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refused to give money back after a month of no rug.

I have had just a terrible, terrible experience with National Floors Direct, and I am out over $2, 000. They boast next day installation, first of all, which is an out and out lie. I moved into my home in late Feb and called them for a flooring estimate. Their prices were pretty high but I went with them thinking they would have the fastest service.

I ordered wall-to-wall carpeting in our bedrooms, and an area rug for the living room as well as a bound runner for the staircase. The wall-to-wall carpeting took about a week because they don't feel that as a RUG company it's important to keep a rug in stock... All we ordered was a basic beige carpet, nothing special, something you'd expect a flooring company to have in droves. But that's not my complaint. The wall-to-wall was a little later than promised, but it did get done.

The bound area rug and staircase runner is where it gets interesting... They told me that binding area rugs takes about a week. It was a little inconvenient as the home we moved into has a rather disgusting area rug, but a week wasn't THAT unreasonable. A week turned into three. I called to find out what was going on, and they told me, get this, their "rug machine is broken." What? You're a rug COMPANY. Something was definitely weird about this. For the next several days, I called to follow up (and if I hadn't, I doubt I ever would have heard a word from them) and finally they told me everything was all set and we scheduled an installation.

That installation was promptly cancelled, as their "rug machine" was broken again. They made a new appointment the following day.

The following day, I got a call bright and early that the rug was all set and they would be there within a 4-hour time window.

I waited and waited and waited. When the time window was up, I called them to find out when I should expect them. Turns out nobody thought it was important to call and tell me that they weren't going to show up, because... yup, you guessed it... their rug machine was broken again.

I was upset at this point and I demanded my money back. They REFUSED to give it to me. They said that they'd already cut the rug and that it was useless to them and I would have to take it. They made me wait an additional week and a half, promising installation.

Well, a week and a half later, I got a nice 6 AM wakeup call on Saturday morning that they would be here within a 4-hour time window. This time I called several times to make sure they were coming. The operator assured me that my rug was on the truck and I was the first scheduled stop.

Guess what? They never showed, and had I not called three times, I never would have known they weren't coming. Only this time they tell me that they can't bind my area rugs as they are too thick for their fragile little machine. Their solution? They want to dump the UNFINISHED, FRAYING rugs on me, and they will not give me my money back. They want it to be my problem to find another company to bind them for me, because they are too incompetent to do it. So long story short? I have about $2, 000 worth of rug I cannot use.


shoddy installation

I bought carpet from National Floors Direct on Oct 9, 2010. The installation job was awful - there is a two inch gully running along the seam of the carpet, which bisects my living room in half. Many complaints from prospective buyers - my house is on the market. Filed a claim; it was denied. Sent a demand letter, and they appeared to be cooperating by scheduling someone to come out "to take a look at it and fix it." Took a day off work and they blew me off. Called me the next day saying I was supposed to call them (not true) and that they would come out sometime after noon on Sat. Went home, sat around and waited, tried to call the guy back on the number he called me and got a high beep from a fax all afternoon. Will take this to court.

shoddy installation
shoddy installation


Over a month ago I cancelled an order with National Floors Direct because I had second thoughts about what I wanted to do in my home. The salesman that came to my house guaranteed I had 3 business days to cancel without penalty and that I would get my deposit of $500 (check - because they do not accept credit cards) back within 10 business days. I have still yet to get my deposit back and have been told each time I called that I would have it by the end of the week. Each time the person I speak to gives me a different story. I will be contacting a lawyer on Monday if I do not have my money tomorrow. Also, After I cancelled the order I was bombarded by calls from the salesman and other sales people that kept lowering and lowering the price in order to get me to buy. They are the used-car salesman of carpet companies. Don't fall for their gimmicks...

  • Mr
    Mr Tin Man Dec 19, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    There are a lot of businesses out there that don't hold to their word. We put our trust in them to make things right from the get go. When we change our minds or cancel the order, then we have to fight tooth and nail to get it resolved. We should all keep in mind we still need to read the fine print on the contract. Your not obligated to sign right away. You should ask them to leave it with you for review. Usually they will tell you some BS they can't and why it needs to be signed right away so they can get the ordered processed with that great deal .
    As in this case, they will do anything not to refund your deposit. Since they were lowering and lowering the prices with each call, they were charging you too much in the first place. Hope you get your refund back ASAP.

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low quality, rude, aggresive, and no refund or repair

these people refused to leave my house, past the point of awkward moving right into scarey. They way overbid...

false ad, creapy customer service

They are so forcefull to sign a contract the date they showed up, they started the price from double and trying to thread me they will go for 15% with others pricematch, they took deposit which they never given me back upon cancellation of contract.
Total balony staff, worst customer service, no way next day installation, becasue products are not in stock, thereis no way they can do 15%price match.totally False TV ad.
They visited my place on July 22 and gave me an estimate of $1786.00 for carpet installation, They forcefully ask me to bind a contract I told them I have other people''s coming in to give me the estimate I can''t sign a contract until I see every one''s estimate.
Mark (Sales man) for very aggressive about his sale, he called his boss and they gave mew new price of $1286.00 and asked me I have to sign a contract before he leaves the site, after that discount will not be valid, I told him I do not believe in signing contract unless i see other''s number, he then offered if they give me less price than their quote they will do 15% price match. and with no obligation I can cancel my contract in 3 business days. that sounds toooooo good, alot of things were revolving in my mind, he sat down and talks so fast and started the paperwork, he asked me the installation day I said Friday afternoon, once he did the paperwork he asked me to pay a 10% deposit of $129.00 which he didn''t tell me before, I said that OK, i will pay you through credit card, he said only check or cash, I told him you didn''t tell me in the beginning that you don''t take cards, he apologized for his misrepresentation.
I signed a contract he then left, another company gave me $1050.00 price for the same job and material, written contract I told him with in 3 days that can they do 15% price match, he said they can only go till $1000.00 I run out of my 3 days contract which they forcefully signed by me now I am stuck with them with 1000.00 I said OK.
The installation people showed up at my house on Thursday morning I told them its not for today its for Friday.
On Friday they showed up at my place again 9:30am, I wasn''t home, I told them over the phone its in afternoon, I was very upset with all these miscommunication and discrepancies.
I cancelled my appointments after 10am and showed up at home, because they were waiting outside my house.
I was so upset so far with their customer service.
The installation guy asked me to pay first with Cash Only, before they start the job, I told them I need to talk to 800 number, becasue they didn''t inform me to pay first then start the job.
I called them and staff was very very rude, Guy told me if I don''t pay them first, he will cancel the order and keep my $129.00 for the material, I told them this is wrong they do every thing so forcefully, they bind me in a contract by saying that they can do 15% price match, which they didn''t do, then installation guy showed up on unscheduled day and time, I am very upset already now he is telling me pay first otherwise they will cancel the order, he said that''s what the policy is?? Mark didn''t tell me to pay first, why they keep my money for the material which is not even used for any thing.
He said he can''t help me other than cancelling it, I told him Ok do that and I will report it to BBB, he said its OK with them they can take care of the complaint, but not refunding me my $129.00 back.

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misleading sales / poor product quality / poor install / horrible customer service

On June 19, 2010, my husband and I met with a sales representative from National Floors Direct, Mike M.; he...

failed to fulfill conract terms

We signed a contract for wood flooring on 1/11/2010. The contract states "BUYERS RIGHT TO CANCEL: You the...

special offer — not

After meeting with the sales associate for a free home estimate. We wanted to think about what we were quoted. First we wanted exotic hardwood which they advertise as having. Well they just discontinued it a month ago, can't get it. We were being sold on laminate, the Ferrari of laminates. This is a buy one room get the second free deal. The price was for 440 sq feet total so the real price should have been for 220 sq ft, $8600. 00. After the sale price it was 4800.00. After I offered to move the furniture and take out the old rug myself it was 4600.00. This offer was only good tonight, it is only for the first call to National Floors Direct. If we didn't want to give a deposit tonight, the price would change to the 8600. 00. He wanted me to sign a waiver that I reject the price. I refused to sign it. I explained that it doesn't say anywhere on the internet about having to make a decision the night the salesman comes out. Then after leaving in a somewhat rude manner he pulls back in my driveway, say's that the floor that we want is being discontinued and the new price is 3200.00 but we have to take it tonight. My wife explained that we want to think about everything discussed tonight (originally going from a wood product to a laminate product). He said WOW!! and left. I can just imagine how I would be treated if they took my deposit.

this company took my money, sent a bunch of non-english speaking installers out with the wrong carpeting

This company took my money, sent a bunch of non-English speaking installers out with the wrong carpeting so I stopped them from installing it. National Floors Direct said they would resolve the issue and pulled the guys off the job. Tony (the supervisorfrom NFD) kept promising he would come out to resolve the issue but and stood me up on 2 occasions then he just stopped answering my calls. There is no supervisor above him. They have my $3700.00 and I still have a bare subfloor. I can't believe a frachise like the Red Sox associates with such a company -- they rip off people and pay big bucks to the Red Sox for advertising. STAY AWAY! Donate your money to a good cause instead.

  • La
    Lauren Powers Mar 01, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered the more expensive carpet, when they came to install (non english speaking gentlemen) they screwed up my padding and the installation of padding was horrible and I have about a thousand tacs sticking out and then they brought in the cheapest carpet. I already gave a check for deposit and they asked for cash before they layed down anything . when I saw the quality of carpet I took back my cash spoke to a very rude person on the phone who told me it was the carpet I ordered even though no numbers matched and I will never see my money. Then I called the person (will not call a gentleman) told him what was going on and he told me too f-----n bad he has too much to deal with and to go f myself and hung up. DO NOT EVEN THINK THESE PEOPLE WILL GET AWAY WITH SCREWING HONEST PEOPLE AND THEN DISMISS US LIKE WE ARE TRASH. CALLED BBB AND I WILL CONTINUE MY FIGHT TO GET MY MONEY BACK. RIP OFF

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  • La
    Lauren Powers Mar 01, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got ripped off money for carpet deposit brought the cheapest rugs installed padding with sharp staples sticking out everywhere, cut foot on it and was sworn at and told to f-n bad it is what you ordered and even the salesman told me to go f myself he doesn't have time to deal with it, and forget trying to talk to installers they do not know how to speak english This fight will not end till my deposit is returned, I took pictures recorded conversation and will show quality of padding

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  • La
    Lauren Powers Mar 01, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    these people are a rippoff

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after sales service

Just a warning! Do not do business with this company! Something is shaddy about this operation. On two...

service and install

On 9/11/09 I had NFD install carpet in two rooms. The installer was rude, did a hack job, scratched my hardwood floors, told me to help the other installer empty second room and did not put most of my stuff back in its place. He also dinged my antique dresser and left a huge mess in the hall. Did I mention one of them used my bathroom and did not lift the seat! I sent NFD a letter with my complaints 3 weeks ago and still have not heard from them. Also, they advertise beating competitors estimates by 15% plus there was an extra 5% in September. There estimate was the same as the competitor, yet I never got the 15% or the 5%. Almost forgot, salesman said I was getting premium padding, it is not nearly as thick as my old carpet padding.

  • Na
    National Floors Direct Jan 19, 2011


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  • Lb
    lbrynes Mar 22, 2011

    I have been trying everyday to reach someone to resolve my issue. On Saturday, I had my carpet installed. I was specifically told that they would arrive between 3-6 pm which was perfect, as I had an appointment earlier. They showed up 10 minutes after I left for my appointment and immediately began ripping out my old carpets. My mother asked them not to start as I was not home, but they said in broken English, that they had a cancellation and they figured they would just come. They installed the wrong color, damaged my wood wall. Like an idiot I paid cash. I am going to get an attorney and sue the [censor] out of the Rosenberg's. I am ashamed to share the same last name with these schmucks!!!

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  • Lb
    lbrynes Mar 22, 2011

    Hacks is right. They installed the wrong color, destroyed my wood wall, and will not return phone calls. When I'm done, they wish they didn't mess with this ROSENBERG!

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I have renovated 3 homes in my lifetime and I've dealt with many shady contractors but none have blatantly robbed me like National Floors Direct. These people take all your money before the job is started and then they install a material that is not what you agreed on. If you try to stop them they will call their guys off the job and you will evetually be completely ignored by them and they will keep all your money. The installers are 100% subcontracted - my group had never done an install for NFD before mine and spoke very little English - but even they knew it was the wrong carpet. This was the biggest horror show that I ever got involved in. I can't believe that they have not been on 20/20 for this scam. I am no longer a Red Sox fan due to the fact that they allow these scam artists sponsor them with their stolen money. DON'T DO IT and tell anyone that you care for not to either no matter what kind of deal they offer!!!

  • Ja
    Jake06110 Feb 22, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    too LATE we ar already into 3 weeks waiting for our Laminate floor WE HATE THIS COMPANY !!!

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  • Na
    National Floors Direct Jan 19, 2011

    I called National Floors direct, 4 -Robbie Road, P.o Box 294, Avon, MA(888-400-3566) for carpet installtion.
    The salesman brought only one sample chart. according to him that was their THE BEST product. and BEST Price the company carries. I exited to get the project done and the salesman offer to get it done. I signed the cotract and the salesman realized that he had forgotten the carpet color and SKU #, he took it from my hand and he wrote on the form the color and some Sku #. I didn't realized that he had put down the SKU #
    and the color were not the same as I had cotract as I signed.After I signed salesman asked for half of the money should be putdown with order.other wise his boss will not accept the order. He was insistant That I have to pay atleast $300.00,
    as he reached to the door he mentioned that installer will not installed until he get paid in cash. next day i called the customer service and told them, That I will not pay any money until I will see the carpet and its color. customer service agreed with my request, they agreed to satisfy me with their order, the man said yess mame we will do any thing to customer's satisfaction.couple of days later Installer came to the door and demand for money and I asked him to show me the carpet, . he brought a small roll of carpet and showed me, i got in shock to see a very cheapst, a thin carpet, it could not be worth even half of the amount I supposed to pay for it.
    I immediately called NFD customer service and they were nice on phone and they said they will replace with much better product and I can send them back. I didn't hear from them next day so, and waited a day and I called them, they completely denied that they had promised any such thing. I ask them that they have to retun my deposit of $300.00 back. They deny as well.that they will return any mony or the carpet .if they would come back tthat i have to pay the new Deposit in cash and on delivery I have to pay cash. The $300 is gone with that old order

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please read!! scam artists

I just bought a house and wanted hardwood floors installed. We scheduled an in home estimate with National Floors Direct for a Wednesday night. We waited around all evening for them to arrive, and they never showed up. We decided to give them another chance and scheduled another estimate. The first quote we were given for Brazillian Cherry hardwood was $7300--we had previously received a quote from a competitor for $4500!! After telling the rep this, and telling him we would not be doing business with them he left. Only to come back to our house 20 minutes later saying his boss had worked a deal for us: $4000. Though we thought it was fishy that the company could cut their quote by almost half, we agreed. We gave them a $400 deposit and signed an agreement for next day installation--yeah right. They called us the next day saying they couldn't get to us that day, they'd have to come the next morning. They also said that for our inconvenience they would give us a three hundred dollar credit. <br />
When they called us the next morning to confirm they would be coming, we asked them what the total was on our account. The price they gave us did not reflect the $300 credit they were supposed to give us!! Then they show up to do the job and while ripping up the old carpet they find particle board under half of the area (which you cannot nail hardwood to). The install guys tell us they will need to rip it up and put ply wood down. They called National Floors Direct because now the issue is--who pays for this? As the consumer, we certainly should not have to cover it after we were misquoted by their incompetant sales rep who did not have the sense to check the sub-flooring in all the rooms before giving us a quote. And also certainly not the men installing the floor who are subcontracted with the company. So the installer called National Floors Direct. <br />
After two hours of waiting for them to call us back, and getting the runaround on hold being transferred from supervisor to supervisor, National Floors Direct basically told us it's not their problem and we will need to pay $1400 for removal of the partical board and the installation of the ply wood. Needless to say that was not going to happen. We had the installers take up the floor they had already put and put a stop on our deposit check (which cost us $25). <br />
I will never recommend anyone do business with this company. Not only are they scam artists, they have zero customer service and are completely unreliable with meeting scheduled appointment times. DO NOT GET YOUR FLOORS THROUGH NATIONAL FLOORS DIRECT!!! By the way, if you look them up on the better business bureau--they have a D rating with 219 complaints filed against them. On the other hand, Empire floors has an A rating, which is why we have called them and are asking them to do our floors.

bait and switch on carpet

I ordered a high quality Shaw carpet. Though it was in stock, I elected to wait over a week for installation, so I could be guaranteed a morning installation. The day before installation, I called to confirm and was told they would call me the next morning but would not guarantee a time. I asked to speak with a customer service supervisor, and was connected to a person named Shirelle, who turned out not to be a supervisor. I asked the name of the owner of the company, and the head of customer relations, and she refused to tell me. (" We don't give out this information.") I googled and found a listing on the Better Business Bureau's web site that gave me all the information I needed (owner: Aaron Rosenberg. Customer Service Director: Charles Whipple) I spoke with Charles Whipple, and he arranged for a morning delivery. The installers arrived promptly, and di a great job, however, the carpet they installed was not the carpet I ordered. I confirmed this with the salesman, who checked the sample in the book from which I had ordered with what they had installed. The installed carpet and the pad (which was supposed to be the highest quality 8 lb. pad) were both flimsy builder's grade. I was never given a receipt or anything detailing what I had paid for, nor could they provide me with any proof of what had been installed. I phoned customer service from my home, and they spoke with the salesman, who told them about the problem. The customer service man told him "Whatever you do, don't live the sample book at the house."

I now have a call into Shaws (a rep from Shaws will verify that the carpet is not theirs), and also initiated a dispute with my credit card company, which will refund my payment until my carpet is replaced with what I ordered and paid for. (ALWAYS PAY WITH A CREDIT CARD. IT IS THE ONLY WAY YOU ARE GUARANTEED PROTECTION IF A SALE GOES BAD.)

I did some more searching on google and learned that the company is owned by a father (Samuel Rosenberg AKA "Steve") and his sons Aaron and Dan. Samuel had a similar company in New Jersey that was shut down for exactly the kinds of practices that are complained about her. He is not supposed to do business for a number of years, so now the new business is in his son's names. This is fraud across the board, and the company should be shut down. I will file complaints with the Attorney General, Department of Consumer Protection, and Better Business Bureau.

National Floors Direct is NOT accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and they give it a "D" grade:
Here is the news release about Samuel Rosenberg's fraud conviction and the $1.3 Million he was ordered to pay in restitution to his defrauded customers.

Always pay with a credit card
Always demand a receipt showing what you ordered
If a company won't give you the name of the owner, that tells you what kind of business it is!

  • Cb
    CB from Foxboro MA Aug 05, 2009

    They also did the bate and switch with me. We ordered Anderson Laminate hardwood flooring and were shown samples, the salesman stated that they were Anderson flooring. It wasn’t till after it was installed and had a problem with it that I discovered that it was a different brand. Even when the installers arrived at the house they had a different work order, the flooring was the same as I had picked out but I never saw the box or the label on the box. At the time I did not think anything of it.

    When I called to inquire about the problem I discovered that the floors were not Anderson because the representative who I talked to said that I did not have Anderson flooring. I quickly expressed my concern and disappointment. Her response was basically "Oh well". My situation never was resolved.

    I will never do business with them and would strongly recommend people not use them.

    i will never do business with them and would strongly recommend people not use them.

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  • Fa
    faded floors Oct 05, 2010

    I paid a very large amount of money to have Anderson Exotic Jatoba Sunrise wood installed in my home a year ago. Big mistake! My floors have faded considerably. I expressed my concerns to the installers, who were not interested after promising to take care of any problems. Eventually after a few attempts they sent a rep. from Anderson to take a look at my flooring and said they would contact me. One year later, I still haven't heard from them even though i contacted the installers several times. I told them that I should have been warned of the fading and never would have made the purchase. I didn't purchase the wood from Anderson but the installers did. I am so disappointed in my floor and regret spending my hard earned money on it. It was supposed to last me a lifetime but I hate the sight of the faded hardwood floor. I also went ahead and spent extra money on the moisture barrier. I do wonder if my wood was also switched.

    I will never purchase from them again neither recommend them.

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terrible company

I have been waiting for over 4 months for my carpet to be installed. I originally set up the install for the next weekend, they cancelled "carpet was damaged". I rescheduled for the following weekend. They never showed. I called "They said they sent to crew to the wrong house, never bothered to call me. For the next 2 months continued to avoid my calls and complaints. I have sent them letters, filed complaints with the BBB and the attorney general. Tried cancelling my payment, all futile. National Floors Direct finally showed up one day at my house, and began working, 1 hours later, they told me they ran out of carpet and they would be back the follwoing day. They never returned. It has been 4 months. I have spoken with everyone in the company they are all ###, do not live up to there word, and try to screw the customer. STAY AWAY!! do not be fooled by there prices...lack quality

carpet installation

I ordered a carpet that was supposed to have been installed last Friday. When the installers came (two of...


First this company is owed by Arron Rosenberg he works there and is the biggest punk he push people around...

fraudulent refund policy

Their policy states that if cancellation to the order is made within 3 business days then the customer should then receive the refunded amount within 10 days. I submitted my cancellation via certified mail within the three days of my order and know that it was received by them on 4/7, therefore per their policy I should have received my refund check for cancelled services on 4/21. I waited until 4/24 and called their 800# when I still had not received it. The woman I spoke with said it had actually just been issued on 4/24 and should recieve it via first class mail in 2 to 3 days. Therefore they had renegged on their 10 day policy, but I remained patient. On 5/1 when I still had not received the check, I called again. They said to give it one more day and then to call back on Sat. 5/2 and they would put it in to their accounting. I called again on 5/2 and a woman stated that she herself hand
writes the envelopes the checks go out in and was sure the check went out on 4/24. She would send a note to her accounting department and would call me after my mail normally arrives at 2PM on monday 5/4 to ensure I still had not received it. No one called on 5/4, so I called again on 5/5 and told the woman I spoke with this time the same information, she stated that she would check back with her accounting team and would call me back by the end of the day. No one called again. Today 5/7, one month after my cancellation was received by them I called again. After explaining all of the above to the woman that answered the phone, she put me on hold and then came back stating that the accounting team had been on vacation and they had just gotten back and were running checks again today 5/7. I asked why I had not been given this information previously as I had been told my check had been issued 4/24, and she said she did not know, so I said I wanted my check FedExed to me so that I was ensured delivery. She said she would have to check, she came back on the phone
and changed her response to say that my check had been cut on 4/24 and that she would have to go to accounting at the other end of the building to track it and have them cancel it. I told her that was the same thing I had been told on 5/5 and no one called me
back so I would hold. After being put back into their hold qeueu randomly answered by a few people and 40 min. later, she came back on the line and told me that Accounting was out of the office at a meeting and she could not aurthorize my check to be sent FedEx. So I told her to put me on with who could authorize, and I spoke to Charles her manager. He said they would absolutley
not FedEx the check to me and could provide no gaurantee as to when or how I would receive my refund. The only gaurantee he could provide was that my check would not be FedExed. When I offered to pick up the check, he stated accounting was now in an off-site location and he did not have their address. (so much for three people telling me they were on the other side of the building) I am now out $1000 with no gaurantee it will ever be returned to me. I have no faith in what anyone at this company says given all of the lies and stories I have been told. Don't give them your money. Even if you follow their refund policies if you change your mind, they take your money and never give it back. I've only asked that they FedEx it or send it to me via some traceable mail service, given the lack of faith they have instilled in me and they refuse!! DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING THEY SAY.

  • Ma
    Maggie M. Jun 02, 2009

    On behalf of National Floors Direct, let me apologize to Hailey for the terrible mismanagement of her cancellation order refund. Indeed, as she stated, she should have received her refund within the ten days as stated in our policy. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond the control of the accounting staff, which was in transition at the time, her refund check was lost. I apologize that Hailey had to talk to so many people at so many different times and yet did not receive a straightforward answer. Please know that we are working to resolve internal issues and that we will do everything in our power to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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  • Al
    Alexandra Marino Jan 26, 2012

    I am having the same problem. I ordered it on december 6th and canceled the following day.
    its january 26th and I have gotten nothing. Every time i call they tell me the check has been issued and i should be getting it in a few days. I call in a week and they say that its being issued on wednesday and i will get it soon. What is going on how can this be legal.
    Alexandra Salem ma

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  • De
    Deborah Coughlin Mar 07, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company is terrible
    Do not book with them
    Salesman will con you to initial stuff on the purchase order but you do not realize what your waiving
    And you have to pay by certified check or cash
    Go with Empire much better

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  • P1
    P100096 Oct 23, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    DO NOT USE NATIONAL FLOORS DIRECT. Recently I completely remodeled my kitchen, living room, dinning room, and 1st floor bathroom and used National Floor Direct to replace the flooring throughout the entire 1st floor of my home. A few days before the flooring was installed I had my new Cabinets and Countertops installed. The flooring installation took 1 full day approximately 8AM to 8PM. I was not present when the installers arrived, however my Wife was home and communicated with the installers upon their arrival. Unfortunately the installers did not speak English and my Wife had to call me home as she felt uncomfortable with them in the house since there was no supervisor on site and she was unable to communicate with them. The next day, upon a thorough inspection of the installation job we noticed that one of our new cabinets was damaged / chipped and a few of the seams in the floor were beginning to buckle. I immediately contacted NFD via the only provided email listed on my receipt as ([email protected]) about my concerns. I received no response within the 1st 2 weeks. I later followed up again with another email and then a few phone calls. Both I and my Wife spoke with customer service / installation department personnel on a couple of occasions to resolve these problems however, all personnel were EXTREMEMLY RUDE, AND REFUSED TO PROVIDE ANSWERS OR FOLLOW UP TO ADRESS OUR CONCERNS. I was later told that I needed to send my concerns and pictures to another email address. After sending my concerns to another email address, and 2 more weeks later NFD contacted my Wife. Again, they were RUDE, and REFUSED to send anyone out to look at my flooring concerns with charging us, and told my Wife that they are not legally culpable for the damage to our Cabinet which was a $175 repair. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND NATIONAL FLOORS DIRECT TO ANYONE. THEY ARE A HORRIBLE COMPANY, WITH POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS AND ARE UNCONCERNED ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. I WILL NEVER AGAIN USE NATIONAL FLOORS DIRECT OR RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE OF MY FIRENDS OR FAMILY. Please learn from my experience and DO NOT USE NATIONAL FLOORS DIRECT.

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watch out bait & switch!!!

I was to pay 5800.00 for a Armstrong Premium (7 layers of poly plus a layer of zinc) hardwood flooring as shown to me, my husband and the contractor on site. Beside the whole day of waiting for anyone to show up for install, they did not have the subflooring as ordered. They ran out and returned at 6:30PM thinking they were going to start at that time until there was a glitch again!!! They (NAtional Floors Direct) did not know the exact correct total BUT the plywood all 5 5/8" thick plywood cost by receipt $72.00 but they wanted me to pay another $400.00. I said when I was satisfied with the floor, since I had already paid everything else in cash and certified bank check, I would pay the $400.00 at the end when I knew they would finish the floor and do it correctly. No they wanted $400.00 up front, now 7:00PM and I simply said "time to go...come back tomorrow" In the meantime, I was able to confirm with Armstrong that the SKU number on the box of floorings left behind in my house was the "good", not better, not best premium, but the "good" without the high grade treatment. That found out, I had to call the police to have the installers leave my home without the wood because I had paid for it and it was my proof of "Bait and Switch". I cannot find the owners of the company. When I add a blip of info to their add from consumers on their website they do not post it. The answer I received from "Bob" the dispatcher in Wallingford, "Well I cannot tell what "they" pull off the shelves everytime" Bottom Line I have been in touch with BBB, consumer protection and Atty Gen'l office. BUYER BEWARE HERE!!! ? why they can have all those commercials and supposedly beat their competitors prices?

  • Al
    Albert Sackal Dec 07, 2009

    In May 2009 I had a laminate floor installed by National Floors Direct, I was told the floor would take 5 hours to install, and it ended up taking 13 hours, and they did not have enough stock to finish the job, so they had to come back the following morning. Five months later the floor started to peak in several places, due to being installed to tight, I have been calling to have it repaired, everytime I have an appointment, they never show up on time, and are always approx. three to five hours late, to this date the floor still has not been repaired, National Floors Direct service and installation is the worst I have ever had to deal with, beware.

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claims they have next day installation

National Floors Direct claims that they will install your carpet, hardwood, or laminate floor next day. I have receipts to prove that they do not stick to this garauntee. See their website to view there garauntee or I am sure you have seen there commercials. I actually placed the order, on a laminate floor, 2 weeks prior to the installation date I was looking for so they had more than enough time to insure the stock was ready for my job. The floor was suppose to be installed on Friday, November 28, 2009 and it was not installed until Monday, November 30, 2008. Every time I called them they gave me the run around and all kinds of excuses. I waited around all day on the 28 to have my floor installed - needless to say I had to take a day off from work as well. They said they would be back on Saturday, still no floor. Well, when I had called on Saturday, I was quite upset and aggravated because I waited around again still with no floor installed. The supervisor in the installation department promised me that he would deduct $400 off of my bill for the inconvenience - I accepted that. Well...I get my first bill and there is no credit for $400 so I called him. He said that he never said that to me - he straight up lied. So, not only do they not fulfill there promise, they are dishonest as well. Not only do I have no floor, I have no stove or refrigerator for an additional 4 days because of this. I had to move them out so they could install them. I have 2 children that ate mostly junk for 4 days because I had no mean of cooking. After all was said and done - there are quite a few holidays on my floor so it is not even top quality work.

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