Neiman Marcusdouble dipping in my checking account


I ordered 3 pairs of shoes and 1 tights Neiman Marcus catalog by telephone. The items were to be paid for with my mastercard debit card. I received the 3 pairs of shoes but subsequently returned two pairs and the tights were on back order. However, when the order was first placed neiman marcus put an authorization hold against my debit card for $387.89. When the shoes were shipped they then deducted another $332.89 from account a second time. When i contacted Neiman Marcus to find out why they did not deduct the $332.89 from the authorization hold of $387.89, i was told they do not do it this way. I have talked to a MS Christoff who is the manager who wanted to conference a call with my bank, but first i must put my pin number in so that they can get access to my account. I refused to go along with this idea for fear of someone using my bank card illegal. I requested they reverse the authorization from their end, but was told they cannot do this. therefore, I would like Neiman Marcus to credit my checking account for the $387.89 that is owed me promptly. I was promised that the debit card hold would be realesed12/12/2008 and as of todays date nothing has beeen done to credit back my account the monies that is owed me. What neiman marcus is doing is illegal.they are double dipping into peoples checking account and not refunding some of the monies, this sounds like a scam to me. thank you for your immediate assistance to this matter.

Margaret Watson


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    floridafreckles Mar 07, 2011

    Its 2.5 years since your complaint, and by golly - they're still doing it. I also got double dipped - Neiman Marcus puts a pending hold on the amount of your order, then when they actually ship your order, they charge your card, then 3-5 days later, they send the release codes to your bank. What a load. I miss the good old days - before the skeevy slimeballs at Household Finance took over Neiman's credit side. The old Neiman Marcus never reported "slightly" late payments and were gentlemanly to deal with.

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    shopaholic85 May 20, 2011

    I've had the exact same issue...I'm having the bank investigate...Ill let you know how it goes!!

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    Andi3licious Dec 12, 2014

    I have been a long time shopper with them for about a decade and never had this problem happen until this week! I called them and the first lady would explain the process and then i would say well you already shipped it, release the hold. This did not satisfy me so I asked to speak with a manager who was NOT polite at all; Twanya was her name. They refused to release the hold even though I have been a LONG LONG time shopper!!! So, I called my bank and my bank told me they indeed have two transactions coming through - one the total price, 2. one of the items that shipped and that 3. the other item that will be shipping is pending. I have never ever seen this happen on my bank account with any previous purchases online or in store with Neiman Marcus. I am extremely agitated and displeased with their "customer service assistants". My bank said that now I must file a dispute with the double billing since they did INDEED charge my items twice! BTW: SAKS FIFTH DOES NOT DO THIS or Nordstroms :) At least not yet

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    Meb166 Sep 01, 2015

    It is 2015 and Neiman Marcus is still double charging! I purchased an item on 8/28. They put through a charge to my PayPal account and then put through a second charge for the same amount the following day. I noticed this on my statement. I called CS at NM and was advised that it is their practice to double charge for items with 2 day delivery and then I would be credited back in usually 3 business days but up to 10 depending on the creditor. How can it be legal to charge me double the amount that I authorize?

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    Burper11 Nov 28, 2016

    Now 2016, NM still do the same way, I ordered online on Nov 25, 2016, process seem go well till two days later I got an email that I need to call them for a new payment process.

    I called them and refused to add a new payment because I said I was being charged already on NOv 25 and my credit card approved the payment. NM refused to process my order and keep saying that they didn't have my payment info so they couldn't charged me.

    But 3 days after, I was being charge again, with the same amount from NM on Nov 28!!! What the hell is that!! NM said they couldn't charge because they didn't have my payment in their file but they be able to change me twice.

    Now I have two pending charges on my card and I have to wait for NM to remove it. What a ridiculous online purchase from NM. This is my first and last experience!!!

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