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Nationstar Mortgage Complaints & Reviews

Nationstar Mortgage / Purchasing a foreclosure

@cynthiaporter1p on Jan 20, 2017
trying to buy a foreclosure home that is owned by nationstar. was told that because it was a reverse mortgage foreclosure that it could only be purchase with cash, no financing. wondering why this is the case and how my qualified VA buyer is not able to purchase it. please let me know a...

Nationstar Mortgage / Hamp is ending at the end of year

1RugerGrl on Dec 13, 2016
The Federal Government mortgage relief programs, like many administration funded programs, is set to close out on 12.31.16. The most notable relief program in that group is the HOME AFFORDABLE MODIFICATION PROGRAM, otherwise known as HAMP. The HAMP program, which was launched in 2009, for...

Nationstar Mortgage / What is going on?? Increased $$ per month just because???!!!

Smile <3 on Oct 24, 2016
I want to know if their main goal is foreclosure?? I think my brothers house has been put into pre-foreclosure at least 7 times in the past 5-7 years alone. He is disabled and just recently divorced, and they announced his monthly payment of 900.00 would increase back up to $1700 a month...

Nationstar Mortgage / Fraud, misapplied, payments illegal, foreclosure activity lawsuit

1RugerGrl on Oct 24, 2016
Nationstar has put us through 6 years of hell. We have made our payments, but they misapplied them. We are now in foreclosure because they refused my payment back in December 2014 saying we owed over $7, 000 They deliberately did this to make us delinquent!! I have all documented proof of...

Nationstar Mortgage / The whole company

Donna Monroe on Sep 29, 2016
I applied for a refine in August 2015, they checked my credit 4 times all of which showed up as hard credit checks. After making me jump through hoops for four months I was turned down because not enough income for loan. Now the original loan was 420 000 with monthlies of $2, 484.46. The...

Nationstar Mortgage / Refused to honor loan modifications made by Bank of America

John Ott on Sep 26, 2016
After Nationstar acquired my mortgage they REFUSED to honor a modification Bank of America had made. I sent documentation but they didn't care. They had very little invested in the mortgage and wanted to sell house for they cash they would receive. John

Nationstar Mortgage / Non-payment of promised "Move out money".

Joseph Hirshfeld on Sep 4, 2016
I was given an opportunity to turn my house over to Nations with help from the State of Nevada Mediation Program. I made a written agreement to have the house "Broom ready" within 60 days and for that I would receive $2000. It has now been over a year and half and still no check from...

Nationstar Mortgage / Loan amendment process

yawood on Sep 3, 2016
Nationstar failed to notify me that they extended my trial amendment process by one payment. They failed to tell me the payments couldn't be even one penny over the amount due. They failed to notify me that they had extended the trial period. They failed to notify me that they had...

Nationstar Mortgage / False claim

slly on Aug 31, 2016
We were having problems with our mortgage, Bank Of America was our lender, they were not willing to help with our situation, had a buyer for a short sale, they sold our mortgage to Nationstar, and this bank was no help either, all customer service was worthless, I mean worthless!! Trying...

Nationstar Mortgage / Escrow check not applied to escrow

Anna Alfano on Aug 23, 2016
Nationstar notified me that I had an escrow shortage of $166.87 several months ago. They told me I could either pay that shortage or span it out for 12 months, I did not want a higher payment so I sent Nationstar a check for the $166.87. I had written on the check "For escrow shortage"...

Nationstar Mortgage / Scamming corporation stolen nearly $400b

Judith Pinkham on Aug 23, 2016
Scamming Corporation stolen nearly $400B Are you aware that Banks stolen people 401k IRA and Retirement over $12T? We all are victims of the 1%; Hillary will win because the %1 paid to have her do the dirty work for them, Learn their secrecy of stealing here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Aqs7zg7dRLmHaiosKlumjfcYTQk Nationstar bought discharged...

Nationstar Mortgage LLC / Predatory lending

dawn casey on Jul 30, 2016
Nationstar is by far the most lawless company servicing loans out there today!!! They have me in foreclosure with US Bank, whom they illegally placed in my county documents file and removed any trace of Bank of New York mellon, they don't realize that i have a certified copy from the...

Nationstar Mortgage / Mortgage servicing

dawn casey on May 17, 2016
Nationstar lied to me after applying for a loan medication ten times, they ultimately denied my loan mod. application stating that the "owner" bank of new York mellon did not wish to participate in doing loan mods and we have to abide by their wishes. I wrote to the "owner" bank of...

Nationstar Mortgage / Mortgage servicing

dawn casey on Apr 10, 2016
Nationstar is the most abusive inept company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with!!! They had me submit over ten loan modification applications only to be told I was denied because the owner did not wish to participate in doing loan modification and we have to abide by their...

Nationstar Mortgage / Poor/Untimely handling of overpayment refund

pkpruett on Apr 6, 2016
In early March 2016 I received a refund check for late charges that were collected on a loan (#608587903) while a bankruptcy was pending and finally discharged. The discharge order was entered in 2006, ten years before the refund was issued. In addition the balance on the loan was paid off...

Nationstar Mortgage / Mortgage

Clanae on Mar 21, 2016
My parent wanted to do a deed in lieu. So we talked to the Nationstar and the deed-in-lieu department told us to leave everything along and they would proceed from there. Well it came out there was a lien on the property. As I continued to deal with them regarding clearing the liens, come...

Nationstar Mortgage / Mortgage

MAR4 on Mar 19, 2016
Our mortgage was moved from Ocwen (let's not even go there) to Nationstar. All started fairly well. Then about 4 months ago, the letters, emails and phone calls started about: do you need help paying your mortgage? your payment is late! Mind you, they provide a grace period till the 16th. I pay...

Nationstar Mortgage / Repeated calls with incorrect information about balances due

dorsteph on Feb 27, 2016
2-27-2016 Again today I have gotten (also yesterday) an automated call telling me I've missed months of payments. Not true. I underpaid this month because I thought my payment amount already adjusted. when I FINALLY got to talk to a real person for whom English was not her third or fourth...

Nationstar Mortgage / Bounced check

Rueben james lara on Feb 26, 2016
On February23, I received a letter from nationstar mortgage, it was a check for 677. And some change for overpaying in escrow and I went to my bank and deposited the check into my checking account and then on February 26, 2016 I called my bank, to get a balance and they told my I was in...

Nationstar Mortgage / refinance

Reviewer51541 on Feb 16, 2016
Twice within a year or 2 I tried to refinance my 8&5/8% . Each time it was because they sent letters saying they wanted to refinance # 0599734035 (20918 westgreen ct. Tex. 77450), but both times decided, though lease was prove in place, rejected because I didn't satisfy their criteria of...

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