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J Sep 07, 2018

I am a Nedbank Account Holder. I normally do all my banking transactions at Bedford Centre and find their service quiet prompt and efficient.
However, on Tuesday the 4th Sept 2018, I was in the vicinity of Killarney Mall and decided to do some banking at Nedbank in Killarney.
I walked and got a ticket which clearly indicated I arrive at 12.29. I waited for assistance until 12.40 and noted that there was only one teller. All the other clients sitting down started complaining that they were waiting for a long time as well.
I immediately alerted a Nedbank employee to this and asked who is the Manager. She pointed out to a male employee who was seated in counter 19. I asked for her to call him to us and to explain about the delay. It was pathethic that he did not crae to come up to the clients.
An employee by the name of Cathy at Nedbank Killarney Mall cam eto me and I asked her what the delay is and why did the Manager not come through to the clients . Cathy advsied that he is not the Manager and that the Bank Manager has left the Bank of the previous Friday. I am amazed that firstly the service was already so pathethic and more over the employee who pointed out the so called manager was not even aware that he was not the Manager.
Cathy then took me to the so called Manager who indicated that he had only arrived at that time, which was nit the truth as he was already seated in teh cubicle when I started the complain.

I was then told that they had to bring staff back from their lunch to top up on teller service. This is not proper planning as during lunch hours most bank clients visist the bank Why was there only one teller availabe at that peak hour. I was then told that some staff was in the toilet.
It was the most unacceptable and unprofessional banking experience that we cleints were given. After complaining I eventually had a teller placed at cubicle 8 who only then assisted me at 12.50. This is really sad that the more we speak about Banks enhancing and going Digital the worse is the service going - espicially at Nedbank Killaerney.
Bad experience and will never recommend clients tp Nedbank Killarnery.

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