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National Credit Systems Complaints & Reviews

National Credit Systems / apartment debt

Jun 10, 2019

After a monstrous time with them "accidentally" filing on my credit ive had to keep filing complaints where they say "oops". Now that the debts been paid off for 3 weeks they refuse to discharge the debt. They are soooo rude and when they answer the phone they say "hold for voicemail"...

National Credit Systems / unethical behavior

May 03, 2019

Paid off my debt. They refuse to give me a letter to provide to the credit bureaus so I can have this item removed. It has been over a month and their receptionist is a rude ignorant lady for a better choice of words. She refused to hear my request before she became ignorant with me. I...

National Credit Systems / Eviction

Jan 18, 2017

I had an eviction from years ago that was placed in collections with the national credit system I started a payment plan with this company.i tried to apply for another apartment complex and the apartment complex needed proof of me making payments on my eviction and the national credit...

National Credit Systems / Unprofessional, Lied, Terrible Experience

Jun 05, 2015

I am absolutely stunned at a company that treats people the way they do has power to ruin someone's credit. I owed a bill from a few years back that I would have paid right away had I even gotten a bill. No bill, no voice mails from this agency, nothing. The only thing I ever received...

National Credit Systems, Inc. / Balance of $584.01 due, with $292.01 Settlement

Aug 14, 2014

I just received a bill or invoice saying that I owe $584.01, with a $292.01 settlement at an apartment complex I once stayed in for 2 months, until I transferred away from there to another apartment complex (of the same real estate company) by paying only a transfer fee of around $150 to...

National Credit Systems / Unwilling to settle my accounts

Jul 01, 2014

ok so nobody in this world is perfect back when I was a teenager long story short I broke my lease was barely 18 19 years old and didn't have a care in the world so I didn't take it seriously no I'm 25 I'm a mother and I have a family so for almost 7 years this company...

National Credit Systems / Failure to abide by the FDCPA; Failure to report properly

Apr 29, 2013

I received a letter in the early weeks of February, 2013, from NCS (National Credit Systems) regarding a supposed debt that was owed from a previous residence I lived in. When I received the correspondence, I immediately filed a complaint with the company and challenged the validity of...

National Credit Systems / rudeness

Oct 04, 2012

Ms Tillman of NCS is the rudest lying little thing. I say thing because I'm sure she can't be human as humans have feelings. I called to settle a 3 year old debt and because she didn't like my "tone" she hung up. I called back and worked with her supervisor which resolved...

National Credit Systems / Unethical collection practices and bullying

Mar 17, 2011

I was contacted by this company by a Mr. Barnes in reference to a debt owed to former landlord/rental agency after vacating the property the previous year. The debt owed increased by over $1200.00. I was advised if I felt the debt was not owed to supporting documentation, but Mr. Barne...

National Credit Systems / Unprofessionalism

Feb 22, 2011

About a year ago I decided to clean up my credit and have worked with many collection agencies, all of whom have worked with me at the sight of money. I have offered all of them full payment for a deletion of my negative credit remark off of my credit report. All of them EXCEPT national...

National Credit Systems, Inc. / Nasty calls/Fortgot to Mini Miranda

Feb 10, 2011

I was not aware of having an account in collections and especially for an apartment complex. The first time I have try to contact the company the male who answer the phone was very rude to me and made me fell bad. He just kept on going about the debt i have, but he was very rude and...

National Credit Systems, Inc. / Fraudulent claim


Ok here we go! I have been fighting with national Credit systems inc for the better part of 5 years. I recently realized how important my credit has become and decided to fight back. the company stated that I owed that 1095.00 for past due rent and for some additional fees. Now I...

National Credit Systems / not following the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act


Sir/Ma'am, On or about 12 May 2010, I was contacted by Ms. Tillman of the National Credit System regarding a debt from an apartment I leased in November 2009. I signed a 6 month lease and I vacated after 3 months. When I first spoke with Ms. Tillman, she informed me that I owed $2, 102.01...

National Credit Systems, Inc. / Collections


I’m having a problem with a collection agency that i want to pay that right pay. The name of the company is national credit systems inc based in atlanta ga. It’s like this i owe 2, 829. 20 for an eviction. Now lets face facts i’m in the trying to make ends meet like a great deal of people out...

National Credit Systems, Inc. / Fay Miles


I've made numerous calls, sent numerous letters, and faxed the letters to try and ask why I was never contacted about a small debt that showed up on my credit report. A supervisor, Fay Miles, insulted me and refused to give me any information. I just paid the debt and hoped one of my letters made it through to someone of importance...

National Credit Systems / Paying through the internet


Called to Settle past apartment in order to own a home and noticed it can be paid online. When paying online it said payment went through, but said this is not a reciept and led me to pay for it again. I called National Credit Systems and they said they don't monitor the internet and...