Nedbankpaid up letter

This is by far the worst bank I have ever came across. I had loan with them for years, which I struggled to pay at some point. I went under debt review and started negotiating settlement discount with them through Hammondpole Attorney. I was give a 20% discount which I tried to negotiate for more and unfortunately that wanted tons of document, later they sent me a Settlement Quote. I paid up the money that was stipulated, I was even provided with a paid up letter. My transunion was updated, everything reflecteda zero balance. Weeks later I get a call from Hammondpole ( Lulama), to my surprise she tells me that Nedbank has indicated that they made an error when preparing the settlement quotation, the account is short of R2k and they want me to settle it. They even went as far as listing me on credit bureau for the amount that was discount. I mean what on earth do you call this. How is any of this my fault, You provided me with a settlement letter and suddenly you are telling me that i'm short of R2k? is this even lawful?? I moved mountains to get the money for the settlement, now how on earth do you expect me to raise extra R2k? and also why is the debt reinstate on transunion, as the full amount! taking out a loan with you was on of the biggest mistakes i have ever done. i will never ever consider doing business with you, neither will i ever recommend you to friend or family.

Oct 01, 2019

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