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Stay away from Net10 phones! Company boasts 5 cent text messages, however, they are actually charging 50 cents per text message! Any time that you contact customer service, they insist that 0.50 is 5 cents when in actuality it is 50 cents! Am continually told that "Corporate" would call me regarding this issue yet weeks have gone by and no one from "Corporate" will call me back. They will not give me "Corporate's" number to contact them directly.


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      Aug 10, 2009

    you must be stupid because the 0.50 stands for half a minute, and since a minute costs 10 cents, half of it is 5 cents. go learn basic math

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      Nov 03, 2010

    Hi. I purchased a net10 phone with 200 munites free two months ago at Walmart, and a 600 munites card for later use. It went okay when I entered my first prepaid 600 munites card. It was loaded in the phone system automatically and in a matter of 5 munites I got my 600 hundred munites loaded into the phone's system. But problems started when I entered my second 200 munites card and later on third 200 munites card. It did not loaded in the phone's system. I have to contact a technical support representative I waste my time using another phone. I am very mad about this company for doing this trick. I want to return the phone to get my money back but, the representative told me that I will not get reimbursed after 30 days of purchase. This company "Net 10" is worthless and they ripped me off because they will not reimbursed me my $40 back for the returning phone whic is useless. My advice, tell friends and families not to fall for this rip off made to consumers.

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      Nov 03, 2010

    It would have been better for me to research an honest prepaid phone company before going into Net 10.

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      Mar 17, 2011

    well i hate net 10 its not 10 cents i get card its 1.00 for call and 50 cents for text and 2.50 +1.00 for picture sending and well i have the 750 min its a 1.00 for text well they should sue net 10 they say no hidden fees r u kidding me.. there r hidden fees its not 10 cent its alot more...there just trying to get more money out of u...

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  •   Mar 18, 2011

    I had the same thing happened to me sort of after I purchased a new LG900 net10 phone which I never had before but I did not get free air time with the phone I have but I purchased minutes that cost me $3o.00 and then I added a 750 minute card also that I purchased and I lost the $30 worth of air time and I was pissed for I only added them with a couple days after I got the phone and they only said in email that I messed up by loading another card that the minutes do not add up. I won't buy another phone like this one for prepay air time.

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      Mar 20, 2011

    Ashley, I thought pokethamage was rude in the way they expressed their sentiments; but I do believe they are right in this case. On my phone it lists the number of minutes followed by a decimal point. Mine currently reads xxxx.20, and after I've sent (or received) a text message, it'll read xxxx.70. Each .10 represents one cent. Why exactly they do it this way, I don't know'; but you're not the only one who found it confusing.
    fancy818, the 750 minute card is for a different Net10 phone plan. Was it a reddish-brown color card you bought? It gives you 750 minutes for $25 (3¢/min.); but the downside is, *those* minutes expire after 30 days - used or unused (there's no rollover) -- it's a *month-to-month* plan. I had someone purchase one of those refill cards for me by mistake; and we wound up having to eat it because there's (naturally) no refunds. :( It tells you in the fine print on the back of the card that when you enter it into the phone, it automatically switches to the monthy plan and any remaining minutes previously on the phone are lost. Guess you must've missed that.
    I currently have the Samsung T401G, which (last I checked) is one of the most advanced phones they offer (not saying much). Their "mobile web" is a joke -- will only let you access VERY limited options (pay to download) stuff from their website; and when I tried to get some wallpaper it didn't work anyway but still charged me minutes. I like the camera on it (with memory card storage where I can move pictures direct to PC), but mostly use it for text messaging since the signal inside my house is crappy and often drops (I also have Verizon prepay that I use for in-network calls, and those will go for hours at a time without dropping signal).
    But anyway, what I really dislike about Net10 is that they advertise 3¢ text messaging on this phone (marked clearly on both advertisement and the package); but it still charges 5¢/min. Called Net10 about it and they claimed it was showing correctly on *their* end and therefore they refused to do anything about it. Customer service reps are *Horrible* -- canNOT speak English (very broken). :(
    Also I am keeping a closer eye on their "service days left" advisory on the home screen. Seems I noticed it changing over at different times of the day (could they be cheating their customers that way?). I liked it much better when it listed a service date *expiration* message instead.

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      Mar 27, 2011

    Net10 "support" should have been more clear to you about what your phone displays. Sadly, their "support" people aren't very savvy and that's probably why they didn't.
    I recently returned an LG 900 g to the point of purchase and sent a replacement from net10 back to them because both were defective. I was able to move my airtime back to an older, featureless phone that somehow does work, so at least someone can use up the time instead of me losing it.
    In my opinion, LG made a serious error in judgment selling the discontinued GW300 which was made for the AU / NZ market to trac to reprogram and rename to LG900g and sell in the US. The phones features and performance have been crippled by trac and LG will probably take the blame.

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      Mar 28, 2011

    net10 stole my daughters $50 in BIRTHDAY MONEY and then cancelled my phone number, refused to give me a refund, and generally screwed us and stole our money. It has upset me so much that I have purchased and I am quitting my job and selling all of my worldly possessions so that we may travel across the united states and tell EVERYONE IN AMERICA how badly net 10 sucks!!

    Do YOU HATE this company???

    I want to hear your story. Email me your complaint in detail and I will post it on my website, along with my own story and the stories of others too.

    Lets declare MUTINY on this company and poke em in the eye REALLY HARD!!


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      May 04, 2011

    Bought my phone and two 30 day cards at best buy last month. Best buy promotions say they set up your new phone for you. So the sales girl activated the phone and punched in the first air time card. When she punched in the second card nothing happened. She tryed calling their customer service but could'nt through. I said fine, I will take the card with me and enter it at the end of the month. When I got to thelast day of the 30 days, I tried entering the card and it came up invalid.
    So then I tried calling their customer service. They won't do anything for you if you call them from your Net10 phone. So then I called from my majic jack phone. I was transfered 3 times. Everyone I spoke to, spoke english with heavy accents, so I assume they were all overseas. Their script includes asking you to please wait 3 minutes while they research the problem. Every 3 minutes they would come back to saying they were do this, or calling someone else and would I wait another 3 minutes. The last person who was suppose to be a supervisor but also had a heavy accent finally said you can't enter two cards on the same day. She said they had a record of both cards but she said the second card invalidates the first card. I was at work and could not wait any langer. I said you have all the information ( I told the same story to all 3) and please call me back and tell me what your going to do. They said no please wait 3 more minutes. They can't do anything for me unless I stay on the line and they can't make outbound calls.
    After I got off work I went to Best Buy and told them what was going on. Best Buy replaced the invalid $25 card for me and I entered it right away to avoid a reactivation fee. Presumably Net10 got to keep the $25 dollars.
    Bottom line don't expect any service from net10. Once they have your money it's theirs. And don't put in 2 monthly airtime cards on the same day. To their credit, Best Buy took care of me.

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      Nov 24, 2015

    Net10 said it was unlimited talk text and data but it really isn't they want you to pay for more air time is not really unlimited for the highest speed chase and it really makes me mad they are a ripoff

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      Dec 09, 2015

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