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On saturday, may 19.2007, I took my 2000 eldorado cadillac to ntb (National tire and battery) on highway 138 in union city, ga. I needed a rear brake job. The sales consultant, after the technician evaluated my car, told me it would be $169 for the rear brake job (Resurface rotors and replace pads) and told me I could get a brake system flush for an additional $60. When the work was complete, and it was time to pay, the clerk added $25.00 for shop fees. The argument was that the charge covers waste disposal. The problem is that I specifically asked for the brake parts, which they conveniently threw in the trash. There may be a quart or two of brake fluid from the flush.

I saw nowhere in the shop open and notorious disclosure of such a high shop fee. I am aware of fees at other shops on the order of 1.5 percent of the job cost.

Michael g. Martin

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    Still waiting for my car to have new tires on now it's bwen5 4 hours ++. Would you believe cooperate was here earlier and was snapping pictured if each other on the sidewalk while only two workers work their ads off on 6 to eight cars. I'm pissed...

  • Updated by jbarker1234 · Jan 27, 2018

    Very professional friendly guy at front counter.


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    Kermit T frog Jul 16, 2007

    Mosf of the stores have signs indicating 10% of total bill is shop fees with a $30 max also when the total is given and you sign for the work to be done the shop fee is on the bill. Almost all shops charge a shop fee and have for the past 20 years.

    Might I add that you don't blame the actual location for a policy set forth by the company the employees are following policy and even the manager can not alter this policy.

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  • Pl
    Player Hater Mar 30, 2008

    Yeah, your stupid guy. If you don't wanna pay someone for maintenance, then do it yourself and quit complaining.

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  • Ca
    Carl Mar 01, 2009

    What about Hazmat fee.. It is legal to charge hazmat fee to do alignment or buy used tires when i paid 3.00 dollars waste disposal fee ??

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  • Ed
    Edward Moore Aug 20, 2018

    Mike chose to assist the white man in line behind me. I am a black man. I waited patiently for the customers before me to finish their business.

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  • Jb
    jbarker1234 Aug 29, 2018

    I went to the NTB on 7209 Lemont Rd, Downers Grove today around 1:30 pm. I went to the location to get a tire plug for my rear tire. They could not help me b/c of cracks in my tire (really big ones). I came back about 10 mins later. I apologize I seemed upset in anyway. The service there was wonderful, in and out. great service. awesome service!

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  • An
    Angie Deleon Aug 29, 2018

    Store at 14041 east frway in Houston would not service my car for an oil change at 349 pm when its my only day off. Said he was too full there was 2 vehicles in garage.
    How do you refuse service at 349 pm when you close at 5 pm.
    I am very disappointed and have every intention of reporting to BBB. YOU MAY REACH ME AT 8325945592.


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  • Mi
    Mike Quiros Sep 11, 2018

    1st time I had oil change in jan. I discovered I had a oil leak and took back they said oil filter wasn't tighten. 2nd time was today and they fill to much oil in my car. I been going same place 10 yrs and I can understand mistake but not same mistake twice.

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  • Bo
    Bob vargo Oct 14, 2018

    On 9-30-18. Had a slow leak in a tire. All 8 bays were empty and the techs were sitting around watching TV. We are a medical delivery company with patients dependent on us. I was told i had a 3 hour wait. I wound up leaving in defference to our patients.

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  • Ni
    Nickyhines Oct 22, 2018

    I came in to purchase two tires and tipped the guys only to be told two hours in that they wasn't able to remove my bold joint. Then while I went to purchase another one after they broke the one I had. They still Had me waiting 1hour 30minutes later before they place the tire on... Never go there period.

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  • Di
    DisPlayNameRequired123 Oct 31, 2018

    Called customer service and they were not very helpful. Here is a list of concerns.
    1. I understand markup for parts, however over 300% seems out of line.
    2. Charge ZL0111 reflects a 4 wheel drive, not 2WD.
    3.Bill does not show the front end alignment I received and I have been told to return after it settles in to check it?
    2 attachments below

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  • La
    Lance Ditzenberger Nov 12, 2018

    Was told my car would take up to an hour. Took 2 hrs. Customers who came in after I did were done before me. Watched my car on the lift during the last 30 minutes & nobody touched it.

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  • Sh
    Sherigimig Nov 20, 2018

    I purchased tires from NTB two months ago. One has a slow leak. I made an appt for 3pm to get it repaired. I was told that it won't be ready til 4:15pm. Why have an appointment at all??? It doesn't take an hour and 15 min to plug a tire. In addition the customer service is HORRIBLE!!!

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  • Km
    Kmac2318 Jan 05, 2019

    I went for an alignment in League City, TX, they said it would be about an hour. They called 6 hours later and said it was ready. Then, 3 days later my batteries are dead and my alternator isn't working. I called to inquire and Nick the manager denied having to charge it, even though the mileage had been reset. He then proceeded to hang up on me.

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  • Lo
    LO1975 Feb 12, 2019

    My son is employed by NTB in Westlake, Ohio, and because he fears repercussions, he will not contact anyone. His uniform pants were removed from his locker, and the legs were cut by a fellow employee. He has had his arm set on fire by co-workers, and this will not stop. He fears reporting the co-workers due to repercussions or dismissal.

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  • Mi
    Michael Richie Jun 10, 2019

    They broke the handle on the driver side front door. They told me they would fix it, but the handle would be Black, not acceptable. It needs to be Blue like the car.

    My name, Michael Richie, phone, 682-667-3720.

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  • Do
    Donald Harper Jr Jul 29, 2019

    I am being treated wrongfully due to me being on light duty and going through workmans comp. I am doing things I am not aupposed to be doi g in the shop and manager is taking his anfer out on me.

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