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Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company Complaints & Reviews

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / how i've been treated throughout my policy

Jun 24, 2019

well I've report several incidents that accrued and I was and had been missed lead .my car had some damaged that I had been talked cruel that I thought should have been tooking in consideration. Regardless the law. I had several email misleading. that this last none was my fault had...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / claim associate not responding at all

Jun 05, 2019

I have been calling "Emily Corowell, her direct phone number is 720-889-3556" for about 2 moths and even leave her voice messages that she never responses to me. Please have Emily to follow up with me as soon as possible. My Claim number is 428090-GI. Please response to me either call or...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / phony "refund" check

Apr 26, 2019

I have no insurance policies with you (although I did years ago). I received an authentic-looking but phony "refund check" from you yesterday (4/25/19), which is likely a scam. Thought you'd like to know. The number in red on the back of the "check" is 91465324. I have reported this to the...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / home owners

Apr 04, 2019

So an asjuster who came down from Michigan to pa. Due to the high lever of wind damage in berks with the last winter storm just gave me a big FU. I have been a life long nationwide wide customer, I spend thousands each year on auto, home, life and boat. He offered me 250 above my...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / homeowners insurance

Feb 26, 2019

I received a quote from Nationwide Insurance 9-11-2018 Kari A Ball Agency Owner I agreed to the quote and wanted to confirm all details so that there would be no lapse in coverage starting 10-15-2018 After several conversations with Michelle at the Kari Ball insurance agency, she assured...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / claims

Dec 07, 2018

I have a 2014 SRT Viper that was vandalized or damaged by an unknown party. The vehicle was driven from Texas to California on August 25, 2018, at some point during that trip while the car was left unattended, I believe someone threw or poured sand in and near the oil filler spout. The...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / claim on homeowners policy

Nov 01, 2018

Over a year ago I was informed that my home in Idaho was burglarized . I was visiting my son in California and had been gone for 5 weeks or there about. I immediately got in my car and drove back to Idaho without stopping. When I got there it was dark. My house was in ruins. I had no rear...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / commercial claims

Aug 30, 2018

To: Mr. Bryn D. Larsen (Commercial Claim Manager) and to the ones being BC'd within the Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Mr. Larsen I am sadly having to correspond with you in regard to Claim # 759206-GH. I am sure you're your Claims Specialist II Ms. Pieper may have informed you that I...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / claims adjuster!!!

Aug 21, 2018

I, Wanda Taylor, in behalf of my son, Alvin Williams whose hearing-impaired, wish to express a grievance against one of Nationwide's claims adjuster, Mr. Matthew Addison. From day one of Mr. Addison handling my son's claim (#18-118896), while my son and I had been nothing but cooperative...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / pet insurance

Jul 06, 2018

I got pet insurance through Nationwide, and they asked me if I had taken my pet to the vet recently; I was honest and told them that my dog had a rash recently but it has been taken care of and he's fine now. All of a sudden, my dog's insurance doesn't cover any dermal/skin issues because...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / delay in claim process

Mar 26, 2018

Claim number 3010484164-1 Dear Sirs, I was in an MVC with Russelle York . Where my car was totaled (For year and mileage) and picked up as per Yiana Andrianakos. I sent the title signed over with the wrecker personnel as directed on 3/23/2018. Joey the adjuster calls afterwards that he i...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / claims associate is unresponsive

Feb 21, 2018

Regarding claim # 373758-GG. Loss Date: 29 November 2017 A car insured by Nationwide destroyed part of my fence. I received a check for less than the estimate to repair the fence. In addition, the insurance adjuster noted that in Rhode Island, the entire length of fence needs to be replaced...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / auto insurance

Oct 09, 2017

A policy was written for myself and my daughter two years ago while she was under age. She aged out and got her own policy. She then lost her job and wanted me to help her with the car insurance and she contacted the Nationwide Agent and added my vehicle to the policy instead; while I...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / auto insurance

Sep 26, 2017

I cancelled the policy before it the coverage started, shortly after I got it. I have been calling about the status of my refund for weeks, and every person I speak with gives me a different answer on when they will process the refund and how long till the money is reinstated into my...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / auto loan

Aug 10, 2017

Lets start about a year ago. I started get a letter from you title office requesting the vin number from the truck that I financed through your company and I return the information requested pronto. A few weeks later same letter call the title office and told they did not receive it so I...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / insurance claim estimate not received

Aug 09, 2017

Bryan My name is Katrieva Jones Munroe and I have emailed Adam Henry, an NationWide insurance claim specialist ([email protected]), regarding my home estimate five times and have not received a response.  While I understand that he is busy, it does not mean that he should ignore hi...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / entire roof replaced/ robert w. & luisa perez-santiago/policy # 61 32 ho 494283

Aug 08, 2017

My name is Robert W. Perez. My address is 2276 Spindletree dr. Fayetteville N.C. 28304. My phone # is 9104245378.. My house is Insurance with Natiowide. I have been a client since 1995, more than 21 years. My roof was damaged by wind and rain due to the hurricane. Wind and rain took...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / insurance claim

Jul 18, 2017

Told me that I will be accepting fault of an accident when the other driver fled the scene of the accident and then came back 30 minutes later after I called the police and gave them the car's license plate because I acted quickly and took a picture with my phone. Anything could of...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / rental & customer /insurance adjuster communication

Jul 12, 2017

I have been with Nationwide for 3 years accident free an just recently was involved in one. My biggest concern was while my car was being repaired my insurance adjuster never kept me informed with the repair status. I was provided a rental but once the car was complete I received...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / auto insurance

Jun 11, 2017

I have been sent to collections for Non payment, I'm requesting you correct this issue. I signed through Nationwide Agent for Auto and Home which your agent was suppose to contact my Mortgage Company for Home Premium. He never submitted request and then stated I need to pay Homeowner...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / n.w. driver caused accident

May 05, 2017

My fiance was in an accident that was caused by a nationwide driver last week. Even on the police report states that their driver was following too closely to the vehicle in front of him. Then when their driver hit the car in front of him, it caused a chain reaction and the second car hit...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / nationwide insurance is refusing to stand behind their client who caused an accident

Apr 20, 2017

A client for nationwide insurance pulled out in front of me to close for me to avoid. Destroyed my vehicle and injuring me. Now Nationwide is claiming that their client was under-insured, to bad so sad. I probably wont be reimbursed for either. I am required by law to carry insurance. If I...

Nationwide Insurance / homeowner insurance

Mar 15, 2017

Horrible, deceptive and sloppy service is exactly what I have received so far from Nationwide Insurance Services. I have been shocked and disgusted with their lack of service. From my perspective, saying Nationwide is on your side is a blatant and bold-faced lie. The situation was that on...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / agent

Feb 27, 2017

David Cornelius from my understanding is an agent with Nationwide Insurance and has an office in Dothan Alabama. I recently had real estate dealings with David and he is allowing a property owner or is knowingly involved in an insurance claim that David himself told me was going to be...

Nationwide Insurance Auto / auto insurance

Jan 08, 2017

Nationwide is a JOKE! They are do not have their information straigt and their customer service is horrible! I went through a third party (Hannigan Insurance) that set me up with Nationwide. I was quoted $100 less than what I ended up paying per month! My mother passed away and I had to go...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / claim mishandled and poor customer service

Nov 27, 2016

I feel that Nationwide did not handle my claim very well. The poor judgement, careless errors, lack of concern and effort have left me without a vehicle. Your company should have just totaled my car and given me the blue book value immediately after the accident. Nationwide has cost me...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / settling a claim

Oct 26, 2016

Nationwide's auto insurer, Mr. Nicholson ran a red light and caused me multiple injuries. I live in Georgia. They admitted liability and still aren't paying. People! There are State insurance Laws! They are hoping we dont know about them. Here in Georgia..when liability is clear...

Nationwide Insurance / such unprofessional service

May 04, 2016

Because of the agent's fault, I didn't get the quota as they promised. I got my bill increase $400 per year. They said I was missing some documentations they need and I got the bill later. I was trying to reach to the agent hardly to let him help me to take a look at the issue. I...

Nationwide General Insurance Company / denied claim / treatment by claims adjuster

Mar 07, 2016

My claim was for depreciation of value of my car. I bought my car 10/31/15, it is a 2012. My car had never been in a accident before and then I got side swiped when it was parked about a month after I bought it. After I had gotten it repaired, I inquired about a depreciation of value claim...

Nationwide Insurance Company / auto insurance (property damage)

Feb 11, 2016

A vehicle insured under one of the Nationwide companies attempted a U-Turn across oncoming traffic on the 4th day of July 2014 striking my luxury vehicle near the headlight with a direct impact to the RF wheel. Nationwide denies there was any damage to the tire, suspension, front bumper...

Nationwide / cancellation of auto/renters

Feb 08, 2016

2/8/16 I called the Lower Burrell agent in PA to inform them that upon buying my house I had found another company that with home and auto would save me over $500/year. I had told them that I would like to cancel my insurance with them for the following month. The agent was disgustingly...

Nationwide Insurance Co. / claim denied

Jan 29, 2016

Logic doesn't count: My wife got stuck in mud and was pulled out by a tow truck, disconnecting the front body panel in the process. She drove home (about 4 miles). Since the car still seemed okay to drive she drove it about 40 miles the next day and it overheated. The claims adjuster said...

Nationwide Insurance / withholding payment on a claim

Jan 12, 2016

Other driver opened his car door into my lane of travel as I passed by, striking the wheel well area, mirror and passenger side door. Nationwide decided in subrogation (6 months later!!!) that without witnesses it could have been caused by either party and withheld my $500 deductible. At...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / reinstate my policy!

Dec 31, 2015

I feel that NATIONWIDE is not on my side when I need their help. I have been a loyal Nationwide auto insurance customer for over half a decade. My auto insurance policy had just been cancelled on Dec 29, effective back in Nov 29. Now I have a lapse for a month. I got a notice from...

Nationwide Home Owners Ins. / deductible increase.

Nov 01, 2015

About a month ago Nationwide raised my deductible from $1000 to $2500... I went to the agent to complain and he told me there was nothing he could do. My premium per month dropped $4. At $2500 it would take a very large disaster for that much damage on my home. $2500 deductible is like...

Nationwide Insurance Company / breach of contract, damages and declaratory relief

Jun 07, 2015

This company had a untrained, unskilled sales agent sale us auto/renter's insurance in June 2014. We faithfully paid our monthly premium amounts each month from June to December 2014. In December during a roadside safety check, a law enforcement officer informed us that our tags and...

Nationwide Insurance Company / taking advantage of seniors

May 25, 2015

A untrained sales agent of Nationwide Insurance Co. in McDonough, GA came to a over 55 yrs. old senior community to sale auto/renter's insurance. We purchase both policies from her, we are disable vets, husband and wife. We drove around paying our monthly premium faithfully to...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / won't pay claim.

Aug 05, 2014

Nationwide won't pay my claim. They say, because the person who hit me, won't respond to their calls and letters. They can't release the check. They already came and game me an estimate for the damage. Now they are doing nothing, because of the other person involved, who...

Nationwide Insurance / cancellation - debt collection

Sep 26, 2013

I have had nationwide auto insurance for 16 years and have had no complaints until I had to cancel. I cancelled my policy because 1) their rates were considerably higher then other companies when I added a second car; and 2) I moved to Florida and they do not operate in the state of...

Nationwide Insurance / obviously paying your bill on time is not enough

Feb 07, 2012

I have fire damage claim and my truck has set in the shop for about a month now. All i hear from Sara B. is that there in the process of doing this or doing that. I have been with several different insurance agencies in the past and never had to wait more than a week for good customer...