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Not only do I AGREE with the other complaints about poor service and problems understanding the customer service reps. In addition, I'd like to add that it took THREE separate attempts, TWO sim cards and almost TWO WEEKS to transfer my phone # to my Net 10 phone. Meanwhile, I was in danger of my old cell phone be deactivated making me even more concerned. I'm crossing my fingers that I don't need to call customer service any more!


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    THERESA CROSS Jul 30, 2007

    I COMPLETELY agree that Net 10 is incompetent and unable to resolve issues. Although they successfully transferred my old cell phone number, I was UNABLE to make or receive any calls from the phone. FIVE SIM CARDS and three weeks later, I finally gave up and returned the phone. They are UNABLE TO TRANSFER NUMBERS... beware! Maybe it's a good phone/company if you don't need your number transferred, but if you do... forget it!

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    Wayne Oct 11, 2008

    I wish I had known this information and this site before I bought my net 10 phone. I see that I may continue to have problems myself.

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    Sol Oct 28, 2008


    I bought 4000 minutes and 4 years of service for an existing net 10 phone I had been using. They charged my card but I DO NOT HAVE THE MINUTES and my phone expires TODAY!

    I am trying to get this resoved with their customer service but am beyond frustrated!

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    Matthew55904 May 01, 2009

    Theresa: NET10 gets usable reception everywhere SIM cards have NOTHING to do with it only way they determin a SIM card is bad is if u get a PUK code or a SIM PUK Code message. at the date of your post NET10 was using now-outdated SIM technoligy so the 2 week process will only happen if you are either importing a LANDLINE number or if you are importing another number for a contracted carrrier when it is another carrier it takes longer than if you are transfer from Tracfone or another NET10 phone.

    Sol: If you dont recieve the minutes and your card is charged you call them and tell them u ordered minutes and didnt get them tell teh your serial number and then go into the Code Entry Mode and enter the code(s) they provide

    Wayne: dont base NET10 on negitive comments People that leave negitive comments about NET10 is due to the PERSON doing something NOT net10. I have had NET10 service for almost a year never a problem with Customer Service just the phone they are always helpful.

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    Christopher K. Jul 20, 2009

    I let my Net 10 service expire on July 10. I was on vacation and didn't really need my cell phone. On July 20, I decided to reactivate my phone, and ordered the 200 minute card online for $20.00 plus tax. This brought me up to 1373.5 minutes. I really didn't like the Motorola C155 phone so I decided to use the Nokia 1600 phone I bought on eBay a couple of weeks earlier.

    I thought transferring my minutes to the Nokia would be no problem. The Nokia phone had been deactivated on June 11. I thought I could transfer my minutes and my old number. But to do that the Net10 rep said I would have to reactivate the Nokia phone. I told him that I had just purchased 200 minutes the night before for the Motorola. He said that I would have to purchase MORE minutes to reactivate the Nokia phone. Keep in mind that I have 1373 minutes on the Motorola C155. All of this in over 20 minutes of back and forth of IMEI serial numbers, phone numbers, etc. on the two phones.

    Sounds like a racket to me. I do not want to purchase another card in less than 24 hours. I am contacting the Federal Trade Commission.

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    atlantaguy Jul 25, 2009

    Ok, I think it's time to be very blunt folks, and I'm not attacking anyone. Just being very direct and honest.

    A few years ago when these things first hit the market, they were viewed as something only the bottom rung of people could get. In other words, people with completely bottomed-out credit scores, illegal immigrants, and criminals using them to hide their identity. Then parents started using them to control their kid's minute use habits. Then people started using them as "second" lines. Then married men who cheat bought them. The list goes on. But you need to be clear - they never were, and still aren't, designed to be permanent, full time use, primary cell phones for adults, and the customer service you get when dealing with these companies reflect the anonymous and "no credit needed" policies these phones have.

    Should they be allowed to require you to buy a certain amount of minutes that expire in a certain amount of time? No - technically, that IS a vague "contract" of sorts, and if enough people write to their elected officials and the FCC, there's a real chance some regulatory laws could be put in place eventually that will stop that (but will probably raise the per-minute rate, too). These are cheap (or free!), plastic, radiation-emitting, throwaway cell phones. If you want better phones, or better customer service, then you need to go with a contract carrier such as Verizon, AT&T, or T-mobile. Period. Otherwise, expect what you're getting now (cheap/free phones, no contracts, anonymous using ability, but customer service that matches the cheapness). End of lecture.

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    Matthew55904 Jul 25, 2009

    Christopher K. Both the NET10 Motorola C155 and the Nokia 1600 aore obsolete phones if the phone works i say stay with the C155 as Motorola's are out and out better phones to use because they are virtually indistructable i know someone with the Nokia 1600 it is a complicated phone to navagate menues poor signal phones your better off with the c155 if you want a newer MOTOROLA phone NET10 has the V175, W375, W377 or the all new EM326G Slider phone.

    atlantaguy: all you said is based on OPINION you are bashing NET10 just like everyone else i have been using NET10 a little of a year my whole family (except my sister) uses NET10 and it is our only phone no landline anymore we dropped T-Mobile for NET10 in July we tried it out and in August 2008 we canceled out landlines because with NET10 we save over 500 a year on the phone bills and NET10's Airtime On Demand feature saves us money because then all we got to do is buy 300 minutes every 2 months or 600 ever 4 months me and my mom have done 3 phone upgrade our service is good until 9/14/2011 so we will just buy airtime when we need it Customer Service you hardly ever need to deal with everything you can handle online NET10 reps are in several countries they are pretty good and always help you short tempered people are probably the reason you have such hassles

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    blahblhablah Feb 01, 2010

    Terrible customer service. The problem I had was just that they sent a non-functional MicroSD card with the phone, so I emailed them twice about it and they told me I had to call customer service. So I called, waited on hold 10 minutes, talked to a guy, waited on hold 5 more minutes, talked to the same guy, hold again for 5 minutes, then I was told I was being "transferred" and the phone disconnected.

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  • Kn
    Knight32 Apr 30, 2010

    I can only speak from experience and my experience with net10 CS was quite different. I needed to carry my number over and another time there was a mix up with minutes. Both times CS resolved my problem in a polite manner and reasonable amount of time. Sometimes it can get frustrating but if you stay clam with them, i feel it goes a long way.

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    bellamine May 11, 2010

    Having a Net 10 phone is the biggest nightmare. 3 cell phones and endless code entry and hours wasted on the phone with these people who can't speak English...I finally went with someone else. I went over 3 weeks without a cell phone...couldn't call family, work, or talk to my husband in Iraq. They didn't care and I am still trying to get my refund that they don't want to I am holding 2 of their phones for ransom...

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    net10customer Jun 10, 2010

    I have 3 current net 10 phones. When they work, they are awsome. When they don't you better pray that you can get someone who can speak English. After that, don't expect anything to be done because they don't know anything about their phones and why they work or don't. I spent over an hour on hold trying to get an issue resolved. I can't add airtime from the phone, website, card... and they don't know why so I keep on holding and holding and ...

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  • Ma
    Matthew55904 Aug 05, 2010

    @net10customer i had a problem where no minutes would go on my phone nomatter what method i used i called them they had me enter codes those codes reset the phone and fixed the problem I have alway had nothing but GOOD to say about NET10 they have always been polite and helped me everytime i called them calls with them NEVER total over 15 minutes

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    Knicks Rule Feb 28, 2011

    I'm surprised to hear that so many people have had problems. I've used their customer service line for questions regarding my minutes and yes the agent may have had an accent but they were able to answer my questions without any confusion. As far as the phone is concerned i can't comment on those of you who are buying limited minutes since i have the unlimited plan for $50 but the reception has been very solid for me.

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  • Ga
    GamePlayer80 Feb 28, 2011

    @Knicks Rule i totally agree. I have had Net10 for almost a year and i have not had any of the problems ppl are talking about above. Maybe they used to have customer service and phone swithcing issues prior to me swithcing over but i kept my own number and had zero problems with the activation. I actually just told my GF to get a net10 phone too.

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  • Pi
    Pink Muslimah Mar 05, 2011

    My only complaint with Net10 so far is that I wasn't able to use one SIM card with another phone. Both phones were LGs, too, so that didn't make sense to me. I love the plans that are available.

    There is one thing that concerns me, however. I am all but convinced that customer service is outsourced. I DO NOT WANT to talk to a customer service agent who is not sitting on American soil. It's my bottom line. I have dealt with CS operations from India and other Asian countries before, and it's absolute crap. There are communication problems, misunderstandings, and an utter failure to effectively resolve the problems.

    Therefore, whenever I have a question or issue about Net10, I do a heck of a lot of Googling. I will not call customer service unless it is some kind of dire and urgent situation.

    Net10, if you want your customers to truly be satisfied, move more of your operations Stateside. Move customer service back here, insist that phones, cards, parts, etc. be manufactured here - just make more jobs here. It works so much better for the customer that way, and we need the jobs.

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