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S Aug 11, 2018


Here is letter just sent to their Customer Service Manager, Cliff Dubois
And to add to the misery, after leaving out house in shambles, their carpet installers filled out their Customer Satisfactory Report themselves, giving them a glowing report and FORGING MY SIGNATURE!

Dear Mr Dubois,
I am writing as a follow up to our horrendous experience with you and National Floors Direct. I'm a 60 year old successful, self employed woman and in all by years of doing business, I have NEVER experienced a company as reprehensible, unprofessional and poorly managed as NFD. This culminated in our final terrible experience of yesterday, August 10, 2018, when the last of the vinyl flooring was to be installed. I was told by both you, Elizabeth Madigan and Brian Simone, that the bathroom tile would be removed before the vinyl was installed, only to learn on the day of installation that your installers were told to put the vinyl on top of the existing tile. I have remodeled and built several homes in my life and there has never been an instance where vinyl was put over existing tile, which is why I chose to refuse the work. You pointed out some fine print in the contract to cover yourselves on this point. You further went on to offer to have the tile removed before installing the vinyl for an additional fee... an offer that was promptly refused and it was supposed to be included in the original order.

Secondly, the quarter round trim for the living room stairs that was ordered by Brian Simone was not the same color as the vinyl. Rather, it was white and looked ridiculous. Your response was basically. "tough luck sucker!" When it was pointed out to you that it was a matter of aesthetics, your response was that flooring has nothing to do with "aesthetics"

Mr. Dubois, to point out the very obvious, the flooring that we have in our homes has EVERYTHING to do with aesthetics otherwise we would just have dirt or plywood for our floors. At no time was I informed that the quarter round trim for the stairs would be of a different color than the stairs. When I brought this to the attention of Ms. Madigan, I was informed that we could order matching quarter round for an additional fee. Again, this offer was refused as it was a bait and switch of the worst kind. 

Going forward, I will do everything in my power to let people know about the deceptive business practices of National Floors Direct. Additonally, we pursuing legal recourse for compensation for the abysmal experience we have had with this company. 

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