Nationwide Mutual Insurance Companyauto insurance - uninsured motorist premium

I recently had to go through a claim on my uninsured motorist policy. The claim number was 359218-GJ. An uninsured motorist was at fault in a wreck I was involved in. Unfortunately this happened right before we were to go on vacation. We did not have rental car coverage, and my car was not in shape to take on a very long road trip. The representative my husband was talking to made it sound as if, as long as all expenses fell under the $25, 000.00 coverage limit, we would be reimbursed for the rental car, so we went ahead and did the rental. Now we are getting an entirely different answer that it only covers property damage. Had we been told that from the beginning we might have went a different route. Instead, we are out over $900 in an incident that is not our fault, due to being misled by a Nationwide rep.

Kristina Lamb

Oct 07, 2019

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