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I recommend to stay away from Provident Funding.  My latest experience with them was terrible.  I have mortgage loan with Provident.  Recently interest rates went down and started looking around for a good refinance deal.  One company I reached out for a quote contacted Provident to obtain my pay off quote.  This was done without my authorization with no loan application in process.  Provident provided the statement and charged me for the document that can be generated on their site for free.  I contacted Provident multiple times asking them to reimburse the charge for the statement they provided without my consent.  Provident Funding refused to do this.  They have also refused to admit their mistake.  I would stay from Provident Funding due to their unsafe security processes, their inability to admit a mistake and their refusal to reimburse for the charges resulting from their mistake.

mortgage payment late charge

As I have read by numerous other people with the same exact issue, You're an excellent customer with no late...


I have been a model customer for many years, with never a late or missed payment. When making my most recent payment, a system glitch or mouse malfunction resulted in my payment not being "submitted." I thought my payment had gone through and was surprised to receive a notice with a hefty late fee. I called and explained the situation to the rep and requested reversal of the reverse the fee. My request was denied. Harsh policy for a company that has greatly benefited from my business over the years. No customer service. Avoid them if possible.

mortgage servicing

This company is the worst!!! The recent equifax breach caused my bank to quickly close all my account...

Credit Reporting

I made my February payment on the last day of the month 2/28/15 at 2:59pm. When i pulled my credit report it shows they gave me a 30 day late because the lender chose to apply it on 3/2/15. i contacted provident who was unwilling to hear my dispute and told me this was disclosed in my contract that i signed with them over 10 years ago. Really? I spoke with two horrible managers Jessica and Brian who were no help and didnt care about what the customer had to say. i even provided a screenshot of the confirmation. They said because it was the last day of the month, it needed to be submitted on the 27th which was a business day. How is it possible to recieve a 30 day late when I made the payment 28 days from the due date? I will be making a complaint to the CFPB, FCRA, FTC, CDIA...anyone who will look into this deceptive act against consumers.

  • Na
    NanceN Jan 27, 2012

    I agree!! This company is terrible and I would never recommend it!!! Their customer service is terrible!!!

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  • He
    Helen Helen Feb 18, 2012

    Totally Agree!!!

    We are considering to walk away the loan we are doing with them now, even lost some money for appraisal!
    Underwriting there is ridiculous picky, they keep saying sorry all the time. I did not feel a real sorry from their heart.
    I believe they are familiar with "sorry " and "being late"

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  • Ms
    msmarya Sep 26, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Totally agree, they are the worst company to work with. My payment is due the 1st of each month, however due to the way my payday arrives, I have been consistently paying between the 25 and the 29 of each month on their WEBSITE ONLINE and I pay the late fee Every month. This has been for the past 3 yrs without incident... Recently Provident has decided to report me as 31-59 days late to the credit bureaus after assuring me as long as my payment posted by the 30th of the month, no such reporting would happen... I have submitted a complaint to Provident as well as to Equifax to dispute this.. All my payments on online for their viewing pleasure showing all posted prior to 30 days late.. soooooo we shall see...…..

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During loan application and after two attempts on line and no help from three telephone calls to set my home loan on automatic payments could i get any ones attention to set this up. But after being One day late. literally one day! I I was able to set this up and was charged a late fee of $96.83. I called today to see if this could be waved and was denied ask for supervisor was referred to Beau Ryan he said it was against company policy. Spoke to another supervisor Aubry I.D. # 8281 told me same thing.Asked Mr Ryan To speak to the President Craig Pica and was told Essentially not to bother.Funding was a nightmare still being asked for documentation after funding. The term " buyer beware " never has had more credence. James Uranga

refi issue

I've been trying to get out of this company for three months now and they won't release documents to let us leave them. Their customer service is awful, I don't need their contact information. I spoke to a stupid Jason 7724 last week and a rude Brian 7726 this morning. That's all I need to know, direct line and email is not necessary. Neither is another department. They could help me, they promised. Yes, they were sure. I'm wrong - I don't need that information. Oh, THAT information? Yeah, I did need it but they still weren't wrong, they only misheard me. They already sent that info to me, there was record of it right here. Too bad I didn't receive it. No, their email address is unavailable to customers. So is supervisor communication. But they thanked me for being their valued customer. Well buddy thanks for pretending to appreciate my service and enjoy it while it lasts - I talked my mom into leaving them too. Don't mess with a pregnant woman, you better get competent.

bad customer service

My name is Duane Downs and my wifes name is Ida, on 9/21/12 Ida called provident funding (since you are our...

Vindictive Mortgage Consultant-I withdrew my loan application to not deal with them anymore.

My recent experience with Provident is actually quite apalling. I have excellent credit and was approved for a refinance on an already existing Provident loan. The appraisal came in 2% less than it should have to make it an 80% LTV. They would not dispute the appraisal regardless of substantial evidence proving the additional 2% was there and finding several mistakes on the appraisal. The solution was simple, just request a dispute(I can confidently say this because my place had been appraised 3 times before and value was consistent). I finally decided to withdraw my loan since I realized the stress of dealing with incompetence was simply not worth it and I did not want to come out of pocket the 2% difference as the value of my dollar is more effective elsewhere given the mortgage deduction. I sent a request to withdraw my loan in writing and then a few days later they send me a letter stating my loan was denied. I know this does not affect my credit score but the act itself of being vindictive by a company is really stupid. I'm not quite sure why they would fraudulently and falsely do something something like this since there was a paper trail with approvals but apparently they do not want to accept that not everyone has to do business with them or wants to do business with them. The low rate was attractive but definately not worth it and dealing with Stephanie Austin (mortgage consultant) was absurd. Here demeanor was unprofessional and she always attempted to be condescending and interestingly enough would not address e-mails with a greeting such as "Ms." or "Thank You" or "Regards" it was simply blurts of words further supporting her inability to communicate effectively with people. I'm thrilled to not have to deal with them any more and I encourage you to go elsewhere to refinance even if it means 0.125% more.

  • Nu
    nunyabiznesss May 31, 2014

    They are the worst they are not only vindictive towards customers but also the brokers who try to sell their loans.
    They blackball brokers for months at a time at a whim. THE WORST ... PROVIDENT FUNDING IS POWER HUNGRY

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I find the customer service, and overall responsiveness of Stephanie Amora, your agent at Provident Funding...

Loan refinance

Absolutely the WORST lending experience I have ever encountered. Sure, they have great rates but their turntimes and customer service are the most abysmal I have even seen. They DO NOT communicate, they lay condition, after condition, after condition.Over the three month period, I have provided over 40 pcs Conditioned...information. On 5/23/12 I was told my loan was not approved. Not knowing why?????maybe because My credit report is 800. I was told to apply through another broker again because my chinese broker was removed from the broker list...Not stated why?????/ They Never respond to anything. They delay, and delay for 90 days. They could not close a loan in 90 days for sure. They ask unreasonable conditions such as a letter from cpa stated my cpa himself will have to assure the stability and continuance of a my income. Sound ridiculous? TRUE.
I am 200% agree with the comment provided by Jim S. dated 5/2/2012. Absolutely 100+ % true. If you don't want to waste your time, money, and aggravations, MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT apply for your next loan through Provident Funding. Your locked low rate which was good for 30 days, but you will NEVER closed the loan in 90 days. Believe me. You will regret if you ignore my waring . I am filing a complain with the Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending
2601 N. Lamar, Suite 201
Austin, TX 78705
Email: [protected]@SML.TEXAS.GOV
Fax: [protected]

They definitely need to be investigated by the lending institution for their practice. Be sure you file your complain with the saving& mortgage lending in your state. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD.

  • Li
    Linda113 Jul 17, 2012

    OMG they are a horrible bank to have your mortgage with. They have customer service reps who think they are the CFO of the company and refuse to give any information. I requested the name of the person I spoke with and all he would say was my name is Mark 7712 and said that was all I needed to know. When I requested the phone number of the corporate office I was told that I could not speak to anyone higher then himself and what he said goes. Give some people a little bit of power and look out. The other rep I spoke to had the exact same attitude and would only tell me his name was Josh 7717 REALLY. What happened to customer service. If you are planning on getting a loan with them don't walk RUN as fast as you can. Go with any bank but them.

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Unprofessional and taking advantage of the client

I've gone through teh most harrowing experience dealing with Seckel Capital and Provident Funding as the lenders:. It was clearly told to them thta the loan (which happens to be a short sale) has to be closed by a certain date a month and a half in advance|. It's been 10 days since the closing date has elapsed and yet, they are coming up with missing documentation". They are the most incompetent lenders and I would highly recommend people to not use them". They will take 24 hours to review a document no matter how much the client is suffering and then 24 hrs turn into 48 hours". After reviewing the document, they'll come up with a fresh demand and on top of everything else they would not consider lowering the rates even after your rate lock has expired no matter how low the market rates are at that point, . They've been harrassing us for two weeks now and despite providing all the documents, they are not closing the loan:. Please do not fall into their clutches.

  • Ad
    Ad_In Oct 08, 2011

    I totally agree with this complaint. Provident Funding is the most incompetent, unreasonable and bloodsucking lender I've ever dealt with. I applied for refinance with them in early August 2011 and locked in my rate right away. I have a FICO score of 814, stable job and steady income, and significant assets (cash, retirement savings, properties). First thing they did was hire an appraiser who grossly underestimated the value of my property. They told me I have to buy down part of the mortgage in order to satisfy their required Loan to Value ratio of 0.75. I appealed the appraisal but was turned down. Since I have enough money to buy down the mortgage and will be able to lower the monthly payment with the lower loan, I agreed to proceed. The person assigned to handle my case clearly didn't know what she was doing, constantly asking for documents that I have already provided or additional documentation that was impossible to get. I was often left in the dark as to the status of my application and the reviews of documentation. Unless I called or email this person, I never got an update. My lock-in period of 1.5 months had expired and my application was still not approved and I wasn't offered an explanation. Each time I called I was told they are still waiting for my insurance company to provide them the info they needed (something about policy declaration which I already provided to them). With my constant badgering we finally scheduled closing last week (Sept. 29). A representative of their settlement company (LenderVend which is owned by Provident) came to my house to have me sign the closing documents. I was shocked when the person who showed up for closing couldn’t explain to me what documents I was signing. She looked like a HS student wearing jeans and sneakers and smelling of cigarette. She said if I didn’t want to proceed we can just cancel the closing. The documents I was signing were emailed to me a couple of hours before closing so I didn’t have time to review them before closing. I was even more shocked when she said I’m supposed to get some money when in reality I was supposed to give her a check for the closing cost. Within 1 hour we finished the closing and even though it was not the closing I had expected I felt relieved that it was over. Or so I thought! When I called my previous lender on Monday (Oct 3) I was told that my loan with them has not been paid off. Right then I sent an email to my Provident agent asking why they haven’t paid off my loan. Not until Wed Oct. 5 did I get a response from her, stating they need to see my most recent bank statement and proof of employment. This made my blood boil! Why are they doing this now after I have given them the check and signed all the closing documents??? I emailed her the documents anyway and the next day she came back with another email asking for documentation on where I got the money that I paid for closing and also an updated statement of my 401K for reserves. Are they for real??? And this is all happening while I am on work travel managing a conference which really pissed me off. I emailed them again the document and demanded that they pay off my current loan or I’ll take the appropriate action to protect myself, especially since I am still responsible for interest on the previous loan since we closed last week and the money that I paid for closing was already taken out of my bank account.
    I promised myself to share this experience with other borrowers so they know how terrible Provident Funding is. I encourage others with similar experience to post and share their frustrations to protect the public from this unscrupulous lender.

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  • Le
    Learch Feb 23, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After reading the above complaint, I guess I should be happy Provident fundings appraiser low balled my house.. I asked for a review. I was told I had to send them a reason the appraisal was wrong. I did, so far no return call. Except for loosing a good rate lock and $500. I think I am lucky.

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  • An
    antique May 27, 2012

    Almost the exact situation here. Please sent you experience to Fox 4 news in Dallas. I am sending my complain to Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending in Austin Tx. and have a copy of my complain to Fox 4.

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There are (2) complaints. The first is the late fees on late payments, That has happened to me three time...

Unreasonable, Mean & Rude!

I have been a customer for 14 years & never been late. This month when paying online, I made a typo & the transmission did not go thru. I noticed on my own when checking my bank balance. I called Provident to inform them there was a problem & to make good on it. They are charging a late fee & an NSF fee even thought the funds were there.

I explained how sorry I was, that I am caring for my father who is dying & just adopted 3 foster children. Due to extra stresses I made a human error. Do you think they would wave the fee's for me ... Absolutely not ... even after talking to a supervisor. They were not only NOT helpful but absolutely RUDE about it.

I told them that in this economy they ought to be a little nicer to their good customers ... at least I am paying. I am really angry. The real kicker is that I used to work in the mortgage industry and funded many loans thru this horrific company and they can't wave 1 late fee for a customer who's never been late in 14 XXXXing years...GREEDY ###!

  • Pr
    Provident is Horrible Aug 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    oh yea, this is a perfect example of Provident Funding, The next time you get a break from them will be the first. True that many companies aren't flexible, but these snakes do it with such a high degree of contempt,
    the managers are worse than the lower level employees so it's no wonder why your experience got worse as you moved up the ladder. The last loan they got from me was the last straw when they tried to harass the title company attorney saying he didn''nt know how to notarize properly and had to re-do the whole closing when in fact he did it by the book...they're just jerks so stay away.

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Insurance Premium Payment Delayed

Provident Funding is a horrible mortgage insurance company to work with. I deeply regret refinancing with this company in 2010, lured by the appeal of a lower rate. Dealing with this company negates any benefit of having a lower rate. This company has held up paying my home owner's insurance premium because the company has lost or misfiled the copies of my insurance policy and invoice. It is unacceptable that this company is holding up my money, money I have paid to them, to pay my premium from my escrow account. I have had multiple dealings with customer service, and clearly no one knows what they are doing. This company is making interest off of my money and has no right to delay the insurance premium payment, especially after receiving two sets of insurance policy records over the course of 4 weeks. If you have a choice, I strongly recommend that you not choose this company.

  • Bc
    b_c_c Apr 22, 2011

    I had the exact same problem. My insurance company sent me a notice of policy cancelation because they Provident Funding never sent them the payment. I had to call Provident Funding and have them expedite payment to my insurance company.

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  • Sh
    shadow123 Sep 21, 2011

    I've had this same problem twice now. Twice now Provident has not paid my Homeowners Insurance because they claim they don't receive the bill. Twice I've had to pay it myself before it expires, however, that payment is included in my month mortgage payments to Provident. My Homeowners Insurance company claims they send them the same invoice they send me, funny how I always receive it but Provident does not. I don't beleive Provident - I'm seriously considering going to another mortgage company because I can't stand talking with their arrogant customer service people...especially a "Brad"!

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Escrow account

Provident’s IS THE WORST! Their escrow department and their customer service department are screwed up...

loan modification

Those sorry sons's of ### stole my house. They sent paperwork to my house for loan modification on 2 feb and then forclose on my hour 3 feb. They never returned any of my phone calls (6 months) and that girl Rebecca Orr should be working at Wal mart taking toys off a truck so she does'nt have to talk to the customers. She is horrible! There has to be a class action lawsuit going on somewhere, these people can be allowed to get away with all the crap they are doing.

  • Si
    Sick of All the Rip Offs Mar 22, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've been trying to get them to call me back for 3 months for on misapplied payments and am having the same luck. The phone number they gave me was not a working phone number and this past time the extension that he gave me was to someone else who was not able to help me. Horrible customer service!! Even the managers do not return your phone calls.

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Provident Funding is a wrose company I have ever deal with. They rather have your house foreclosed. They are not willing to offer any help the borrowers. No matter how harsh your situation is, they simply ignore your inquiry, application, phone calls or so. They are rude to customers. After reading the comments from others, I just realize that I am not alone. I feel very angry about this company. With all these complaints, they should be rejected for business license and I wish they are out of business real soon. With their ignorance and imhumanity, their management should be charged for criminal as they rather to see borrowers to die, hopeless, and helpless. And they will kick your ### and laugh at it borrowers for stupidity of being their meat on dish. They can cut you any style they like. Anyone who have business and consider to have business with this company should reconsider other options even this is the last option, it is highly recommended NOT TO DEAL with this company. They suck blood of people. The way they make money seems to be pushing every borrowers to hell. They are not willing to give you a helpful hand but push you to hell. I am looking for a way out from them. I am considering to walk away and give my house back to them as they are not willing to refi my house and push my family to financial hell. Anyone who can tell me how can I walk away, please advise.

Many thanks,

  • Nu
    nunyabiznesss May 31, 2014

    They are the worst they are not only vindictive towards customers but also the brokers who try to sell their loans.
    They blackball brokers for months at a time at a whim. THE WORST ... PROVIDENT FUNDING IS POWER HUNGRY

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Unbelievable! having problems ever since the loan was bought from GMAC. The first payment was mailed on 11/11 and they posted it on 11/16 -c harged me a $94 late fee... and now this month the payment was returned because they had given me a wrong address on the letter assuming the loan! Refund on the late fee? You gotta be kidding. Customer service agents are rude! Won't even listen. Wanted me to return the envelope the check was mailed in so they could review it...The check was done through my bank on epay. I have the letter with the PO BOX as 5916 and the zip code as [protected].

insurance claim check delay

I sent my insurance check to Provident almost 3 weeks ago, overnight delivery. I have not received my check back, nor any acknowledgement from them. Since the check is for roof repair and I live in Minnesota, it's more than a little important to get my roof done before any more snow falls. I've also had issues in the past trying to change my payment due date. I wanted to change the date from the 1st to the 15th but I was told I couldn't do it on a commercial loan. Since I live in a single family home, I told them repeatedly it wasn't a commercial loan but a residential loan. They refused to help me, insisting it was commercial, not residential. Basically, Provident has ZERO customer service and I don't know why they're still in business.