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iQor Holdings Complaints & Reviews

Feb 10, 2019

iQor Holdings — processing my clearance for my certificate of employment

I worked at iQor for just only two months. I finished the training together with my co-worker. But when I...

iQor Holdings — i'm emailing you about the illegal use of drugs

I am sending this email complaining about the illegal use of drugs at your Miramar center. I went to pickup...

iQorportable protein pack

Today I purchased one of these packs from a local CVS. The expiration date was not till September 2017. When I opened it and started eating it I did not notice that there was mold on the cheese. Please email me back with what you are wanting to do to rectify this. This is not something I am okay with as I spent time and money in a product I expect to be held to higher standards.

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    iQorhp® deskjet 5810 - all-in-one printer

    Hello there,

    I bought this printer at 13.03.17 from Madhyamgram, Kolkata 700129 (Hitch Solutions). I am using it officially for billing purpose.

    From 20.05.17, my printer is not working. I called to the customer care, one executive came also. He told that it is a regular fault and my product is under warranty so no need to worry. They will take care of it and make it done. Now the second folk came, he found that the MPCA Chip burn without opening it. But I didn't saw any burn parts of our printer. So much funny and [censor]ing excuses the executive gave me that I have to click a snap and then I can see the burn parts. Do you guys send magicians to us to solve our issues??

    I trust the company name so I bought it. Not for this kind of ignorance. My case ID: [protected] - BJVB1559

    Then I called again, it's not my fault and my printer is in warranty though I told them to send an engineer and make my printer well n good, I am using it official purpose so I will pay them. Because it's my office, I need to make bill each and every day. I told them I will give the voucher or cash also. Now they told me I need to pay first by on line and then they will come and fix the issue. Do you really have any idea what the [censor] is doing by your employees? First of all my product is under warranty but it's urgent for me so I agreed to pay but they ask me to pay it as upfront. Why do I pay upfront? When I told them that I am going to the consumer forum, he told me I can do whatever I want, HP didn't bother.

    I​ ​had a talk with Nupur Das, she told me that she was going to send me a quotation, they called my office number and told they have some issues, and going to send me the quote soon. But till the next day she didn't get time to send me the quotation. After I mailed to the service head, I got the quote, but here they want the payment first and they want to read me the terms and condition. I didn't find it any where it is written that I have to pay in advance for the product with id in warranty.

    I can't use the printer for 20 days. I am very much disgusted with HP service.

    Do you care about your customers like this? I need an urgent response from you. Hope like your employees you didn't tell me that I can do whatever I want.

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      Hi lbc,

      I just want to lodge a complaint regarding your customer service representatives for giving false information, for dropping the call and for being rude. I ordered a product from shopee for a present and was shipped last sun - 7/05/17. I was expecting that i'll receive the product on tuesday as it is usually 3-5 business days, but it was delivered last mon 08/05/17. Lbc went to our house but no one received the package, as we weren't expecting it. That night, I called your hotline and was promised that it will be redelivered on tuesday, I didn't go to work just to wait for the package but your courier didn't show. Then again, I called your hotline and said that it will be redelivered if not on wed, it could be this thursday or friday. I have been calling lbc for a total of 6 times and all the representatives that i've spoke to are giving different information. One said that it will not be returened to seller as there's an escalation made. But, upon checking website, order status for my package will be returned to shipper, as courier attempt to redeliver it. But again, I make sure that someone will pick it up for me. It seems that your courier are also making false report on your end just to say that they did their job. But it seems that they didn't. I'm just frustrated with the customer service I had with your representatives, to think that i'm calling from cavite to manila using a long distance call. Can't they even think the inconvinience it has caused me. By the way here's the reference number : [protected]

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        I worked for Iqor for three months... in those 3 months there was numerous illegal business practices from not paying employees for all hours worked nor not given lunch breaks even though you worked an 11 hour shift but Iqor believes you should only be paid 7 hours of your shift. When you go to management they say if you don't like our company policies there the door. If I remember this is America and all the hours rendered should be paid. Iqor believes if you are waiting for a call to drop in you are not working and should not get paid. If you are going to the bathroom you should not get paid or even if your in a meeting with management for a meeting you should not get paid.. my paychecks looked like 89 hours of regular pay and they only paid 5 minutes of overtime... but I have 9 hours of overtime but Iqor disagreed after receiving 5 paychecks that had these discrepancies I walked out because management said they had the power to do this... I disagreed and joined a class action lawsuit to get all my hours paid for even overtime... there are more than 3000 people in the same boat... I google: Iqor V. And saw that Iqor get lawsuits left and right for illegal business practices... Shoots v. Iqor... so do your research before working with Iqor make sure they pay you correctly for all your hours worked for them. Iqor is a crooked company and will screw you over if you don't watch for all the illegal business practices.. Iqor has lots of contracts and Iqor makes millions a year but cannot pay employees all hours worked... I remember  Iqor didn't want to pay 20 of us for training but when we got mad they said your checks are being printed... that was the first red flag... but more came after that... and remember I walked out and two weeks later Iqor sent me a letter saying I was terminated but that was incorrect I walked out because of all the illegal business practices that they pulled... pay your employees all hours  worked that includes overtime, cleaning your work station or going to the bathroom etc... minutes and hours to be paid... don't work for free...  I was hired on for 12.50 an hour full time when I asked to get reimbursed for all hours they said there's the door if you don't like our policy... this company will nickel-and-dime you... soured image of the contracts they have with Verizon, AT&T, MetroPCS, T-mobile, Sprint, Conns etc...

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          iQor — how iqor treat employees

          I am a employee working for iQor (Sprint) in Charlotte, NC in the Belk building. The way iQor (Sprint) treat...

          iQor — harassing phone calls

          I am receiving 4 calls a day that come from this number, on both my home and cell phone numbers. No message...


          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          iQor — awful company

          What a nightmare of a company iQor is. I was hired there in July 2014 and started in August, and I...

          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          iQor Canadaharassing phone calls

          Calls 3 times a day or more from [protected]. Will not stop. We do not have unpaid debts. This is absolutely ridiculous.

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            • Di
              Disenchanted01 Jan 14, 2011

              These losers are calling me 4 times a day. On Rogers wireless behalf, they are trying to collect a bogus bill that was settled 2 yrs ago. Relentless auto dial calls daily and still no stop to the frequency these children still do not get the point. What a disgraceful businness and piss poor business approach. They are truly less than a third party collection agency. No class and no regard for any sane ethical business model. Rot in business hell.

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            iQor — harrassing phone calls

            I keep getting phone calls from this company, 8am till 8pm every day, monday to friday, 4 to 6 times per day...

            iQor Canada, Icor Canadaharassment

            These people call my house all day and all night and they on't tell me anything except they have a personal file to discuss with me and then ask for personal information which I don't give to them.

            Today Eric asked for my postal code and tried to pronounce my street name. When I asked them I asked "why, when you called me, do I then have to verify it's me you called" to which Eric said "well, I can see we're getting no where here tonight" and hung up on me. This is about the 237th time they have called my house. sometimes they call me and i answer to find no one on the other end of the line which is extremely annoying after midnight. The number that calls is [protected]

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              iQor Canadaharassment

              some idiot keeps calling our home demanding to speak w. family members. at least 3 to 5 times daily.
              they will not state what type of company they are or why they are calling.
              they do want financial information however. oh please let me just get that for you. they said that they needed our help but would not tell us why.
              is there not something that can be done about this company?

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                • Lo
                  LouLou1020 Dec 16, 2010

                  Iqor Canada...let me tell you these people really need to look into the regulations of what is allowed by a collection agency. This company calls my house 3 times a day, 6 sometimes 7 days out of the week. For a whole year they were calling me and asking for someone who no longer lived at my number, despite me telling them over and over again they continued to call. Finally after a year of their harassing calls for this person, the calls stopped, for about a week, and then all of a sudden they have an account in collections for me? WHAT?? how convienent is that? Now for the last year they have been calling daily, 3 times a day 6-7 days a week right up until 9 pm. I have been put in hospital because of the stress this company is putting on me, when i disclosed this information to one of the agents she laughed at me and said "you're just a joke" and hung up on me!! A collection agency has no right to call you any more than 3 times in ONE WEEK and no more than that, as well there are set times they cannot call before or after, anything more is considered harassment (i spoke to someone in the consumer protection for this information). When i confront them with this information they laugh at me and say im only trying to get out of their agency. Not the case at all. I just want someone to listen to me that i have no clue where this account comes from and even if i did know anything about it, at this time i am unable to pay it. I have student loans i am in the process of paying back on top of supporting and caring for my 3 kids by myself AND dealing with my ongoing medical conditions which are easily aggrivated by stress. I have been hung up on, laughed at and put down and still this company expects me to be nice to them? HAHA!! They are heartless and cold, they continue to harass me and i have met my limit now. My lawyers number will be inserted into my speed dial as well as my recording machine set up with my phone. What this company does is wrong and illegal. During one of my phone calls i did manage to get only 1 agents ID# and name, thank you very much Odiac!!! your information will be handed over to my lawyer and your name shall be the first name to be brought in!! Any other way to get these harassers off my back other than a law suit?? i dont need the stress or the time taken away from my children but these people have almost left me with no other choice.

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                iQora telephone spam company

                These people called my husband this morning on his cell phone, we recently had his number changed, They left a message, the company name was cut off from the message and all I got was the number, they didnt leave any other information other than the phone number and to call them back its urgent, nothing else!!!

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                  • Bs
                    Bsharp Jan 12, 2013

                    your dumb you do know that if you get a new number most likely someone else had that number before you. All you have to do is call them back and say this is a new cell number for me. As a bill collector, y time is money why would i waste my time calling a number that i know for a fact is wrong? Stop screaming scam bill collector are people who work every day to pay there own bills. Yea there are a few bad collectors out there who gives us a bad rep but 95% of us follow the rules and work really hard to support ourselfs and our family.

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                  • Mo
                    Momma2Be Jun 12, 2011

                    I worked at Iqor for almost a full year. A month and a half ago I found out I was pregnant and due to severe dehydration and complications I was rushed to the hospital and put on bed rest for the remainder of my work week (4 days). I offered my supervisor the documentation the hospital provided for me but she declined stating "Iqor does not accept notes". 3 days before I was eligible for maternity leave I was fired due to attendance. Now Iqor is fighting my unemployement.

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                  iQortelephone harsment

                  This company phones when you say hello they hang up.I have phoned there number back [protected] A male picks up the phone he cann't speak english very good.So I say If these people what something learn english before they phone anybody.I got a hold of consumer affairs to report there
                  company.Consumer affairs send me a complain report to fill out to get this company not to phone me any longer.To this day I still do not no what they want

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                    iQor Canada Ltdllegal practices

                    well as a ex employee of Iqor canada I will tell the truth about what is going on at this company, everything said on this complaint board is true. they the avp's/managers of Iqor are engaging in illegal unethical practices. they cannot produce any proof of any debt they collect. which is a violation of ministry standards. they also have an extreme verification process whenever they try to contact consumers they must verify either address or date of birth. do not give them your info part of there company is a telemarketing operation which is run from india they collect calling lists for that so beware. I am not just a bitter ex employee I feel sorry for what I have done while in there employ collecting data for telemarketing campaigns so in a way this revelation is for me to clear out the bad karma. for those seeking to work there think twice there policy is to fire- lay off employes within 3 months I lasted 8 months. but during the time I worked there I learned many things which I will share if you collect an amount over 1000.00 you dont get credit for it. it is scooped taken and given to one of there favorites so basically you are a commisioned employee who is working for others not yourself I will be talking to a lawyer about that. they cannot control there avp/managers who are selling various products and substances on the premises. they have recently closed the cambridge location and the way they are losing clients the toronto location will soon follow. do not deal with them do not pay them your payment may go missing even though you paid directly to there trust acct if you have a debt that has been placed there demand they show you proof of the debt if they cannot then demand they remove the bad mark on your credit report deal with the company you owe the money to. as a consumer you have this right. they also use a dialing system to contact consumers that is beyond flawed none of the numbers they call have been verified they are calling cellphones employers everyone but the person they are looking for 3-5 times per day everyday, which is illegal. the head office is in new york and whether or not they are aware of what is going on at this location I do not know. but what I do know is our canadian govt is allowing this so if you get a call from this collection agency force them to do there jobs
                    do not verify your info
                    make them show you proof of the debt
                    if you do actually pay them demand your release letter and demand they update your credit report immediately
                    remember you as the consumer have all the rights and the power do not let them harass or bully you into paying anything if and when they do bend/break the law here is where you can complain
                    Ministry of Consumer Services
                    Consumer Protection Branch
                    5775 Yonge St. Suite 1500
                    Toronto, ON M7A 2E5
                    Fax: [protected]
                    phone: [protected] or [protected]

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                      1) They keep calling, but all they do is leave a message saying;
                      "it's really important that you call them".
                      2) Or you answer the phone and there's no one there.
                      3) When you call them back, they are asking you a bunch of
                      personal questions like account #'s. We don't know of any
                      account numbers! What are we suppose to do, make one up? Or,
                      they're asking for your phone number. No one in their right
                      mind would confirm their own number to scammers like this! Or,
                      they're asking for your name, address, postal code and even your
                      DOB. We even had them ask us for our SIN numbers in the past.
                      What's that all about? They may be a collection agency, but all
                      there're collecting is personal information so they can help make
                      your life miserable.
                      4) When you ask them questions about why they are calling, they
                      just get rude with you, or they just hang up on you!
                      They think there're some kind of Big Shots who can bully you over
                      the phone. This type of telephone spam is known as phishing.
                      Everyone, Please don't ever answer or talk to these low life scums.

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                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        iQor Canada Ltd — illegal practices

                        well as a ex employee of Iqor canada I will tell the truth about what is going on at this company, everything...


                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        iQorvery rude and unrespectiful

                        I received my second phone call on a sataurday morning at 730 am .The caller asked why I haven't paid a speeding ticket that I received in 1992.
                        My first complaint is why would a collection agency phone at that time of the morning on a weekend
                        Secondily the man on the phone was abrupt and aggresive and I told him that the ticket was paid he called me a liar.
                        Thirdily I am positive I paid the ticket, but who keeps records for 18 or 19 years

                        I will keep trying to find someway or someone who can check them out. As I think they are trying to collect on a paid ticket.I have talked to the ontario provincial police about them and my ticket.The opp's told me if I had not paid, that my driving privileges in Ontario would have been suspended(but they are not)

                        Who governs this collection agency ### and how do we know they are honest and above board.

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                          • Al
                            allancullen Aug 07, 2009

                            I am posting this complaint re the bank of scottlands evil ploy in atacking the infirm I suffer from mental health problems and have been hit with unfair bank chargese my money maters helperchristina yungat drumchapal money maters is dealing with bank of scottlands harrassment all the bank s oney comese from illgoten gain stealing money from my benifet for several months the bak took 35pounds from me each time the bank needed money they take money from the mentaly ill and seam to get away with it this morning I receved a letter from one of there hench mennamediqor recovery servicesltd. Pobox.82.83winckley square. Preston pr13el the debt recovery agents havethreatend me withsending debt colectors to my home and geting the 363.11pence in fullmy illness makese me vurnable and I fear for my safety can anayone help me get back my benifet from this evil bank allan

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                          iQor — bad business practices

                          This is the worst company I have ever worked for in my life. For nine months I put up with abuse from...

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