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National Credit Systems reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on May 4, 2009. The latest review Violation of ada service dog law. No verification or validation letter was posted on Jan 30, 2021. The latest complaint Balance of $584.01 due, with $292.01 Settlement was resolved on Aug 14, 2014. National Credit Systems has an average consumer rating of 3 stars from 17 reviews. National Credit Systems has resolved 8 complaints.

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National Credit Systems Complaints & Reviews

Jan 30, 2021

National Credit Systems — Violation of ada service dog law. No verification or validation letter

I rented an apartment. Specifically Camden vintage in Vegas Starting in August of 2013 to June 2015. They...

Jun 10, 2019

National Credit Systems — apartment debt

After a monstrous time with them "accidentally" filing on my credit ive had to keep filing complaints where...

May 03, 2019

National Credit Systems — unethical behavior

Paid off my debt. They refuse to give me a letter to provide to the credit bureaus so I can have this item...

National Credit Systems — Eviction

I had an eviction from years ago that was placed in collections with the national credit system I started a...

National Credit SystemsUnprofessional, Lied, Terrible Experience

I am absolutely stunned at a company that treats people the way they do has power to ruin someone's credit. I owed a bill from a few years back that I would have paid right away had I even gotten a bill. No bill, no voice mails from this agency, nothing. The only thing I ever received was a bill for over 2, 500 from the apartment complex but I only owed 1400 and asked them to send me a revised bill. 3 months later, it's on my credit report. I went through a tough time and had to break my lease for the first time in my life. I pay my bills but I also RECEIVE bills or at least know how to check my balance. When I found the company's name, via my credit report, I tried to log into their website to pay it but couldn't (no surprise there, they want to talk down to you more than they want your money!). So I called them and that sure did ruin my day. I don't get upset, and I was so upset by the time I got off the phone with them, I was actually shaking. I told them I will pay the bill if they will have it removed from my credit report. I spoke with **** (not mentioning names just yet) and she told me "no, that is illegal". So I asked to speak to a manager. A man got on the phone (I'd bet my paycheck he wasn't a manager) and I asked him if it was illegal to have the entry removed from my credit report. He said no. Yeah, I already knew that. I ended that call. After calming down, I called back a week or so later, because I need the bill paid and at this point I don't care if it's on my report but I want it marked "paid in full". So I called back to get my account number so I could pay it. Guess what, they all of a sudden couldn't find an account with my name, social, or apartment complex that I lived in. Unbelievable, at this point they are just messing with me! Here I am, getting upset again. I couldn't believe I can't just pay my bill! So, finally they transferred me back to *****, which I said I did not want to speak to her. I finally got my account number and she tried everything she could to get my credit card number. NO! Later that day (last week), I sent payment through my bank with online bill pay. If they don't cash that check as soon as they get it, I'm filing reports with BBB and Attorney Generals office. By the way, I recorded the conversation and let her know I was recording AFTER she told me she was recording the conversation. Found a free app for my phone and I'm very, very glad that I have proof of what people have to go through when dealing with these people.

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    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    National Credit Systems, Inc. — Balance of $584.01 due, with $292.01 Settlement

    I just received a bill or invoice saying that I owe $584.01, with a $292.01 settlement at an apartment...

    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    National Credit Systems — Unwilling to settle my accounts

    ok so nobody in this world is perfect back when I was a teenager long story short I broke my lease was barely...

    National Credit Systems — Failure to abide by the FDCPA; Failure to report properly

    I received a letter in the early weeks of February, 2013, from NCS (National Credit Systems) regarding a...

    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    National Credit Systemsrudeness

    Ms Tillman of NCS is the rudest lying little thing. I say thing because I'm sure she can't be human as humans have feelings. I called to settle a 3 year old debt and because she didn't like my "tone" she hung up. I called back and worked with her supervisor which resolved the issue but in the meantime I rec'd a letter saying I refused to pay my debt b/c Ms Rude-as-hell Tillman lied.

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      National Credit SystemsUnethical collection practices and bullying

      I was contacted by this company by a Mr. Barnes in reference to a debt owed to former landlord/rental agency after vacating the property the previous year. The debt owed increased by over $1200.00. I was advised if I felt the debt was not owed to supporting documentation, but Mr. Barnes hung up on me before giving me the proper address to sent complaints too. He continued to call daily, multiple times, and when I asked for a supervisor, I was hung up on or put on hold for 30 minutes or more, only to be rerouted to Mr. Barne's voicemail. I advised him on another occassion that I was a student, and he actually threatened to garnish Federal Funds, and when I advised him that would be a federal crime, he hung up on me. He contacted my mother and when she asked for something sent via USPS, certifed mail, he hung up on her. I found their mailing information through the Federal Trade Commission, and sent 17 plus pages of supporting documentation, and when I received another call, this time from Ms. Bennett, she had no idea what I was talking about. When I asked her for a supervisor, she hung up on me. They have threatened that they will assure I will not be able to receive federal grants for a public/state university, and when I informed them different, they hang up on me. They overtalk, yell, and make threats and seem to have no reasoning, ethics, or communication skills. After I searched the internet, I found 1.8 million hits and complaints for fraud and scam alerts in reference to National Credit Services. Any attempts to dispute the claim, end in them hanging up on me. They sent threatening information to my grandmother, and spelled her name wrong and got the address wrong. They say you can dispute the claim, but you really can't. It seems I am only one of many thousands of clients being abused by this company.

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        • Ky
          kyledkpd Dec 27, 2012

          Also, make sure you make a complaint against them on BBB

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        • Ky
          kyledkpd Dec 27, 2012

          I had a collections against me from NCS and won my case. I discuss it due to confidentiality, but trust me...use this guy! Thanks,

          James M. Feagle, Esq.
          Skaar & Feagle, LLP
          Decatur Office:108 E. Ponce De Leon Avenue
          Suite 204
          Decatur, GA 30030
          [protected] fax
          [email protected]

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        • Un
          UNTEaglet May 23, 2011

          Currently dealing with a Mr. Curtis Harris. Good luck trying to dispute anything. They have a fraud case on their hands and will be wrapped up in the lawsuit. They are refusing to even work with me on anything. This was not my apartment, This was not my lease and it is no skin off my nose since I own my home and my new car. It is too old to even matter at this point. I just wanted it off my credit.

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        • Nc
          NCS = fraud May 07, 2011

          I'm currently dealing with Ms. Bennett and National Collection Systems. I received a call on April 22nd that I owed them $120.91 for past due rent and utilities. It's not a large amount, but when I moved out of the apartments, I owed them nothing. My utilities were handled by a 3rd party, SRP (Salt River Project -, and my account was closed on the day I moved out in good standing ($0 balance). I have this in writing.

          I was never notified by the apartment complex that I owed them money, despite leaving my forwarding information more than once. I only received a CALL from National Collection Systems 10 weeks and 4 days after vacating the apartment. On May 5th, I asked Ms. Bennett to please FAX me a the itemized list of charges. She assured me the fax would be sent in 10-15 minutes. I verified the fax machine to be on, working and successfully receiving faxes. I never received the fax.

          I phoned Ms. Bennett the following day (May 6th) and stated that I never received the fax. She told me "the system" shows it was sent successfully. I asked her to send the fax again. She stated "We do not send faxes more than once." They also do not email documents. I gave Ms. Bennett my home address to have her send me the documents. The address they had on file was not only incorrect, it was an address I'd never heard of. Also on this call, Ms. Bennett informed me that they will submit my record to the credit bureaus on May 7th and May 21st. Today is May 6th. Since they don't work on weekends, they're submitting it today.

          I have no doubt in my mind that the fax was never sent. I'm currently waiting for the itemized list of charges to be mailed to me. In the meantime, I've drafted a request for debt validation from National Credit Systems. Unfortunately, I don't have a physical mailing address other than the PO Box listed on their website, so I won't be able to mail this until I speak with Ms. Bennett on Monday, May 9th.

          I attempted to contact the apartment complex to dispute the debt, but the complex told me their "files" were all sent to the collections agency. They cannot provide ANY information other than my start and end dates of being a tennent.

          After some quick searching, it's painfully obvious National Collection Systems operates under fraudulent, deceptive and unfair business practices. How they're still in business, I'll never know.

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        National Credit Systems — Unprofessionalism

        About a year ago I decided to clean up my credit and have worked with many collection agencies, all of whom...

        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        National Credit Systems, Inc. — Nasty calls/Fortgot to Mini Miranda

        I was not aware of having an account in collections and especially for an apartment complex. The first time I...

        National Credit Systems, Inc. — Fraudulent claim

        Ok here we go! I have been fighting with national Credit systems inc for the better part of 5 years. I...

        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        National Credit Systemsnot following the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act


        On or about 12 May 2010, I was contacted by Ms. Tillman of the National Credit System regarding a debt from an apartment I leased in November 2009. I signed a 6 month lease and I vacated after 3 months.

        When I first spoke with Ms. Tillman, she informed me that I owed $2, 102.01. I asked her to send me a document with a break down of the charges – but out of fear for hurting my credit I made my first payment before I received this document. On or about the 15th of May I made a payment of $352.35. Despite Ms. Tillman's demand that I send my first payment via western union or some other wire agency, I made my payment through the payment process on their website. I then called Ms Tillman to tell her about the payment options available on your website and she hung-up on me. I called back and spoke to Mr. Cook who also seemed to be having a bad day and was not one of the more friendly managers I have spoken to. In the end I explained that I would be making my payments through the website because a representative of the company had told me this was an acceptable way to pay off the debt.

        Today (June 11th) I went to their website to make arrangements for a payment that I intended to submit and my debt of $1, 749.66 has grown to $2, 727.66. It went up by $978.00. So I called Ms. Tillman again to find out what had happened and she said "Since I did not pay off the entire amount they added another charge to it".

        I am not sure what is going on. I am willing to pay the debt I owe - I believe I have clearly communicated my intentions to Ms. Tillman and to Mr. Cook . . .they both told me I could make 6 payments of roughly $350.00 to pay the entire thing off - and when I did what we agreed upon . . .someone added $978.00 to the amount.

        I am unable to speak with anyone other than Ms. Tillman or Mr. Cook and I have never received a break down of the charges. I know at times their staff has to deal with people who may be less than motivated to address their debt and may even be unwilling to answer the phone at times . . .all I am asking for is a document identifying what I owe with a break down of the charges and an explanation of the additional $978.00.

        Rob Hess
        49 Laguna
        Palmyra VA 22963.

        Acct no: 2087843


        Rob Hess

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          National Credit Systems, Inc. — Collections

          I’m having a problem with a collection agency that i want to pay that right pay. The name of the company i...

          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          National Credit Systems, Inc. — Fay Miles

          I've made numerous calls, sent numerous letters, and faxed the letters to try and ask why I was never...

          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          National Credit Systems — Paying through the internet

          Called to Settle past apartment in order to own a home and noticed it can be paid online. When paying online...

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