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iQor Holdings Complaints & Reviews

iQor Holdings / processing my clearance for my certificate of employment

Jojo_2019 on Feb 10, 2019

I worked at iQor for just only two months. I finished the training together with my co-worker. But when I reached the production, we have our team leader which always extend our working hours without any additional pay for our salary. He always extend 2 hours for just a meeting regarding...

iQor Holdings / i'm emailing you about the illegal use of drugs

Tiffany 56 on Nov 6, 2017

I am sending this email complaining about the illegal use of drugs at your Miramar center. I went to pickup my daughter Sunday 11/05/17 In was appalled that someone was smoking marijuana on your promises, I don't believe that employers should bring illegal drugs to work and ever since...

iQor / portable protein pack

Ajizonu on Aug 16, 2017

Today I purchased one of these packs from a local CVS. The expiration date was not till September 2017. When I opened it and started eating it I did not notice that there was mold on the cheese. Please email me back with what you are wanting to do to rectify this. This is not something I...

iQor / hp® deskjet 5810 - all-in-one printer

Indrajit Deb on Jun 3, 2017

Hello there, I bought this printer at 13.03.17 from Madhyamgram, Kolkata 700129 (Hitch Solutions). I am using it officially for billing purpose. From 20.05.17, my printer is not working. I called to the customer care, one executive came also. He told that it is a regular fault and my product...

iQor / delivery

AAAnonymous on May 12, 2017

Hi lbc, I just want to lodge a complaint regarding your customer service representatives for giving false information, for dropping the call and for being rude. I ordered a product from shopee for a present and was shipped last sun - 7/05/17. I was expecting that i'll receive the product on...

iQor / employee

illegal company on Aug 3, 2016

I worked for Iqor for three months... in those 3 months there was numerous illegal business practices from not paying employees for all hours worked nor not given lunch breaks even though you worked an 11 hour shift but Iqor believes you should only be paid 7 hours of your shift. When you...

iQor / how iqor treat employees

Deltric Glover on Jan 13, 2016

I am a employee working for iQor (Sprint) in Charlotte, NC in the Belk building. The way iQor (Sprint) treat their employees at this location is horrible. First the building has mold and water damage to the ceiling and floors. The working environment is not a healthy environment...

iQor / harassing phone calls

sz80 on May 7, 2015

I am receiving 4 calls a day that come from this number, on both my home and cell phone numbers. No messages are left. They call at approximately the same times each day, plus or minus an hour. I have never received anything from them by mail, only this constant calling and not leaving...

iQor / awful company

bluesunlight on Sep 26, 2014

What a nightmare of a company iQor is. I was hired there in July 2014 and started in August, and I didn't even last two months there. First off, the pay is terrible for the collections work you're expected to do. They start you off with $10 an hour, when most call centers pay at...

iQor Canada / harassing phone calls

CD821 on Jun 8, 2012

Calls 3 times a day or more from 1-866-801-1526. Will not stop. We do not have unpaid debts. This is absolutely ridiculous.

iQor / harrassing phone calls

STRESSED7 on Feb 10, 2012

I keep getting phone calls from this company, 8am till 8pm every day, monday to friday, 4 to 6 times per day. the phone number is 1-866-294-1752.. I don't owe any money!!! I want this stopped emmediately!!! enough is enough!!! I am getting sick all because of all this harrassing phone...

iQor Canada, Icor Canada / harassment

lambofjordan on Feb 4, 2012

These people call my house all day and all night and they on't tell me anything except they have a personal file to discuss with me and then ask for personal information which I don't give to them. Today Eric asked for my postal code and tried to pronounce my street name. When I...

iQor Canada / harassment

jmht on Sep 16, 2011

some idiot keeps calling our home demanding to speak w. family members. at least 3 to 5 times daily. they will not state what type of company they are or why they are calling. they do want financial information however. oh please let me just get that for you. they said that they needed our...

iQor / a telephone spam company

Christina on May 12, 2011

These people called my husband this morning on his cell phone, we recently had his number changed, They left a message, the company name was cut off from the message and all I got was the number, they didnt leave any other information other than the phone number and to call them back its urgent, nothing else!!!

iQor / telephone harsment

Bernie J on Mar 28, 2011

This company phones when you say hello they hang up.I have phoned there number back 1-866-2941752 A male picks up the phone he cann't speak english very good.So I say If these people what something learn english before they phone anybody.I got a hold of consumer affairs to report...

iQor Canada Ltd / llegal practices

Kyle Randor on Mar 27, 2011

well as a ex employee of Iqor canada I will tell the truth about what is going on at this company, everything said on this complaint board is true. they the avp's/managers of Iqor are engaging in illegal unethical practices. they cannot produce any proof of any debt they collect...

iQor-cbcl / scammers

MoreProof on Mar 22, 2011

1) They keep calling, but all they do is leave a message saying; "it's really important that you call them". 2) Or you answer the phone and there's no one there. 3) When you call them back, they are asking you a bunch of personal questions like account #'s. We don't know of...

iQor Canada Ltd / illegal practices

kylerandor on Feb 4, 2011

well as a ex employee of Iqor canada I will tell the truth about what is going on at this company, everything said on this complaint board is true. they the avp's/managers of Iqor are engaging in illegal unethical practices. they cannot produce any proof of any debt they collect...

iQor / very rude and unrespectiful

I received my second phone call on a sataurday morning at 730 am .The caller asked why I haven't paid a speeding ticket that I received in 1992. My first complaint is why would a collection agency phone at that time of the morning on a weekend Secondily the man on the phone was abrupt...

iQor / bad business practices

This is the worst company I have ever worked for in my life. For nine months I put up with abuse from horrible customers, and even worse management. The customers that Iqor caters to for the phone company Metropcs are the most uneducated and rudest people I have ever had the displeasure of...