Nedbankmoney drawn from my account

I Sep 13, 2018

Nedbank legal services withdraw all my money from my account. Resulting from this I lost my job. I admit I have not been making regular payments on my account. This came about because I was unemployed half of this year. I did at various stages explain my situation to them, also that I was in the process of selling my home. I am a single parent with 2 disabled daughters. At the end of August all my money was drawn out of my current account and put on my credit card. This left me with not 1c to travel to work and buy food. Today I sit without a job ad I got fired for not going to work for 2 days without a doctors certificate. I have no money to feed myself and my 2 daughter's who need to eat in order to take medication. I feel this is inhuman. Why was I not emailed to tell Me this was going to happen. I would have made a definite arrangement explaining not to withdraw all my money. I have now become suicidal to say the least. My name is Bonita Thorne. I'd [protected]. Please get back to me asap, otherwise I'm going to put this on Facebook. Thankyou.

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    Please treat this as urgent

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