours again – by this time we return to Canada. When we come back to Florida on Feb 2 we try again to connect to ILD – same thing wait for text message in 72 hours – no message. At that point I go on line and sign up again for ILD – same instructions – no text message arrives. Next I send an email with my problem – automated response says wait for reply which comes in 48 hours telling me that I should get a text message within a hour to say I am signed up for ILD – guess what no text and no ILD –I call the customer service number again but again (this is the second phone call) sit on hold for 15 minutes without speaking to anyone. It is now Mar. 4 and I have no ILD service. I have been trying to almost 4 weeks. I even bought more minutes to make sure I would have service for the duration of my time here. Silly me. I should have realized a scam way back in December

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  • Ci
    CindyH Mar 25, 2010

    I can understand people doubting prepaid phones but I personally thought Net10 was the best one out of everything. Because I lost my job I was unable to afford phone coverage from one of these big companies that has outrageous contracts so a friend told me to get a Net10 phone. It’s been working well and my phone which is a Motorola has everything I could really need. Customer Service was wonderful and they helped make everything easier to understand.

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  • Ke
    KerryL Oct 22, 2011

    Spent an hour on the phone with Net 10 trying to add minutes, find out about the pricing, get instructions about using the phone, and get a manual or instruction leaflet sent to me, which was not included in the package. Very bad connection, very rote, non-English-as-native-language-speaker communication, very difficult to understand and incredibly time-consuming. I can't remember how many times I had to repeat my address. The rep claimed she had sent me a manual by e-mail and that I would have it in a few minutes. I had still not received it towards end of conversation and I had to twist her arm to get her to explain how to use my phone features. She then claimed I would have the manual in my e-mail within 24 hours. Suspecting this was not true, I talked to a supervisor, was put on hold, then told I would be transferred to the department that would do this for me, but instead I was hung up on. Today, still no manual (which should have come with the phone, no?) I talked to another rep who claimed he would send me the manual EITHER by e-mail or from the warehouse. When I asked to talk to a supervisor, she was told that the company "does not send manuals, you have to go to the website." Worst customer service ever. Also rep who was trying to get me to sign up with the plan that involved automatic withdrawals told me a couple times that "the money will only be extracted from your account one time"). Seeing the complaints on here, I am now regretting I gave them my credit card information and wondering if I have to watch my account like a hawk, which is not worth it. Note that the minimum you can spend to not have your service discontinued and lose your minutes is $20 a month without a plan, PLUS taxes, or $15 a month if you are willing to authorize a monthly debit. My whole reason for a "pay as you go" plan was to save money, and this is not going to do that. My regular provider has its problems but they are not like this. If I were looking for a pay-as-you-go phone again, this would not be the one I'd pick.

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  • Ke
    KerryL Oct 22, 2011

    My experience as noted on here has been the same as Jaymann2--customer service or some of it seems to have been farmed out to Belize. I am now talking to someone at the corporate office for "customer escalation" number 1-800-876-5753. We'll see if that results in me actually getting my manual or not.

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false advertising

I am a South African and recently wanted to keep in contact with my family. Because I am only here for 6 months there is no use to get a contract phone, so the alternative is pre paid.

In a supermarket I purchased a phone listed and branded as a Net 10 Wireless phone. As any consumer would, I read the packaging carefully in order to buy the correct product to suit my needs. Their product did just that.. it stated in capital letters " INTERNATIONAL CALLS JUST 15c"... So i bought the phone.

After activation I found that I could not text or call to South Africa. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with consultants and the supervisor as the supermarket would not refund me because the phone has been activated.

Let it be known that nowhere on the outside of the sealed packaging it states in any form, wording or pictures that there are restrictions on certain International countries. There is no statement to consult an employee or cashier of the store.

This said.. I ended up in another 35 minute phone call after 5 days of e-mails which I was billed for the calls.

Since when do the consumer pay for a company to handle a complaint.. since when do companies not care and straight off tell the customer that they do not refund, and if the supermarket does not want to refund, there is nothing they(Net 10 Wireless) could do...

I firmly believe this is false advertising.. promoting certain features in a product which it can not do and then introduce this product in the market on the shelves of our local supermarkets.

Now the question is, how many people has this happened to, and how many people just gave up after a week or two of struggling with this product... this is false advertising and if you do not assist or refund the wrong in this.. it constitutes an illegal money making scheme.

  • Pr
    pricetech Mar 27, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I don't make international calls, so I didn't encounter your problem. My nightmare involved junky phones and abysmal customer service.
    However, since I've been relating my experience to others I am finding that complaints against trac and its subsidiaries are commonplace and, sadly, many people do give up due to the intense frustration.
    We, the consumer need to remember that "we" outnumber "them" by a huge margin and start acting like it.

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need call log for my inactive phone

I need the call log for my phone for mid october. Im requesting that this be E-mailed to me at...

faulty sim cards & bad customer service

I've been a Net10 customer since February 2009. I bought the phone for my teenage son who doesn't text much and only makes/receives a few calls a week.

A few months after purchasing the phone and adding minutes/time, the phone stopped working (with plenty of mintes and days left on it). My wife called customer service who determined that the phone had a bad SIM. They agreed to send us a new SIM, but would not refund the days of service lost while waiting for the replacement SIM. When the SIM arrived in the mail (about 3 days later) we called customer service to get the phone activated.

A few months later we experienced the SAME problem and went through the same procedure with customer service (TWICE: once to report the problem and have it diagnosed and again when the SIM arrived to activate the phone).

Today, Oct 24, 2009 (less than 30 days since the last fiasco) the phone would not allow anything but emergency calls despite the fact that there are 38 days left on the phone and over 200 minutes remaining. Once again customer service determined that we needed a new SIM. After about 50 minutes on the phone with Net10 (including 10-15 minutes on hold before an agent even picked up), my wife put me on the phone. I waited while the customer service rep put me on hold repeatedly and only took me off to thank me for holding and to ask me to hold a few minutes longer. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told that I would have to wait until the end of the call. Then the agent told me that she was having trouble with her computer and couldn't complete the service until the computer issue was resolved. I explained that we had been connected for over an hour and that I had called on a line where I was paying by the minute and asked if I could call the agent back directly or if she could call me. She explained that she was unable to call out and that I could only call back on the 800 number and that I would get a different agent. I decided to wait for heer to fix her computer problem, however after another 5 minutes on hold, I was given an "Intereaction Number" and told that I must call back and give the agent the intereaction number so that they could continue to resolve my issue. I called back and waited on hold for over 10 minutes! When the agent picked up we were immediately disconnected. I called again and got through after waiting on hold another 10 minutes. This time the agent on the other end said that they couldn't hear me. While I was switching phones, the agent hung up on me.

Needless to say I am fed up with Net10 and will look for another pay as you go service for my son. In the meantime, I will do everything I can to expose Net10 for their poor quality equipment (3 failed SIM cards in 8 months) and outrageously bad customer service.

  • La
    Laze Jan 14, 2010

    I got a new phone for Christ mas. I immediatly did all the customer service ### to port my number (took about an hour to finish) nOt including the 20 so minutes on hold. They said they would send a sim in 3 to 5 days. Never came. Called them back did the whole process over again. Got the new sim in 4 days. Went to activate it to get my old number back. Cs mess up and gave me back the number already on the phone... Said they apologized and wod have to send me a new sim card again. After 5 days I got the new sim. It is now Jan 15 over three weeks since having my phone and not using it. I called them up to get my old number. Was on the phone for over two hours.most of it was being on hold cause they had to contact the supervisor. They told me they were closing and I would have to cal them tomorrow. God dammit all I want is my old number hopefully tomorrow I will get it.

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fraud lies and wasted time

These pukes need their throats slit. They commit fraud on a daily basis cheating people. They cheat you on minutes, service time and disconnect you from customer service. Not to mention their phones have constant programming problems. Avoid these criminals like the plague.

  • 05
    05316 Feb 02, 2010


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  • Th
    Thatgirlcjb Jan 27, 2011

    Net10 honestly lies. Sorry to mention this to ya. But on my Net10 box it say's, 3 text's a minute. That's retarted. U get 2 text's a minute. Somebody need's too mention this too NET10!!! RIP OFF!:(

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  • Ho
    howshouldiknow Aug 08, 2011

    Net10 lies! They told me my 411 was NOT working because the lines were jammed and it was 1 am when people were sleeping. They then text me stating if I pay them 49.99 they will give me a live operator at 411. I called headquarters. They said that was false. They continue to state "this is your first..up to third warning." I have not even said anything wrong. They take everything that does not suit them to a tee as vulgar. They admitted it to me, so they think they understand English. They are in a foreign country. I will not say which one so as not to offend people. I would recommend either getting a US based carrier or going with AT&T for $79.99, as they have you sign a contract that locks both parties into an agreement, one of which is live 411 operators and no abuse. Net10 needs to give the jobs back to the originator--the US. They are pathetic!!!

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